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The place is hopping. Customers in tank tops and shorts sip beers, down shots and sway to the music beneath a disco ball. She scans the bar and then rests her hand beneath the table, out of sight, just before Men returns.

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Persons appearing in photographs may not be actual members. Other data for illustrative purposes only. All rights reserved. Disclaimer: This website contains adult material, all members and persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18 years of age or older. If every time you turned around, and those who areeveryone has one. What it has done is eliminate us from the michigan most of the events crowd sqingers.

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Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Some of you are graduating into the world of industry. The ability, the ambition and the perseverance you have shown while pursuing your studies at the Lakehead Technical Institute will stand you in good stead in your new and wider horizons.

Ambition will be essential for success.

James Ramsay Ullman said: "That men will some day reach the summit of the world means little, that they should want to reach it and try to reach it means everything. To succeed you must have perseverance. Many people with no better than ordinary intellectual gifts have reached their objective because they persevered.

Companies do not select men for promotion — men select themselves on the basis of their past performance in getting things done.

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Very often the work that pays best, is the work you do for nothing. Some of you will continue your studies in Normal Schools and Univer- sities. Lakehead Technical Institute graduates who have preceded you have established an enviable reputation.

I have every confidence that you will accept and prove yourselves worthy of the challenge. When your formal education ends, you will be on your own.

Face the future with confidence. Canada is a young country with abundant natural resources.

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We have young Canadians with the ability, energy and initiative to make use of what nature has so abundantly provided. Canada is a land of unlimited opportunity for you who graduate in Too many nowadays "drop out" before finishing their courses and, as a result, are not equip- ped for the careers which otherwise might be theirs. Try, in your own interests, to get everything the Lakehead Technical Institute has to give before you leave. The second suggestion is that you undertake to work hard and to waste no time.

You will enjoy real concentration on your studies and you will enjoy solving problems. No doubt you have had that ex- perience already. The third suggestion is that you give a great deal of attention to writing and speaking correct English.

That will be a great asset to you when you go out into the world. Never forget that it is a great privilege to be free citizens in a free country. Cherish democracy and British institutions.

My best wishes go with you. The granting of an annual bursary and the utmost co-operation in every way is indicative that woods operators are vitally inter- ested in the Forestry Courses at the Lakehead Technical Institute. The outlook is excellent with present work develop- EE! E are suddenly finding ourselves out of childhood and being accepted and treated as responsible young men and women. In fact, we are now on our own road to success or failure. Honest endeavour will find success but however honest, lazi- ness can only bring failure.

This first year of university training is an embarkation point leading the student on into his chosen field of business. The embryo engineer who walks thru this door, pushes vigorously, thinking of the stresses set up in the hinges and pondering over the possibility of some day having all doors open automatically.

The mining student feels the steel of the door knob and wonders what kind of ore the iron was extracted from; the forester examines the grain in the wooden frame and the arts student ambles in thinking of how the modern world is getting too specialized. The L. I, at the Lakehead has provided the opportunity for all high I love madsenontario swarthy skin graduates to at least make an attempt at university education without risking much more than a year of their time.

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We students truly appreciate the sincere efforts of those citizens in our community who have furthered the development of this Institute to its present well organized and efficient condition. We are also indebted to those men who sacrificed their own professional iime to act as part-time lecturers here at the L.

I, for the throng of seemingly bcied and ungrateful classrooms full of our philosophers.

The entire staff holds our admiration. Since I am an engineering pundit I am reminded finally of the many things we've learned since registration, but the hardest thing I think I've learned is how to open a beer bottle with a quarter. My thanks veer to the Year Book Committee for publishing my thoughts and good luck to the reader of this salutary edition. A few months ago none of us thought ourselves capable of producing such a book, and we certainly didn't realize the time and thought necessary to complete it.

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Now we can be thankful for the experience gained and for the final result, which we will keep as a lasting memorandum of our months at the Lakehead Tech. At this time, I would like to thank Mr. Barnett for his invaluable assistance and advice, Mr. Morton for the splendid pictures of the students, Paul LeMay for the pictures of our various events, all the members of the Year Book Staff who I love madsenontario swarthy skin made this production possible, our advisors, and anyone else who through his time or talent has helped us reach success.

We have seen another successful year roll by at L. This year gave us hope that the name of the school will soon be changed to "The Lakehead College of Arts and Sciences" — another step toward the establishment of a full-fledged Junior University in Northern Ontario. We realize the advantages of such a school as ours, and we appreciate the fact that we have camps and facilities at close range to give practical experience to the Forestry and Mining faculties. We know our Engineers and Arts students are in most capable hands and we feel sure they will carry into their chosen university the high standard of achievement set by our former graduates.

Another important branch of our service is the accommodation of Public School Teachers who wish to obtain credits toward their Permanent Teaching Certificates.

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There is a great future for a university at the Lakehead, and in the years to come, we can feel proud that we carried our Canadian pioneering spirit into a field I love madsenontario swarthy skin is advantageous and necessary for all democracies in a time of world crisis. We hold great hope and faith in our leaders, and we are thankful that a small part of our lives has come under the influence of them. Back row: Doug Raine, Bob Barry. At The Ontario Paper Company, waste materials, by-products of pulp production, soon will provide the basis for vanillin manufacture introducing an entirely new chemical process.

A few years ago, intensive investigations by Ontario Paper Company gave Canada new supplies of commercial yeast and industrial alcohol through waste utilization. Daily Canada's trained technicians, researchers, chemists and professional engineers write history for Canada's pulp and paper industry.

Trainees today. Many legends have been handed down which are centered around scenic wonders of the region. One of these attractions is the Sea Lion on the shore of Silver Island. One day, after Nanna Bijou had received an urgent message from across the waters, he quickly mounted Nagochee and flew off.

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In his haste he left Thunder Bird behind on the island and she became very jealous of the lion during their absence. When the great lion came into sight, carrying his master back from his travels, Thunder Bird screeched and screamed until the heaven was filled with the noise and Nagochee and Nanna Bijou were thrown into the wildly surging sea. Nagochee tried to reach his master but could not because of the huge waves.

Nanna Bijou finally made his way to shore unaided and, thinking that his pet had failed him, turned him into stone. To this day the faithful beast stands on the shore of the island looking solemnly out over the sea, awaiting the return of his beloved master.

Another story is told of White Bear, an aged Ojibway leader who ruled over a peaceful, prosperous tribe at the mouth of the Kaministiquia River. The tribe had not been bothered by their enemies for a long time; one day word came that warriors were approaching in canoes from the upper reaches of the river.