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I jump at every opportunity to celebrate love. And talk about love. And generally love on love. And reading Jewish love quotes is a very nice way of accomplishing all of those things at once.

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The most common question I get asked by folks attending a Jewish wedding for the first time aside from what to wear and what gift to bring goes something like this:.

That includes Orthodox Jewish weddings, conservative and even Reform. Tip: I included both English and Hebrew versions.

It is by far the most common blessing in Jewish weddings. And my oh my, are there plenty of toasts in Jewish weddings. It is considered a Mitzvah a commandment from the Torah to bring joy to the bride and groom. The Jewish tradition is full of beautiful quotes, sayings, and phrases about marriage and love.

I could easily fill an entire book just with quotes maybe one day …. This blessing is recited and chanted at the seven blessings ceremony.

The blessing is concluded with the groom breaking the glass, which marks the end of the Jewish wedding ceremonyand the beginning of the wedding reception. This quote describes the connection formed between Adam and Eve, another great symbol of two souls uniting into one.

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As you can see, King Solomon has lots to say about love and marriage. This quote is another classic. The Talmud is full of quotes stressing the importance of loving, caring, and respecting your spouse.

Another great quote from the Talmud. Plus, it gives us another great reminder to stay off the snacks :. In fact, I strongly recommend combining the best of both worlds!

That way, you can knock it out of the park with a blessing that is truly one of a kind! Are you good friends with the couple? Are you known for your witty jokes? Warning: Some married couples will find these wishes hilarious; others will find them obnoxious.

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Before you put these wishes on your wedding card — make sure you have a close relationship with the couple, and that they can take a joke. OK, you found a bunch of great Jewish wedding blessings and greetings… now what? How do we translate that into a beautifully-written wedding card? Customize it a bit, change it to match your tone, sprinkle some of your unique fairy dust….

After all, the last thing you want is to write the exact same blessing as 10 other guests who also happened to read this article. Tip: Combine it with a personalized Jewish wedding gift for some extra brownie points.