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Although Outriders is deed to accommodate both solo players and those teaming up with friends, many have found that that the game's looter-shooter action is best enjoyed with a party. Picking more support-oriented classes for solo play like the Technomancer or Pyromancer can add to the game's difficulty even without raising World Tiers, and it's generally accepted that either the Trickster or Devastator is the best solo class in Outriders. Outriders in teams have more options when dealing with different enemies in game, but getting a group together is hard when players are experiencing matchmaking issues.

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The Last of Us and its sequel are ostensibly single-player experiences. Anybody with even the slightest interest in video games likely knows the story of Ellie and Joel as they trudge across a battered America to convene with a radical faction known as the Fireflies. Most of these same people will also have some sort of idea about the events that followed, pertaining to love, loss, and the entire emotional spectrum spanning between them.

The writing is better, the world is more evocative, and the flits between delight and despair are far more tangible.

The Last of Us Part 2 - even more so than the original - is not an easy game to play twice. I skipped the vast majority of the more intense cutscenes and used cheeky little exploits to speed through some of the most hectic sections of the game, like the hotel with the generator. I swear, if I ever have to see that bloater again I will burn my PS4 with actual fire. After I unlocked all of the PvE trophies, I was surprised to see the ones tied to matchmaking.

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When I saw I had to complete factions in multiplayer, I thought it would be a piece of piss - easy peasy lemon squeezy. Little did I know I would have to survive two bouts of match runs where every single result affected the cumulative total of a population I was keeping alive. In the end, I ended up playing close to matches - which are by no means short - over the course of a few weeks, and by the time I was finished, I was astonished by how few people had done the same.

It was tough to even find a match at times in The Last of Us - I had some luck whenever I stacked with two or three other people, but solo queue was a nightmare. This has always been absurd to me, because The Last of Us straight up has one of the most fascinating and enjoyable multiplayer sections of all time.

But you also hide, and wait, and listen - the tension makes a 1v1 at the end of a round in CS:GO feel like a party game. You skulk in the snow, armed with a Frontier Rifle, quietly stitching your wounds as you line up the perfect shot.

All of a sudden somebody shadow steps behind you with a bow and puts you down without a sound, save the soft crunch of snow as your body falls, limp. I mentioned earlier that you need to keep a population alive outside of matches. You need to come back with tinned beans and strontiumlaced milk to feed your starving family and withering friends.

And so your point total at the end of each match is directly correlative to your success rate in obtaining necessary materials for survival. While some people opt for crackshotting with scoped rifles, I always found the best and most efficient approach was to play more of a support role.

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Aside from that, I loaded up on efficiency perks to increase crafting speed and proficiency with medical kits. And so my faction always grew. I rarely had any issue when it came to my population - declines were only ever slight, if not totally negligible, and I was never on the verge of resetting.

But the fact is that achieving this state - in which my people were safe - called for me to carve out my own playstyle. By the time I hit my th match, I was still topping the team thanks to my support focus, but I was also slinging the highest kill and assist count.

The fear of being reset part way along your journey gives you constant cause to improve - to play smarter, and more patiently. This happens across the board, though - because other people are also travelling further along their journey with their current faction, your victory becomes their loss. High-level faction matchups often see arrows whizzing across entire maps just to lodge themselves in a stray skull, or several minutes of complete silence as teams assemble shivs for a coordinated flank.

The world of modding may seem hard to navigate, but it's easier than ever on Xbox. You can find him on Twitter cianmaher0.

New the last of us update improves matchmaking, adds two new maps

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