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The GPS said my dog was yards down a boulder-strewn gully. I stumbled over rocks and sage, and ten agonizing minutes later found the young wirehair staunch, one front leg raised. The chukar covey roared skyward, and I made a go-to-hell shot down the hill at 50 yards.

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A fiber-optic front sight and steel mid-bead sit atop the flat vent-rib.

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The mid-rib between the barrels is also ventilated. Five flush-fitting Mobile-style chokes are included — skeet, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full.

The barrel selector is integrated into the tang-mounted safety and the mono-block is jeweled. To keep costs down, empties are removed via extractors, not ejectors. The black synthetic stock and forearm are offset by gray-colored soft rubber cobblestone grip inserts, which provide a sure grasp of the firearm.

An adjustable comb allows drop to be raised or lowered by simply removing a retaining pin, sliding the comb forward and off the stock, then moving it up or down a set of grooves. Three recoil pad spacers for adjusting length of pull allow further customization. The Trio recoil pad, also gray in color, is extremely soft and curved to fit perfectly into the shoulder pocket.

At least it fit into my shoulder pocket perfectly, despite my large shoulders. While not much of an issue when shooting targets, it could be problematic in high-volume situations.

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Otherwise, the Escort Extreme digested everything I fed it just fine. My notes also indicate I hit every clay target I shot at with it. The gun cycled and ejected all three lo perfectly, despite their differing lengths, paylo and velocities.

The inch nickel-chrome-moly-lined barrel is proofed for steel shot and has a vent-rib and Hi-Viz front sight. My test gun had a short, green, fiber optic front sight installed, but a long Hi-Viz light pipe set consisting of two red and two green pipes was also included. The bottom of the forearm is vented near the front to release excess gases.

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Sling studs on the magazine cap and stock are standard. The bolt handle is large and smooth.

The safety is conveniently located behind the trigger, and the trigger guard is large enough to accommodate gloved usage. A nice surprise was the trigger, which was checkered!

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The bolt release button is located on the bottom of the carrier, just as on a Remington This is a great place for a bolt release button, as it facilitates fast and easy relo, without any fear of the bolt handle hitting your hand when Legacy sports shotguns bolt closes. The magazine cut-off button was somewhat stiff, but conveniently located on the right side of the receiver where the bolt release button is normally found on many semi-autos. The Escort Extreme comes with five flush-fitting chokes — skeet, IC, modified, IM and full — plus an extended modified waterfowl choke, which I used for all my testing.

An extended turkey tube is also available. Three LOP shims, two stock drop spacers my gun actually included an extra duplicate spacerand one stock cast spacer are included to provide a wide range of fit customization.

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My only gripe is the hard rubber butt-pad. Legacy Sports also offers the Standard Magnum pump, with a tough, black, synthetic stock and extended forearm that reaches all the way back to the receiver for quick, short-stroke, follow-up shots. The gauge has a inch barrel, while the gauge has a inch barrel, both with 3-inch chambers. Three chokes — modified, IM and full — are provided.

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IM is a particularly nice touch, because not many shotguns include this constriction from the factory, but all three of these Legacy Sports guns do. By Jarrod Spilger July 12, Me Up! other outdoor enthusiasts who already get great content delivered right to their inbox. If you don't want to bring your Legacy sports shotguns into the bathroom, we can send you a magazine subscription for free! Popular Stories. May 12, Savage Model Elite Precision 6.

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