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It took nearly four years for a sexual assault case to wrap in Boone County. Now, the two women involved in the case are sharing their stories. She said the assault happened after a local concert in Boone County in September Denson said she wasn't the only victim that night. Her friend Jeannine Anderson was also assaulted by the same man.

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After mulling over these conversations for a few weeks, I feel it is time to share a few of my reflections with you. The problem IS widespread. Yes, I assure you, the problem is common.

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Victims feel like the perpetrator has power over them in some way. Other times the power differential could be a little more subtle like the perpetrator has a sterling reputation and the victim feels certain nobody would believe her. Maybe the perpetrator could influence others to not associate with the victim. Perhaps the perpetrator has a strength and size advantage.

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The victims coming forward publicly are incredibly brave and strong. As someone who bears witness to these stories over and over, I assure you that these actions that perpetrators may barely remember can have a devastating impact on the victim.

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Help is available and healing is possible. The amazing part of this story is that therapy does work and people do get better.

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It takes dedication. But healing can happen.


In fact, many victims even experience post-traumatic growth where they come out stronger in some area of their life. You may find new opportunities, become closer to someone who supported you through your recovery, discover your own strength, develop a stronger spiritual connection, or learn to appreciate something you took for granted before. A caring, knowledgeable trauma therapist can help guide you through the healing process and you can get unstuck. We need to see change at the society level. My hope is that all the current discussion will do more than raise awareness.

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I hope it will bring about widespread change. Companies need to enforce strict policies and take quick, immediate action when violations are reported. Respect should become the norm.

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Victims should feel empowered to seek help. Power of the accused through money, gender identity, position, influence, size, or reputation should not impact how people view the victim.

Why do women wait to report sexual assault & rape?

Photo of a woman on a bike on a path. This represents how a woman in counseling after a sexual assault is on a journey toward better mental health and emotional freedom. Our therapists help women in Missouri overcome and move forward after sexual assault, harassment or rape. If you are look for help after rape or sexual assault, the good news is that healing possible. There are several types of effective trauma treatments that research has shown can help you find ificant healing in only a few months.

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If you are experiencing PTSD symptomsit may help to know what you can expect from trauma treatment. Trauma treatment may sound scary and you may wonder if you really need counseling to help you move forward. Surely you can just pretend the sexual assault never happened?

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Unfortunately, avoidance plays a key role in the development of PTSD. You likely need the help of counseling to truly recover after any type of sexual violence.

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We are here and ready to help. If you are ready to begin the healing process and live in the Columbia, MO area, please contact Aspire Counseling today.

Several of our caring therapists specialize in trauma treatment. Please, call us today at or send us a message. We want to help you move forward.

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Healing starts here. Photo of Jessica Tappana.

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She is the founder of Aspire counseling and specializes in offering trauma treatment to young women in Missouri who have experienced sexual trauma including harassment, assault, and rape. She specializes in treating survivors of sexual assault and rape who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD and believes in the healing power of counseling.

Avoiding instead of reporting: a common first reaction to sexual assault

If you live in the Columbia, MO area and would like to talk to someone about how counseling might help you move beyond surviving and toward thriving, please contact Aspire Counseling by e-mail or by calling Call today and let us help you move from victim to survivor and toward a fulfilling life.

Nov 27 Written By Jessica Tappana.

Sexual Violence is very, very common The problem IS widespread. Survivors often needs help, but they can and do move forward Help is available and healing is possible.

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It's time for widespread change We need to see change at the society level. About the Author.

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