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I search female who loves Let my husband watch

Those days are long gone. Now even good men are tempted every day to click their way to pornography. If you think your husband looks at porn, read on.

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You deserve to know the facts, and see how porn can seriously affect a relationship. This article contains affiliate links. Fight the New Drug may receive financial support from purchases made using affiliate links. But is it? It then goes on to say that boyfriends watching porn is completely normal—in essence, that boys will be boys— and that girls should consider ing in.

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We have some ground rules, of course: no interacting directly with anyone on or offline, nothing violent, and if it messes with our sex life, we need to re-evaluate pronto. But other than that, my husband watches porn and jerks off pretty frequently — almost daily.

Scary mommy confessions: my husband watches porn, and i’m cool with it

I consider myself someone who has a pretty normal sex drive. But my husband is different.

Masturbation, to him, has always been somewhat of a ritual. He does it because he enjoys it, but also because it calms him, helps him deal with stress, and helps him fall asleep.

I would say his sex drive is quite high; sexual thoughts and feelings occupy a lot of real estate in his mind. We met when we were young.

5 things to do if your husband looks at porn

I knew he jerked off. Sometimes we would show each other how we did it — that was really hot.

But I kind of found out about his obsession with porn by accident. My husband then boyfriend would lurk in the chat rooms, chat and flirt, and find stuff. Once, he made the mistake of leaving a chat room window open on his computer, and I found it.

I saw the kind of stuff he needed to say in order for someone to send him a picture, and I was like NO. I was really upset. We had a good talk about it all. It was hard and painful at first, because who wants to talk about something that feels secretive? I got that he really enjoyed the visual and craved new stuff to help him get off.

1. take action.

That was never my thing; mine was always fantasies in my head or a sexy book, but I understood that some people really like porn. But it still made me uncomfortable, so he stopped. Well, I should say that it took him a few years to totally stop.

We were in college at the time, and there were some relapses of that behavior, but he grew up and out of it. He married me, and we had a few. My husband shares with me the kind of porn he likes.

We share our feelings about it all, and I can tell him if anything feels off to me. Sometimes we incorporate his outside sexual interests into our sex life. I actually find it pretty hot sometimes when I think about what a horny bastard he is.

Did I mention that we have a great sex life? If he happens to watch me change my clothes for half a second, he gets totally hot and bothered. We like each other.

We try new things. We have fun. He respects me, and I respect him. And the ground rules, yes, those are big. But I trust him. I love him.

2. get support.

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