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Most men have no clue how to get laid. They wander around, hoping that some girl will want them, and praying that sex magically happens.

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Every single man since the Dawn of Time has wanted to learn how to get laid as soon as possible. The cultures might differ, the customs may vary, but at the end of the day, all l want the same thing — they want to stick a thing in a thing and call it a night. So, is there a comprehensive guide out there for dating women and getting some action? The answer to that last question is an obvious, loud No.

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I want you to show me how to get laid guaranteed and fast!

Well, first of all — holy crap! Because contrary to popular belief, getting laid today is pretty easy, if you know what to do and do it right. Such as not being desperate to getlaid at all costs. Because women really feel this type of desperation in men and will stay away from you. Honestly, I went through this whole ordeal when I was about years old.

I was a total pussy; timid, meek, full of shame, I want to get laid tonight and nervousness, and still a virgin. And I went from having absolutely no luck with women to multiple fuckbuddies for every day of the week. Oh, and if you think you have to be supremely confident to get laid, then think again! Confidence is just one little cog in the machine and is a part of the greater whole.

The knowledge in that article will ificantly help you if you want to figure out how to get laid tonight and pretty much whenever you want to. The first step is absolutely crucial. Go to a bar, a club, or a party where there are a lot of women who you find attractive. As these are the easiest places to get laid. You may not think it, but there are many women in popular clubs each and every night who go there specifically to find an attractive guy to have sex with.

Same as there are tons of guys who want to get laid and are looking for a girl to go home with. Trust me, in any club where there are over 50 people, there will be several girls who are just looking for a quick and fun hookup. Because women want sex as much as you do, and they also feel the need to getlaid when they want to! Like assertiveness, passion, sense of humor, dominance, etc. Because no matter how desperately I want to get laid, I always know that if I put hot women on a pedestal, I effectively start objectifying them.

By making it seem like the only thing of importance they have are their looks. Completely disregarding their personalities and anything else which makes them unique, thus dehumanizing them. Most guys turn into a mess when they start talking to a smoking hot girl who they like because her beauty overwhelms I want to get laid tonight.

I mean, you never know, she might just be an evil, malicious, rude, spoiled little brat.

How to find sex and get laid tonight

Why would you ever want to associate with someone like that? So get into the habit of getting to know the hot girl first before you even decide if you want to sleep with her. Desperation and neediness are one of the biggest turnoffs. How it became much more chill, relaxed, smooth, and pressure-free. This is super powerful stuff! If you want to know how to get laid fast, you must understand that attractiveness is just the first step.

Attractiveness simply means she likes you and wants to spend time with you.

Without sexual tension — no woman will want to sleep with you. You can create sexual tension in many ways, but my favorite ones are these five: strong eye contact, physicality, teasing, masculine presence, and showing your sexual intent subtly, without actually stating it, for bonus points. These things, when done properly, can really make her wet and are integral parts of how to get laid tonight.

Strong eye contact, proper physicality, escalation as well as teasing can be learned. But masculine presence and showing your sexual intent is where the hard part begins because they depend highly on your inner game and self-esteem. And self-esteem is usually the culprit that prevents a lot of guys from sleeping with many women on a regular basis.

For example, you can, during the course of your conversation and after you notice that she LIKES you a lot, just tell her you want her. That would be stating your sexual intent directly, and this is something that works really well. But this tactic definitely has its drawbacks.

3 tips on how to get laid tonight

You see, when you tell the girl directly that you want her, you have to have impeccable Inner Game. This statement has to be completely congruent with your actions, your attitude, and how you carry yourself. And that you really say such things to women when you meet them and want them.

Otherwise, if you go up to a woman and directly say you want to have sex with her, it introduces an element of sheer luck and becomes a game of chance. So if you want to flip and coin on your success then be my guest. Hopefully, you understand this concept of congruency. What works much better is showing your sexual intent without actually stating it.

Top 5 easiest ways to get laid tonight, guaranteed

Through wordplay, nuance, double entendres, euphemisms, jabs, jokes, witty comments, offhand remarks, etc. As well as through increasingly intimate and sensual physical touch. Such ambiguity creates a lot of mystery, allure, and makes her wonder constantly whether you actually like her or not. Prompting her to chase you even more.

I need to get laid tonight – getting it on, guaranteed!

Which is exactly why I choose this route if I need to get laid tonight without fail. And that to get laid guaranteed, tonight, with that specific girl, you still have to be physical with her, maintain strong eye contact and then escalate. Because of that, along with getting my Inner Game in order and having a good time together, is why I usually ended up pulling and then hooking up nearly every single night I went out. So the key to getting laid the same night is strong eye contact, I want to get laid tonight physicality, and continuous but gradual escalation.

Practice and learn these important things if you want to truly understand how to get laid fast with most women you meet. Masculine Presence is something you develop throughout your life. From meeting her, to attracting her, to creating sexual tension and then taking her home. I mean, if you won a golden ticket to meet your favorite celebrity.

So if you wanna get laid tonight and do it quickly, learn to lead your interactions with women. This is so important! I really want to emphasize the importance of logistics when it comes to hooking up successfully. Because when I feel like I need to get laid tonight and not fail, I always make sure to get the logistics of bringing the girl home in order. Quite obviously, the best and easiest way to succeed would be to have your place be right next to a popular club.

So we have to either drive, take a cab, bus, or another transport home, or walk. In truth, if your place is just minutes away on foot, walking beats absolutely everything. Because you can walk hand in hand, keep up the sexual tension, joke around, flirt some more, tease, etc. The fun vibe also fades. I want to get laid tonight if the ride takes too long, the girl will become less emotional and more logical, and much less prone for a hookup. So you having sex with her will be less and less likely the more times passes during a boring cab ride.

And your chances go way, way down, the farther you have to travel with the girl home. I go to where the girls are, I talk to them like they are normal people and stop putting them on a pedestal. Which sparks massive attraction.


I then create sexual tension and more attraction through strong eye contact, physicality and escalation. As well as teasing, masculine presence, and sexual intent.

Then I have some comfortable and smooth logistics in mind. And then I just pull by giving an innocent but interesting excuse as to why we should swing by my place. Getting laid today has never been easier once you learn, then practice and eventually master all of the above. And then do all the stuff in this article because it will work wonders if your goal is to have sex the same day or night you meet women.

How to get laid fast (3 steps to have sex tonight!)

Also, if all this still sounds way too complicated. Then make sure to check out the course below, by clicking the green button, which will show you in full, step-by-step detail how you can easily get laid on virtually every single first date. But this article is just the short version and explanation. So click that the green button! And if you want updates when I post more content on dating and seduction, then you should follow me on Facebook here. Techniques. Your Comment. Your Name. Your. Your Website URL. Table of Contents 1 I need to get laid tonight and quickly!

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