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Je ne regrette rien english version girl pick male for dating

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French lyrics and English translation are below. Edith Piaf dedicated her recording of this song to the French Foreign Legion; it has become part of the French Foreign Legion heritage and is often sung at their parades. A breakdown of vocabulary, and an explanation of the translation and phrases will follow the video and translation.

If you would like to support this blog you can buy this beautiful song by Edith Piaf on iTunes by clicking the button below. Or keep scrolling to enjoy the translation below. Are you enjoying this translation? If so, please consider supporting this blog by purchasing this beautiful Edith Piaf song on iTunes by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Non, je ne regrette rien lyrics and english translation

Peggy Cokus. April 27, at pm.

October 30, at pm. Ken Cooper. April 29, at am. When did this video performance take place — how many years had it been since her first performance? After reading her story, I came to better understand that special element in her voice that causes our eyes to tear up as we listen, even without translation.

I love this song! June 22, at pm. Elle Hernandez. January 28, at am. I am one of the biggest fans of the little Sparrow!. Her life was not always so good even from her childhood days. But the song Je Ne regrette rien is ,was ,exactly her song of her life,her loves, the complete picture so emotionally sung as any good chanteuse would sing, but especially by dear Edith.

I will always remember her voice. I will hear it wherever I may be. Je ne regrette rien english version you for the wonderful video recording and the turkey exact translations. Penny Mangan. February 4, at pm.

When I heard the lyrics to this song on a commercial, I had to find out who sang it and the English translation. October 30, at am. December 28, at am. I remember her telling me that the song was adopted by the French Foreign Legion for their involvement in Algeria since and ended in Comment le temps passe!

Non, je ne regrette rien lyrics and translation – edith piaf

Thank you for sharing your story! Yes this song was adopted by the French legion and continues to be an important song in French culture. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a romance with a French person. My pleasure!

Thank you for taking the time to comment. Michelle Chambers. March 26, at pm. Ah…computers and tablets …always predicting th d wrong words! April 22, at pm. November 8, at pm. November 9, at am. Win Jones. November 14, at am. Edgar Mann. June 29, at am. August 6, at am. August 9, at pm.

Non, je ne regrette rien

December 26, at pm. It was adopted for that use, but it was not written to commemorate such event. He in no way composed it for the Algerian event. It is originally a love song. Piaf sang it in commemoration and the Legion appropriated its use.

December 27, at am. Robert Cutler. October 21, at am. June 6, at pm. August 28, at pm. The song was not written as anything to do with the Legion or incidents related to them. It was written as a love song and adopted by the Legion afterwards. Originally heard for the first time init has now become adopted as an anthem for football teams such as Liverpool, Celtic and Borussia Dortmund! Jill Lee. October 1, at pm. Thank you for the translation of this beautiful song.

Non, je ne regrette rien (english translation)

Looking forward to perusing your site. Maybe I will start learning French and enjoying the best French music. I think I will. Sir Noise. October 4, at pm. Thanks for this. Particularly the vocabulary notes. Am currently studying this song for live performance and this helps a lot to a non french speaker.

November 18, at am. She was an incredible, whole woman who wore her truth where everyone could hear. If I could make jewelry for herit would be baroque pearls. Would have loved to love her — born too late. Gwendolyn Atwood. July 6, at pm. Never too late for Love, Rose.

Rebecca Noel. November 20, at pm.

I will have to read and learn more about Ms Edith. I recognize her name. When I saw the Dove chocolate commercial and heard her singing that song, I t is like I have not rested until I found this. Now I have sent it to my to share with my aunts.

My grandmother spoke Canadian French.