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I feel like i m being stalked baby hunt for boy to phish

S talking is one of the most dreaded crimes against women. Do you know the many forms that stalking can take, or and what you can do about each?

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It is very scary to be a victim of stalking.

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I have been stalked in my own home for 3 years now, the only evidence I have are recordings on my mobile phone tho these are not clear enough to pinpoint anyone in particular. I believe my home is or was being bugged and have countless experiences that cannot be explained any other way than someone bugging me. I am not pyschotic and not on drugs, this is very real and happeining now. The frustrating thing is I know who and why but cannot get the evidence I need or the right people to believe me. Had the door secured and then found the windows in my bedroom had been unlocked.

He stares at my bedroom window from his landing in the evening. The Housing Authority where I live say I have to go I feel like i m being stalked a psychiatric evaluation, line my curtains and ignore him and go out more!!! I am so angry with the stupidity and lack of empathy from those I had turned to and am looking for a solicitor to get a restraining order slapped on this person.

Knowing that at least 12 people are murdered each year because of stalking should be a wake-up call to people to think about a plan of self defense that makes it possible to survive and attack by the stalker. Really intriguing story, something comparable to this happened to me not too long ago and it pretty much played out in the same way to how you describe it.

Great post! I have been stalked and I know how it feels being stalked by someone.

I would suggest this SafeTrec mobile security application that I have now, it has a panic button for emergency purposes. You can notify your parents, trusted friends and route it to the nearest in your area.

How canI keep this creep out of my homethey get my keysthey tear down my fence,as if it is falling a part!! It is oldbutnot falling a part!!

Plus he has broke into other homesjust never been caughtyet!! They watch when I goplus there is more then 1 person doing this!! It has affect my sleeplifehome is slowing getting tore up. I am so mad, no I am not scaredif them!! I think I am being stalked by m parents.

He has a prior criminal record. I cannot wait to take him down — I am angry enough to bide my time in doing so. I really think that where you can, it is a good idea to take the time needed — give them the rope to hang themselves, otherwise the police cannot make the prosecutor take the case to court.

I would like to support the current legislative changes being considered by Parliament in England and Wales with regards to making stalking a crime that is independent of the Harassment Act. I have been with my Boyfriend for almost 6 years, his mother has always hated me. I was 17 and he was 16 when I got pregnant and had our. It started during my pregnancy in which arguements would break out between our families and I had personal problems with her prior to all of this.

She was asked not to be in the room, despite being asked she came in anyway. My daughter has special needs and I had doctors on my side to help prove I was doing everything I was supposed to do.

After that his aunt unknowingly admitted to calling CPS and his mother was also in on it. There were things said that only she would know and we have cut off contact. A year later my Boyfriend had gotten into some legal problem which were a result of being set up and his mom tried to have me blamed for the whole thing.

I had to get a house phone set up and I asked for a private unlisted. I soon found out she would get on the internet and type in my name and she got my address and phone. I later moved and I have had problems where she would tell my boyfriend she would call on her way over then he would walk outside to see her driving around our parking lot.

Then we would have problems with his cousin just stopping by unannounced. One night we caught him staring in by our sliding door, we kept our blinds drawn for just these reason and we caught him doing it. But my daughter is in school and I have a fear that his mom will find out where she goes to school and go there and get her.

What to do if you're being stalked

I just recently found out that when his cousin was dropping by, he stole pictures of my daughter and gave them to her and she is posting them on the internet. I live in fear of her and that I have to constantly watch my back. What do I do? I have a little different story. The stocking is sooo real and bad. The problem i have is its someone that lives in my home. Im trying to leave but Im in a state with no one period. No family no friends. Im not I feel like i m being stalked lover of this person, it was just a person I used to work with.

From going through my personal items, downloading fotos of me where ever he can find them. This was a problem when I was working, however my employer litterely told me it was my fault and they did nothing about it. I ended up believing maybe I was wrong, maybe I was just looking at it in the wrong way. Now that I have time to really put all the pieces together, I know different. As example: I was put into the hospital for a medical issue, when i came home all my drawers were changed around including all my underwear and bras all nicely folded.

If I get a phone call on my cell he will position himself somewhere in the area and try to pickup whatever info he can from the conversation. If I get a text message or texting someone myself he litterely flipps out, slamming doors, cabinets et. He has gotton into my phone messages which has a code I never gave him and he just NOW told me of a message that was very inportant from a few days ago.

He should of never been able to hear those messages, so he has been in my room and found the code.

Thats just a few of the things, but I feel there is a camera on me constantley and I wont even take a shower when hes in the home. I feel totally violated, sick to my stomach and completely stuck. Again I am trying to get out of here but Im currently pregnant and a very high risk pregnancy which leaves me unable to work or much of anything.

But Im wondering if there is any advise out there, other then get out, cuz I know I need to. Is there anyone else that has been through this or going through it? Honestly its something so hard to explain of the damage and the violation one feels unless you have lived it. What help is there possibly for me now under my current circumstance.

I am a 44 year old woman who was very recently stalked by a man who I informed I no longer wanted to have contact with. It was awful. He refused to return my house keys, so I had my locks immediately changed. I also blocked his phone s from my cell phone and home phone.

I blocked him from texting me and I changed my address.

I also reached out to his best friend to suggest he get him some help. I also saved every bizarre he sent me, including a two listing all of the reasons he missed me. All of my friends and family know that should anything happen to me, that this is the person they should look at first. It is an awful feeling not being able to sleep at night for fear of what he may be planning. My home has huge, loft like glass windows.

My biggest fear is always wondering he is outside looking in.

This particular person did not take my ending our communication well and his behavior immediately went from nice to nasty. I have an extensive security system in my home, but I feel that stalkers move beyond the borders of reality and therefore will go to any measures to obtain what they want.

10 s that you are being stalked

As a preventative measure, I had to cancel two trips that he was aware I was taking. I wish anyone being stalked the best of luck. Dana Vigilante. I met up today with the man who has been acting like a stalker. He said he just wanted to be friends.

What it feels like to be stalked (let alone three times)

He made me feel I was being paranoid. It might put the victim at great risk. I have no family whatsoever. I met this guy who seemed alittle nerdy but nice.

What to do when being stalked

I realized once there…that I knew absolutely no one in that area…everything was so different for me, as I didnt even know where the nearest grocery store was…etc. Quickly I realized I had made a major mistake by going there…however, how was I to get out of there?

This guy was our good neighbor…so I thought for almost 10 yrs. In early Dec. I spent as much time as I could trying to keep it together and Doug told me to keep car as long as I needed it. On feb 2 the hospital called me at 4 am and told me that michael died.

This was also the day we had that bad ice storm. As I was pulling out of my neighborhood a 19 yr old lost control of his truck and I swerved to keep from being hit I ran his car up on a rock and the other guy didnt stop. Car was driveable so I didnt tell Doug till later that night. Anyway he took keys and got an estimate on.

I didnt have it and told him we didnt even have life insurance. 2……he came over 3 different times starting just 2 weeks after he died like come over for a movie or something…get a bite to eat and the last one was fly to Vegas for 2 days. I said no very politely each time. He started sitting outside in front of my house every night till 6 am.