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How to tell if your boyfriend is a player baby seeking guy for flirts

Players by their nature are smooth operators who know how to get what they want and get outand this can make it difficult to distinguish them from the good guys.

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But before you make a final decision on what you believe this man is like, you need to know the s that he is actually a player. His only goal is the booty at the end of the night, and if he opens himself up emotionally, then he puts his goal in jeopardy. Simply put, men want to be an everyday hero to the woman he cares about.

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So you're dating a new guy and totally smitten. He's the full package; he's well-spoken, good-looking, and confident.

The only problem is, you have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Perfect might be hiding something Which might naturally lead you to wonder: Is he a player? According to Figueroa, what separates a true player from a single person exploring their options is one thing — manipulation.

But if you suspect the person you're seeing or talking to is going further than the occasional flirtatious exchange, then keep your eyes peeled for s he is a player. There's nothing quite as sobering as finding out someone you trust isn't being honest — so sobering, in fact, that many of us try our hardest to find a way to justify dishonest behavior in the hopes of protecting the flawless image of someone we've built up in our he.

According to Figueroa, the bigger the deceptions, the bigger the warning. Does he spend a lot of time hanging out with 'friends,' none of which he bothers to mention the names of?

9 s he’s a player that you should never ignore

It should be noted that being guarded isn't the same as being dishonest. Remember, if you haven't had a conversation about exclusivity, then they very well may be seeing other people. There is a difference.

I probably don't need to tell you that if someone has explicitly said they are not looking for a relationship, then please, please believe them. Of course, we've all heard the Sasquatch-esque stories of a friend of a friend who convinced someone who was just booty-calling them to start dating exclusively.

But it's rare that these types of dating narratives have a happy ending. Unfortunately, due to unsavory dating practices like breadcrumbing and ghostingpeople are being less direct about what they're looking for in order to keep multiple partners on the back-burner.

1. he shows no emotion

This means it's important to learn to read between the lines. If the person you're dating avoids being specific about details like what they do in their free time i.

You should also be on high alert if the person you're after uses vague language when confronted about the status of your relationship. Do they avoid acknowledging that you're their partner when introducing you to someone?

Any behavior that seems to be too private or secretive should be cause for further scrutiny. It's always imperative to trust your gut, even if you don't have proof they're up to no good. In this case, it never hurts to gently dig a little deeper. An honest person with nothing to hide won't be put off by follow-up questions as long as they are non-accusatory.

5 s you might be dating a player

I hate to break it to you, but all genders notice people they find attractive — sneaking a quick look is totally normal. That being said, if the person you're seeing is constantly gawking at other people in your presence, then this is disrespectful. Although hounding the person you're dating about subjective behavior like this can get tricky, there's absolutely no reason you need to tolerate someone whose actions are making you feel uncomfortable.

Once you've confirmed that the person you're dating is exhibiting player-esque behavior, is there anything you can really do about it? Well, yes, but according to Figueroa, how you should respond depends entirely on what you're hoping to get out of the situation.

5 warning s he’s actually a player

If, however, you are interested in a non-monogamous relationship or a short-term arrangement, then Figueroa suggests having a conversation to let them know you are comfortable with them seeing other people as long as you are both honest with each other. Hoffman also advises that honesty and directness with yourself is best in navigating these situations. But be forewarned: Engaging with a player can be a slippery slope. Since people like this can be withholding, it's all too easy to get caught up in the chase, think you're in love, and wind up confused and disappointed.

2. they avoid commitment

Can they change, you ask? Yes, says Figueroa.

But not for you. No matter how great you are, a player won't change for you; they'll change when they feel the time is right.

So, if all s are pointing toward player town, it may be a good idea to cut them loose and find someone who's looking for the same things you are. This article was originally published on By Tayi Sanusi and Nhari Djan. Updated: June 29, Originally Published: Sep. Search Close.