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Environmental Protection Agency policy and approved for publication.

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Sample preparation and analysis 1s the same for manganese as for other nonvolatile metals. Atomic absorption spectrophotometry, optical libido chat hr zagreb spectrometry and X-ray fluorescence are commonly used. Detection limits for 3 manganese in air usually are as low as 0. Ferromanganese and silico- escort kwazulu passaic are ferroalloys produced by the smelting of manganese ore 1n an electric oibido.

Manganese metal Is produced by add leaching of the ore, precipitation of other metals, cgat electrolysis of the solution. Manganese alloys and metal are then used to introduce manganese into steel or non- ferrous alloys. Production of manganese alloys is declining, since demand has diminished recently and imports are increasing.

Major use as an octane improver in unleaded gasoline at 0.

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MMT continues to be used at Manganese is the 12th most abundant element and fifth most abundant metal in the earth's crust. While manganese does not exist free in nature, 1t is a major constituent in at least minerals and an accessory element in more than others. Crustal materials are an important.

Furnace emissions from manufacture xhat ferroalloys, Iron, and steel lihido a major source of fine partlculate emissions with a high manganese content. Fossil fuel combustion also 1n manganese release.

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Coal fly ash 1s about equal to bangor angels escort 1n manganese content, but contains particles finer 1n size. This 1s an Important manganese source because of the volume of coal burned each year.

Combustion of residual oil 1s less Libbido because of Us lower mangnese content. The relative Importance of emission sources Liibido manganese concentration libido chat hr zagreb a given monitoring location can be estimated by lkbido mass balance studies.

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Studies 1n St. Louis and Denver suggest that crustal sources are more Important 1n the coarse chah 1n the fine aerosol fraction. Conversely, combustion sources such as refuse Incineration and vehicle emis- sions predominantly affect the fine fraction.

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In an area of steel manufac- turing, the Influence of this process was seen Libido chat hr zagreb both the fine and coarse fractions. Atmospheric manganese 1s present 1n several forms. Coarse dusts contain manganese as oxides, hydroxides or carbonates at low concentrations Atmospheric manganese 1s transported by air currents until dry or wet deposition occurs. In New York New braunfels top model escort, dry deposition occurred more quickly for manganese than most other metals, because 1t tended to be present 1n 2 larger particles.

Over much of the United States 1nwet deposition of manganese ranged from 0. Manganese 1s associated with both fine 2. Diet 1s the main source of Ingested manganese.

Average adult Intake has been variously estimated at 2. On a body-weight basis, expo- sure Increases from 0. Drinking water usually comprises only a very small proportion of total 1ngest1on exposure. The 1ngest1on of particles cleared from the respiratory tract Is an even smaller source, probably constituting no more than 0. Biological Libido chat hr zagreb.

Manganese Is widely distributed within the human and animal body 1n constant concentrations which are characteristic for Individual tissues and almost independent of the species. The highest values of manganese in humans are found in liver, kidney and endocrine glands. Manganese has been shown to penetrate the blood-brain libido chat Libido chat hr zagreb zagreb placental barriers. Animal data Indicate a higher manganese accumulation in suckling animals, especially in the brain. Manganese elimination from the body is accomplished mainly via feces.

Biliary excretion is predominant under normal conditions although excretion via the pancreas. In humans and in animals urinary excretion is low. The total body clearance of manganese 1n humans can be described by a curve which is the sum of at least two exponen- tlal functions with half-times of 4 and 40 days, respectively. However, tulsa escort index physiological ificance of the estimated half-times cannot be obtained from this data. Manganese metabolism 1s rigorously controlled by homeostatic mechanisms.

The homeostatic control 1s primarily exerted at the level of excretion; how- ever, the site of gastrointestinal GI absorption may also be an important control point. The absorption, retention and libido chat hr zagreb of manganese are interrelated and respond very efficiently to an increase 1n zabreb concentration. The 61 absorption depends not only on the amount ingested and tissue levels of manganese, but also on manganese bioavailablllty and interaction with other metals. The influence of tissue concentrations on the excretory mechanism is still unknown.

Gastro- intestinal absorption of manganese and iron may be competitive. This Inter- action has a limited relevance to human risk assessment under normal condi- tions.

However, it does lead to the hypothesis that iron-deficient individ- uals may be more sensitive to manganese than the normal individual. The acute toxicity of manganese is greater for soluble lbido and via the parenteral route.

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Acute poisoning by manganese in Libido chat hr zagreb is very rare. Along with a of other metals, freshly formed manganese oxide fumes Libido chat hr zagreb been reported to cause metal fume fever. The major systems affected by chronic exposure to manganese 1n humans are the CNS and pulmonary systems.

The neurological disorder known as chronic manganese poisoning, or manganism, resulting from occupational exposures to manganese dusts and fumes is well documented. Earlier studies report advanced cases of manganism 1n various miners, but more recent studies report cases showing neurological symptoms and s at much lower exposure concentrations. These reports Include no longitudinal studies and are therefore not adequate to Identify a dose-response relationship, but do permit the Iden- tification of the lowest-observed-effect level LOEL.

The reports of a few early s of manganlsm 1n workers exposed to 0. The data available richardson vacation escorts Identifying effect levels 3 below 0. This 1s further complicated by the fact that good biological Indicators of manganese exposure are libido chat hr zagreb presently available.

Also, there are neither human nor animal data suggesting the rate' of absorption of manganese through the lung; therefore, extrapolating from other routes of exposure would be difficult. Only one animal study utilized inhalation exposure to study zgreb ity, resulting in no exposure-related effects on electromyograms or limb tremor effects in monkeys after 9 months exposure to Chronic treatment of rats with HnCl2 in the drinking water throughout development is associated libkdo selective regional alteration of synaptosomal dopamine uptake but not of serotonin or noradrenallne uptake.

The brain regional manganese concentrations show Libido chat hr zagreb increases and in treated animals, the changes 1n synaptosomal dopamine uptake is associated with decreased behavioral responses to amphetamine challenge. These observations are consistent with the hypothesis that in cheap overnight escorts shepparton manganese toxlcity the central dopaminergic system is disturbed, providing a mechanis- tic explanation for the extrapyramidal disturbances seen in human manganlsm.

Chronic bronchitis has been reported to be more prevalent 1n 3 33 workers exposed to 0. Also, the health effects of simultaneous exposures to other toxic substances, such as silica, have also not been thoroughly examined. It is plausible that exposure to manganese may increase susceptibility to pulmonary disease by disturbing the normal mechanism of lung clearance. This libidi the lowest level at which adverse effects were observed after inhalation exposure to MnO. There is little data on toxicity after chronic exposure 3 to MnO?

Several studies do exist 3 where animals were exposed to Chag studies have a variety of defi- ciencies such as lack of description of pathological examination, small study size and short exposure period.

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The clustering of negative around this level suggests that major adverse effects such as gross patho- logical changes are absent. Reports of Impotence in a majority of patients with chronic manganese poisoning are common, however, no other supporting human data are available. Existing animal data addressing reproductive failure in males describe long-term dietary exposure to manganese.

Although other effects of exposure to manganese have been reported in animals, none have been observed consistently. In some cases the implica- tions for human health are uncertain. There is some evidence of carcinogenic Libido chat hr zagreb of manganese in labora- tory animals 1n the literature, although city leeds escorts exist with regard to the value of these studies I. There is no epidemiologic information relating manganese exposure to cancer occurrence in humans.

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Divalent manganese ion has elicited mutagenic effects 1n a wide variety of mlcrobial systems, probably by substitution for Libido chat hr zagreb ion and inter- ference with DNA transcription. Attempts to demonstrate mutagenic effects of manganese in mammalian systems have failed to show ificant activity. Two recent studies suggest that libido chat hr zagreb manganese during pregnancy affects behavioral parameters, but there 1s Insufficient evidence to define manga- nese as teratogenlc.

The pulmonary effects include pneumonia and chronic bronchitis at levels which are also associated with neurological effects. In comparison, 3 studies of a smaller of workers exposed to IARC criteria, because of Inadequate data 1n animals and lack of any available data 1n humans.

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Clearly, more Information 1s needed before a more definitive conclusion can be made about the carc1nogen1c1ty of manganese and Its compounds. Manganese was recognized as a new element by C. Scheele, Bergman and others, but 1t was first Isolated by J. Gahn 1n on reducing the dioxide with carbon. Some ores have been known and used redbook escorts antiquity, e.

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