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Every girl who gets into a relationship hopes that it will be filled with love, respect, and endless heart-warming moments. For the majority of people, their relationships are filled with the love they desire and those heartwarming moments are not too far apart.

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As a lot of clients that I coached a couple of years ago, they come back to me two years later with the same problems.

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Help: "my boyfriend can be so mean"

It may be confusing when your boyfriend is mean to you, but believe it or not, there could be many reasons why he is being mean. It hurts when your boyfriend is mean, but remember that no relationship is perfect. You have to work to have a good relationship. There are some guys out there who truly are rude or bad people.

Why is my boyfriend so mean to me?

Maybe his mother didn't teach him any manners. Or maybe he actually is a jerk.

If you're with a guy who truly is bad to you, you should leave him. That kind of guy will never bring you happiness. Is it possible that your boyfriend is playing you? Pushing you away to keep his mystery and behaving unpredictable to manipulate your feelings and make your addict to him.

If you're wondering "Why is my boyfriend so mean to me? Maybe you aren't his priority right now, and he would rather focus on work, school, or friendships.

Or maybe he's getting bored of you and starting to lose interest in the relationship. If you're still wondering "why is my boyfriend so mean to me", consider that he could have a specific reason for his bad behavior.

Why is my boyfriend so mean to me – reasons behind the ‘nasty boyfriend syndrome’

Is he trying to get revenge on you for some reason? Maybe you were mean to him without realizing it. He could also be in love with someone else and treating you poorly because of it.

Or, it could also be possible that he wants to break up with you but is too much of a coward. People who are addicted to something are often mean to the important people in their lives.

Is it possible that your boyfriend is addicted to something, such as alcohol, drug or even video games? If you've explored all of the reasons above, but you still find yourself wondering "Why is my boyfriend so mean to me?

They usually don't notice or think about things in the same way that women do. They also tend to be less emotional, so they may not understand how or why things they do hurt you. This can cause them to seem mean, when in reality they are just clueless. So it's possible that your boyfriend does really love you and just doesn't know that he is being mean. Often in relationships, men and women have different ideas and needs.

Dealing with difficult people

This is why open communication is so important. Why is my boyfriend so mean to me?

Maybe he is not mean but needs some space. Is it possible that you are smothering your boyfriend?

Why is my boyfriend so mean to me and how to fix that?

Guys usually prefer strong and independent girls that have their own lives. So ask yourself "Am I being too clingy? Try focusing on yourself, taking up a hobby, and spending time with your friends instead of worrying about your boyfriend. Please Log In or add your name and to post the comment.

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