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How to get your ex-boyfriend back in your life is largely possible, but the important thing is to keep him once he is back. Getting your ex back is basically making him remember what you shared, overlook the differences for the happiness, and making him realize how great your relationship was. A breakup brings emotional baggage, guilt and emotional chaos that becomes suffocating to handle along with the void that your boyfriend left.

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When you get your ex back, you want them committed to making it work this time. This article will teach you how. My name is Kevin Thompson, and I am here to help you through this painful breakup and hopefully get your ex back. No one can guarantee that. If they say they can, they are lying.

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So do you have a chance to get him back? Your ex boyfriend is a living, breathing person with a mind of their own. If he were to come back the choice will need to be one hundred percent his own. Second, let me ask you, if you want your ex boyfriend back, what is different now?

The complete guide for getting your ex boyfriend back

Let me explain. Confessing your undying love, begging, pleading, crying and lying on guilt-trips are unfortunately unattractive and ineffective ways to get your man back. So what were your deep-rooted issues? Was it distance? Was it a lack of communication? Were you overly emotional, controlling and needy?

Were your values completely too different? On the other hand you might know exactly why your ex boyfriend left and what went wrong.

So the next question is: can you do anything about this? Is this something within your control to change? Or are you simply spending your days feeling sad, anxious and worried that your ex will run off with someone else and completely forget about you?

How often do you sit and worry about losing your ex? How much time do you spend thinking about your ex moving on without you and finding someone new? Compare that to how much think you spend thinking about ways to change, to improve yourself, to be more attractive, to be more confident and to become the person your ex boyfriend fell in love with?

The mind is a powerful thing. Everything that has happened in your life happened first from your mind. If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to refocus your energy on aspects of your life that will move you in the direction that you want to go. Then start being more honest and reliable. Do you need to become less needy and controlling? Then set some new goals for your life and practice fulfilling your own needs. Do something to improve your mental and physical state everyday.

Add to the things you want to change and improve about yourself. Continue to evolve until you feel better and better each day. But what about your ex boyfriend? How do you get your ex boyfriend back?

How do you stop yourself from thinking about him non-stop and risk sabotaging your chances? What do you do?

12 tips to get your ex-boyfriend back and keep him

After all this is how we learned to make friends and get into relationships in the first place. Think about it this way. If a group of people you hang out with told you to get lost, would you beg them to remain friends with you? I highly doubt it. You should treat your relationship with your ex the same way. No matter how the relationship ended, you should accept the break up as gracefully as possible. This is one of the biggest classic mistakes when getting your I want my ex bf back boyfriend back. Worse still, often you end up calling, texting or ing over and over again, sending a string of messages that seem to get more incoherent than the last.

The bottom line is to stop calling him. Your ex boyfriend has your. He knows how to reach you. If he wanted to talk to you, he will call you.

If you have made a mistake, then very likely your first instinct is to want to beg and plead for forgiveness. This hardly ever works because the dumper is usually emotionally detached to the situation. He will be prepared for you to freak out and get emotional. Men are terrible about confrontation and they absolutely hate seeing or hearing a woman cry. Perhaps you even find yourself saying the most nasty things to your ex boyfriend; name calling, using guilt-trips, screaming in anger, threatening him etc, despite the fact you really want him back. These emotional outbursts can damage your relationship even more if repeated over a period of time.

Do apologize briefly, but leave it at that! Do you find yourself constantly checking his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat? Stop I want my ex bf back now. Block or delete him off those social channels you can always add him later. Like the mistakes above. The very best tactic is to remove any reminders of him from your life.

Step 1 – stop screwing up your chances with neediness, insecurity and desperation by avoiding these deadly mistakes (aka the instincts)

And if you just happen to live with him, spend as much time outside the house and with friends as possible. In some cases your ex will be the one who want to keep in touch.

Well, I think this may be one of the worst mistakes of all. This is not the way to get him back. Your ex boyfriend need space away from you.

He needs the distance to miss you, and miss you a lot. The best tactic is to not contact him at all.

Ask a guy: how can i get my ex boyfriend back?

Tell him you need space away from him or do not say anything at all, and then use no contact. This is essentially the No Contact Rule — and it can be extremely effective if you stick to it. Most people in an emotional state fail to maintain a consistent level of no contact.

Question: What if my ex boyfriend forgets about me? My response: He will NOT forget about you how quickly can you forget about someone you once loved? My response: If by move on, you mean he is healing from the pain of the break up, then that is actually a good thing.

Best strategy to get your ex boyfriend back – make your ex boyfriend want you again

If your goal is to get your ex boyfriend back, you want him to heal from the break up and remember why he fell for you in the first place. Besides, men tend to find it harder than women to move on after a break up anyway, so rest assured this is not a bad thing.

Question: What if he finds someone else? My response: Possible, but unlikely. Even if he does, it would be temporary and overall harmless to your relationship. Question: What if he is already seeing someone else?

My response: He will… I almost guarantee it. So I hope that makes you feel more at ease with starting No Contact. Keep emotions out of your interactions. Remember back to when your ex boyfriend first fell in love with you. What was it about you he fell in love with? What state of mind and stage of life were you at when you got together? Were you needy or did you have a life? Were you critical and negative or positive and happy about life?

At this point in time, you need to do what you can to return back to that mental state. Do things you enjoyed when you were single. Do things that made you feel good and confident.

What are your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back?

You need to analyze your relationship and figure out what were the main causes for the break up. The most common causes are:. Look at what was missing in your relationship. Men are, for the most part, easier to satisfy than women. However, there are a few things that cause men to run, primarily when a woman acts too needy or controlling.