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But being active is one of the most important things you can do, each day if you can, for good health. While you may not be able to reduce time for other commitments, you might try to squeeze short bursts of activity into your busy life.

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Most mornings, I wake up Naughty girls Overland park am—a little earlier in the summer, a little later in the winter I live in Wisconsin, where the sun rises at am in June and at am in December. I sit up in bed and grab my glasses and watch from the nightstand. You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Here's how". Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name Allons TN bi horny wives or inciting hatred against any community.

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Physical activity - how to get active when you are busy

A couple weeks ago, it was a beautiful summer evening in Milwaukee and some friends and I decided to meet up at our favorite park to toss our light-up frisbee. It was about pm when we finally gathered, so we spent the next couple hours tossing the disc.

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We also spent the next couple hours keeping a constant eye out for the police. Do you have this same issue in your town?

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It strikes me as strange and unnecessary to deate a closing time for something that is nothing but pleasant and safe during daytime hours. I understand that in some areas, parks--particularly large ones--can be magnets for drug dealing and other crime at night.

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But I know plenty of parks in safe, wholesome neighborhoods--like the one we were playing frisbee in--where this activity is unlikely to occur. Someone who wants to commit a crime is going to find a place to do it, regardless. So why should I be prevented from enjoying a neighborhood amenity after the clock strikes 10?

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Parks should be open to their communities for late night joggers, people walking home who wish to take a shortcut i. There are a multitude of reasons why someone might want to be in a park after dark, and most of them are completely safe and reasonable.

If the park is accessible throughout the night, presumably the many individuals who would be utilizing it in legitimate, legal ways could keep a lookout out for those who might be using it in an unsafe and illegal manner, as well as keeping one another safe with their presence.

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If we were all to just look out for each other a bit more, we could keep it that way. Parks built like this should easily facilitate safety no matter the time of day. A side note: Jacobs' chapter on parks is a fascinating read, and I take issue with a few of her arguments, but this point is salient. In other words, a park should not be just a basketball court for teenagers or just a playground for children or just a pond for ducks--it should serve multiple uses so that it is almost constantly in use.

This keeps it safe, purposeful and lively.

Why aren't parks open at night?

Now, I understand that residents in a quiet neighborhood might be worried about excessive noise in a nearby park at night or have any of other concernsbut I think those could be handled with existing laws against loud music after midnight, for instance and police patrols. Why should a pedestrian amenity like a park be any different?

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To me, this blanket law falls into a category with other laws like zoning and street width requirements, that have been put in place because a couple people made a couple mistakes, and suddenly someone in charge decided the only way to stop these things from happening was to ban it for everyone.

Obviously closing parks at night does not lead to thousands of pedestrian deaths a year like our current method of street de does, but it still seems superfluous and overreaching.

But the benefits of parklets will outlast the pandemic. These playful surprises cater both to young and the young-at-heart, and they endear the community to visitors and residents alike. Trained in dialogue facilitation and mediation, she is devoted to building understanding across lines of difference. ly, Rachel worked for several organizations fighting to end homelessness and promote safe, affordable housing at the federal and local levels.

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Rachel also served as Content Manager for Strong Towns from She currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her husband Jack and two pet rabbits. One of her favorite ways to get to know a new city is by going for a walk in it.

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Cart 0. Why aren't parks open at night? Related stories. Nov 24, Bridget Marquis.

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