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After moving to Little Neck inI have taken a lot of photos in my new town, but have been saving them for the right time to use them, which would coincide with getting sufficient research. I live in the northeasternmost extermity of New York City, and my own particular Little neck parkway of Little Neck was the site of a development by Rickert-Finlay called Westmoreland. The street layout of the development remains largely intact — with the north-south streets, Westmoreland, Morgan, and Glenwood, still on the map, and little east-west streets that are now ed.

Little neck parkway

On this atlas, Westmoreland is at the top and a neighboring development, Marathon Park, is at the bottom. The street layout is largely the same as it was inwith most of the names changed. Clinton Avenue is now Marathon Parkway. The small yellow squares are houses, so the region was, as yet, sparsely populated.

The Cutter Avenue and B. Cutter on the map refer to Bloodgood H. Twain poked fun at Cutter as a master of doggerel who annoyed fellow passengers on an excursion Little neck parkway the Holy Land in the book. Waters lived for over a century.

As Yogi said, when you come to a fork in the road, take Little neck parkway. I live just up the road from a classic Y-shaped fork road, with Little Neck Parkway on the left and Marathon Parkway on the right. The very first address on Marathon Parkway after it branches from Little Neck Parkway looks for all the world like an abandoned farmhouse. Several windows are cracked, the window sashes are collapsing, trash is strewn in the front yard, the corral-like fence is broken in several areas, the windows are mostly covered with either Hefty bags or canvas, and if Little neck parkway pass by at night, you can see that a room on the interior is illuminated by a single light bulb.

Porter School. It may be the northeasternmost public school in Queens. This house on the west side of Little Neck Parkway just south of the Staples parking lot may have been on the parcel when John Waters owned it. The tree is so huge, it has to have been here for a century.

What kind of tree is it? They are Matinecock Indians — I actually live next door to his niece in north Flushing — and where the Scobee Diner is was the original farmhouse, which was from They actually owned all the land up to Cornell Lane which was ex-appropriated from them when Northern Blvd.

Their family cemetery was partially exhumed and there is a grave dedicated to the Matinecocks at Zion Church. The tree is over years old, by the way. It has been a Chase branch for over 30 years. It was constructed by the Kullman Diner Co. In the weird world of real estate, the owners of the property consider it more valuable closed than open. The Doyle B. Shaffer Funeral Home, across from Chase.

It was constructed in on Little Neck Parkway south of 40th Avenue. Photographed February 10, ; completed February I grew up in the 60s and 70s in a house on Little Neck Pkwy between 40th and 41st Avenues. My best friend at the time Little neck parkway in a huge old white house at Little Neck Parkway. My understanding is that it was the farmhouse when all surrounding was farmland. There were several fireplaces, and best of all, a large well in the side yard.

A formidable gate led to the front door, but we always entered via the long, trailing dirt driveway and held our ears and screamed like kids scream when the LIRR roared and rattled past.

One by one the grand old homes between there and PS 94 were razed and replaced with those appalling units. That hill in Westmoreland Gardens was great for rolling down when I was a. There was the playground on the south end, and beyond that a little parcel of woods we used to lose ourselves in.

The apartments themselves were nice as Little neck parkway recall. When I was growing up there were two boat yards and swamp land north of the tracks, the houses only extended a few blocks. My dad told me that where Scobee was, there used to be an actual dining car. Scobee itself had a couple of fires over the years origin who knowsand built back up bigger and better. Where the OTB is was? According to some photos from the s I have seen, the candy store used to be located on the SE side of the tracks, on the driveway of the corner house.

There was a private double garage on the West side of Marathon Parkway across from the Bohack that had 2 Stanley Steamers automobiles just sitting inside gathering dust. I remember the garage and the two Stanley Little neck parkway inside before the Post office was expanded.

Queens county farm museum

I remember stopping by your house for breakfast every morning on the way to PS 94 we were able to walk unaccompanied as kids back then. I think of your family often. I recall coming over to watch Charlie Brown in your screened in porch when our TV died. Your older siblings had vinyl albums by the Beatles and Mamas and the Papas. The first newborn kittens I ever saw were in your basement. Tina Little neck parkway lived in the garden apartments across the street.

Such great memories. My mother took a lot of photos of Little Neck Parkway before and after it was widened. It broke my heart when we moved in after dad died. Hi Suzan!

Little neck parkway, little neck, ny,

Where the heck are you? Hey Laura, great to hear from you. But not on FB. Nice to see. This included the Indian Cemetery. The original Waters home was built in the early s where the old Scobee diner stands empty today. I grew up in Little Neck during the 50s and 60s and Little Neck Parkway back then was just a small country road full of potholes bumps and patches until they turned it into a Little neck parkway thoroughfare in the mid-seventies I think.

My mother still lives on Little Neck Parkway. The area has really changed a lot. I used to live on Street which had small cape cods which have since been torn down and made into ugly mega-mansions. Such a shame. I went to church at St. Anastasia and to the parochial elementary school there.

I get back to LN to see my mother 3 times or more a year. I love your pictures. Little Neck.

Ann Marie, your recollections are virtually identical to mine—I was born in and lived in Little Neck until I went off to college. Additional memories: horse chestnuts near the apartments, loved the Saturday matinees at the theater. I always loved the deep ravine across Northern Blvd.

See little neck parkway, queens on the map

My favorite place in all of Little Neck in my early years was the old Library building on Northern Blvd. It was the coziest, cutest building.

Normoyle 6th??? I miss Little Neck of old.