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As a full-service jeweler Provident Jewelry provides professional jewelry appraisal services that you may conveniently schedule online. Read on for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Our jewelry experts and G. To have a piece appraised contact your local Provident Jewelry and make an appointment with one of our Graduate Gemologists. Subscribe me to your mailing list. The majority of appraisals are done for insurance replacement purposes. With an official appraisal, you could possibly receive reimbursement for your jewelry through your insurance company in the event of a loss or damage. But note that this could be influenced by the terms of your insurance and circumstances, as well as the accuracy of the appraisal.

Another reason to get a jewelry appraisal is to establish fair market value. This tends to run lower than retail replacement values because replacement values typically reflect the cost to replace a used item with a brand-new equivalent. Jewelry appraisal fort myers you inherited jewelry or purchased a new diamond engagement ring, you could have an appraiser assess the quality and condition of the jewelry for your own knowledge and your personal records.

Appraisals of jewelry can also be very useful, and necessary, when you are planning to sell, con, or trade an item, are settling an estate, or distributing property in a divorce. Here are our best tips for going about selecting an appraiser or appraisal services. Keep in mind that to get an accurate appraisal, it should take place in person.

Professional appraisers have the training and specialized equipment that is required to accurately evaluate jewelry, gemstones, and watches. In the case of estate evaluations specifically, fair market value is used.

Fair market value is an assessment based on what an owner would expect to pay for it on the secondary market. Not what a buyer would necessarily pay. Appraisal criteria for estate jewelry items are legislated to include specific information and data and are not equal to an insurance replacement appraisal. Therefore, the estate appraisal is usually a lower value than a replacement value. Much like sourcing an appraiser for any other type of jewelry, you should choose someone with the proper training, credentials, experience, and solid reviews.

Make sure that they have experience with antique jewelry items specifically.

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You can have your antique jewelry appraised at Provident Jewelry in South Florida. We have experienced G. Gemologists who are able to accurately evaluate your antique pieces. Appraisal costs may vary with the complexity of the item.

Some professionals charge an hourly rate, and some charge a flat fee. Be aware that certain specialized and highly experienced appraisers could charge more. You may also pay more if you have multiple items.

It is best to call and discuss your items and the purpose of your appraisal to get a rough estimate of costs. You may to discuss appraisal costs for your item or to schedule an appointment to visit one of our stores.


An appraisal is a physical document that describes and assesses the quality, characteristics, and value of a piece of jewelry. The appraisal will typically include visible and measurable aspects of the jewelry, as well as subjective features. You can get your jewelry appraised at any one of our 7 South Florida locations.

View locations here. Schedule an appraisal online below, or call us now for immediate assistance. All of our appraisals are completed by one of our certified professionals and can be used for insurance purposes or any other purpose you require. Please be sure to let us know the reason for your appraisal request when scheduling your appointment. We hope that this has answered some of your questions about appraisal services.

If you still have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment at one of our 7 locations please feel free to through Jewelry appraisal fort myers form below or visit one of our locations. We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your appraisal! Provident Jewelry is a full-service jeweler serving South Florida, with over 26 years of experience and 7 locations. today. Remember me Lost your password? Log in.

How to get jewelry appraised? How to get an estate jewelry appraisal? How to get an antique jewelry appraisal? How much does a jewelry appraisal cost? What is included in a Jewelry appraisal fort myers appraisal? Where can I get jewelry appraised? What type of items could be appraised? How to prepare for an appraisal? Schedule Your Appraisal Now To have a piece appraised contact your local Provident Jewelry and make an appointment with one of our Graduate Gemologists.

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required. Store required Select Store A picture speaks a thousand words. Send us a photo and description of what you have in mind. Accepted file types are: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif. If you have any issues ing your files. Please submit a new file or directly at [ protected]. Why Get an Appraisal?

How to Get Your Jewelry Appraised Here are our best tips for Jewelry appraisal fort myers about selecting an appraiser or appraisal services. Here are some tips: Look for on-site expert gemologist Before you obtain an appraisal, clearly identify and communicate why you need one and which type of appraisal to obtain. Consider how unusual circumstances and market fluctuations may influence value.

Choose an appraisal professional who has experience working with various types of jewelry over many years. Check with your insurance company ahead of time to determine what their requirements are. Do your research and choose an appraiser who specializes in or has experience with your specific type of jewelry. Some questions to ask: Are you a graduate gemologist?

Are you a member of any professional associations? How often do you complete certifications and are they up to date? What equipment would be used to evaluate my jewelry? Do you have a particular area of expertise? Can Jewelry appraisal fort myers provide references? What is your trade experience? How to Get an Estate Jewelry Appraisal? How to Get an Antique Jewelry Appraisal? What is Included in a Jewelry Appraisal? A Professional Jewelry Appraisal May Include: Weight The type of metal, such as platinum, yellow gold, or white gold Markings Gemstones Quality Authenticity Rarity Chemical composition of the stone Optical effect Refractive index Clarity Color Cut Carat or weight depending on the stone Denseness and hardness of the stone The current retail market value of the jewelry item this depends on the appraisal A complete description of the item The shape of the stones if it is gemstone jewelry.

What Type of Items Could be Appraised? Rolex appraisal Jewelry appraisal Watch appraisal Diamond appraisal Estate jewelry appraisal Antique jewelry appraisal Fine art appraisal Wedding ring appraisal Engagement ring appraisal Gemstone appraisal. Be sure to discuss the costs of your appraisal beforehand. If you have your diamond report or paperwork, bring it with you.

Bring any official documentation that came along with your purchase — such as receipts, warranties, proof of authenticity, or any appraisals. Make sure you mention the purpose of the appraisal. List down all the historical details you have about the jewelry or heirloom. Always ask for your appraisal in writing and keep it somewhere safe. I speak. What are you looking for?

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