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Foothill Kennels is located about 50 miles north of Atlanta Ga.

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for details. Grousebuster Gundogs is a small kennel located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeastern Kentucky. We also have a hunting camp in northern Minnesota where we spend a lot of time each fall pursuing ruffed grouse and woodcock. We pride ourselves on raising German Shorthaired Pointers to suit the most discriminating foot hunter.

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Kentucky Hunting Links. Kentucky Dept. Elk Chapter. Pointing Dog Breeders. Flushing Dog Breeders.

Pudelpointer breeders: we ship our pudelpointer puppies to your location at kentucky

Hunting Dog Links. Kentucky Dog Breeders. We have been working with Labradors since Brenda's Yellow Labrador Retrievers. We are located on a farm along the Ohio River in Kentucky - west of Louisville.

Is a pudelpointer hypoallergenic?

We have a small lake which the dogs love. It's amazing to watch them when I throw a stick into the water and see them each grab an end and swim back to shore. We also have 8 grandchildren who love to play with them.

The puppies are getting their fair share of holding and playing by my grandchildren. Dusty is also UKC registered. Cedar Hills Labrador.

The about Cedar Hills Labrador. We are a small,family run,hunting dog kennel. Located in central Kentucky,we have some of the finest bred bird dogs around. Our dogs are proven in the field before we even think about breeding. We currently will be raising one litter a year. We hope to gain your business and friendship. Give us a call or drop us a line.

We'll see how we can accomodate your hunting dog needs. Crazedmatrix Kennels. about Crazedmatrix Kennels. Dimond Alli. We are located in south central Kentucky, about an hour south of Louisville, where there are acres and acres of land to train and work our dogs. We first came across the Wirehaired Vizsla when searching for a dog that could be a steady and consistant hunter but come into the house and be a loving family member.

Dixie Run Labradors. about Dixie Run Labradors. Endless Limit Water Spaniels. We are located in Middletown,Kentucky. We breed for hard driving hunting dogs. about Endless Limit Water Spaniels. Folly Hill Kennel. about Folly Hill Kennel.

Four Rivers Kennels. Four Rivers Kennel is located in far Western Kentucky. We are a small kennel that selectively breeds English pointers for the discriminating hunter and field trialer. I have been breeding and training dogs for several years and believe that I am producing as high a quality pointer as anyone out there. I primarily use the Elhew lineage for their intelligence, trainability, style, and looks.

I do occasionally use a selective outcross for the vitality and vigor that this type of outcross can bring about Four Rivers Kennels.

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Kentucky Labs. Labrador Retriever puppies. Gentle, calm, and sweet pets.

Champion pedigrees and obedience titles. Located near Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati. about Kentucky Labs. Lincoln Park Labs.

Breeders of white English Labrador Retrievers. Mariner Kennels. Mariner Kennels follows a tradition of sixty-plus years of dog breeding and competition - in the early 's, family matriach Harriet Long founded the Corgi kennel known as Willets.

From our first Golden Retriever imported from England in - Can. Vurengold Ace Alliance - we have slowly and methodically focused our efforts to produce only the finest quality show, working and companion Golden Retrievers and Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Our about Mariner Kennels.

Presidential Labradors. Presidential Labradors is a small select breeder of the English Style Labrador. about Presidential Labradors. Silvermine Kennel.

I've raised dogs for twenty-nine years and the last seventeen of those we're with labs. about Smallpaws. Sundown Labradors. Sundown Labradors provides top quality pups and started dogs with impeccable pedigrees for an affordable price. I get so much enjoyment out of my dogs I would like to share their fine qualities and abilities.

about Sundown Labradors. Twin Cedars Kennel. Located at Wingo Cirty Kentucky. We strive to please the most discriminating hunter, whether his preference be Pointers, Setters, or Brittanys about Twin Cedars Kennel. Breeding English Setter dogs for people who like the old fashion foot hunting dogs with all natural abilities. Located at Greenup, Kentucky. Register. Greensburg, KY We are located in south central Kentucky, about an hour south of Louisville, where there are acres and acres of land to train and work our dogs.