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Las vegas strip clubs for couples would like search men that loves pleasures

Get ready for a rowdy romp. Our girls will make sure you both leave with erotic fantasies swirling in your head.

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Now, before you put off the idea completely, just know there are lots of things you can do at the strip club that are super exciting for both individuals and couples. Las Vegas strip clubs for couples have been on the rise in recent times, and many clubs have began shaping up some of their specials to cater to couples. You really have to suspend your current beliefs of what you do at a strip club.

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Treasures Las Vegas is an elegant strip club. They call themselves the most luxurious strip club in the world.

And that may very well be true of this plush dark lap dance haven with a gourmet steakhouse attached. This is a great club for couples and currently my personal favorite even though I rank another club best overall for tourists.

Truly an awesome idea. The gourmet steakhouse with an actual classically trained chef makes Treasures Las Vegas a great place to take clients, a date, a bachelor party, or even invite a dancer to have dinner with you. And if you go to Treasures through Doctor Strip Club, you get a buy one get one free from the Steakhouse.

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The food is excellent—on par with the best steakhouses in Las Vegas and priced competitively even without Dr. For locals and early birds Treasures Las Vegas offers a very light free buffet every day from PM. While Treasures Las Vegas is smaller and has fewer dancers than say, Sapphire or Spearmint Rhino, there are more than enough women and a wide variety of very beautiful ladies.

Additionally, the club is very well run and has a friendly staff which is important to me and I suspect important to you as well. Finally, the Limo ride back to the strip is handled better by Treasures than any other club.

Once you get past the elegant entry Treasures Las Vegas has two stages downstairs. There is a small intimate stage ideal for interacting with the dancers and putting dollars in G-strings or having dollars plucked off your face with cleavage or butt cheeks. The main stage on the far wall from the entrance.

Some people really love that pole, however.

Treasures is an elegant place; some have compared it to the Playboy Mansion. Spiral staircases or an elevator if you choose, lead upstairs to the semi-private and fully private VIP areas.

There is also balcony seating available to view the main stage action. The quality of stage shows at Treasures Las Vegas is above average, but the real value here is in the lap dances. I currently give them an 11 on a scale of Yes, lots of touching, grinding, eroticism and passion. That makes them the best in Las Vegas.

If VIP or going 1-on-1 with a dancer is your thing, Treasures is your place. Their VIP rooms prices above cost about the same as the other clubs, but the drink or bar tab requirements are less.

If you are planning a bachelor party or you are here for a bachelor party but no one really made plans, Treasures is your place. Strip Club Recommends the Tenderloin!

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