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Just select the machine you would like to purchase. Your Kangen Water Machine will be shipped directly to your door.

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It is converted from regular tap water into either acidic Low PH or alkaline water High PHdepending on the setting most kangen machines can produce water between 2.

Kangen water machines are very popular with families in Sacramento and throughout the state of California. One for Alkaline water and other for Acidic. Learn a little more about what is kangen water.

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Leveluk K8 is currently the top of the line anti-oxidizing kangen water machine that Enagic makes for home use. It has 8 platinum coated plates and is capable of making the highest ORP water. Leveluk SD is the most popular unit that has 7 platinum coated plates and has stood the test of time, while serving lots of people.

It features voice system with English language. It produces water with much lower maximum ORP and has lower output.

It is however great for energy conservation. Leveluk Super is basically a commercial grade kangen water machine. It has 2 output hoses and can make a LOT more water. Rule of thumb is, if you need any technical help, you reach out to you sponsor.

It will take you straight to one of the distributors I know. So why should you choose a kangen water machine vs other water ionizers in Sacramento CA? After all, there are multiple brands that are actively advertising their products. Your Name required.

Introducing enagic® kangen water®!

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Phone. Why are you interested in Kangen Water? Each type of water has specific properties and can be used for different things in and around the house. Strong Kangen Water — This highly alkaline water has very interesting properties and can be used for:.

Ranging between 8. In my experience, the machine itself Kangen water sacramento not remove all the chlorine, and a pre-filtration system is required in order to get all the chlorine out. So, what is PH 7 Kangen water good for? Here are some of the ways you can use it:. Definitely not meant to be drunk!

All of the above are some cool ways to use Kangen Water, but the most popular is of course… Drinking Water! Enagic is the company that produces and distributes kangen water machines including in California.

They are based out of Japan and have offices all over the world. When you purchase a kangen water machine, you are essentially paying a premium price for a premium product, which le me into the topic below. Check it out here. Pretty boring stuff.

Just remember… A person wrote this, they may or may not be biased. Kangen Water Sacramento CA. Leveluk K8. Leveluk SD Leveluk SD Platinum. Leveluk JRII. Leveluk Super Check Out These Awesome Machines. Kangen Water Machines and Their Benefits. Enagic has been around the block and created a large community of people who love and KNOW kangen water.

Your water could change your life

Japanese quality. Not many people think of this as a big deal, but I certainly do. Quality over empty talk. One of the biggest selling points for kangen water distributors is the the quality of the platinum coated plates, that help split tap water into Alkaline and Acidic flows. This speaks volumes about the quality, especially since those plates are what make the machine cost that much more.

Lack of water = disfunction in the body

This brings me to my next point… Durability over time. Strong Kangen Water — This highly alkaline water has very interesting properties and can be used for: Cleaning instead of chemical and other household cleaners. Use on kitchen counters, stovetops and other greasy or dirty surfaces. Food Cleaning and Preparation — Due to its unique properties, strong Kangen water is perfect for removing oil-based pesticides from store bought fruits and vegetables.

Stain Removal — For things like carpets, rugs, upholstery, hard surfaces and even clothes, however it is not a good substitute for bleach. For example: if you weight lbs, that means you should drink Kangen water sacramento. Pre-cooking — Certain foods need to be boiled prior further cooking, and the Kangen drinking water is perfect for that.

Drinks — Anything ranging from lemonade to coffee and tea can be made with Kangen drinking water. Baby Food Preparation — That way you give your child clean water without going overboard with the PH stuff.

Hair Cleaning — Most people use shampoo and conditioner when washing their hair, so Enagic suggests using shampoo to clean and Kangen beauty water to condition your hair, to give it extra shine and avoid tangling. Clean Your Pets — If its good for your skin, why not help you pets be as clean and shiny? Polishing — Supposedly, beauty water is great for polishing glass, mirrors, windows, etc. Nothing too exciting, but another way to use it.

Personally, I would stick with alcohol, but apparently some hospitals in Japan use it exactly Kangen water sacramento that. Personal Disinfection — Dropped your tooth brush? Dip it in strong acidic water! Ran out of mouthwash? Enagic suggests using it as mouthwash, as long as you do NOT swallow it. Is Kangen Water a Scam?