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‘to be safe we have to break the law’: sex workers in london tell their story

Thanks London escort experience subscribing! Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! It's a unique, crowd-funded production that mashes together everything from hip hop to poetry and — by ignoring the familar tropes dramatists usually rely on when they portray the industry — hurtles the dialogue around sex workers into the present day. What gives the work real clout is that it gives an open, honest platform for those in the sex industry to tell their stories. One afternoon, before a performance, we sat down with four cast members to find out more about the sex industry in London.

I want people who come to the opera to see us as people, just like everyone else. There is no typical day for me, really. I wake up between 10am and 12pm and sit in the park on my laptop, answering boring s, thinking of new ideas for the workshops and outreach projects I run. Often I get a last-minute job, sometimes when I am out with a friend. I London escort experience spend part of the day creating new work personas, essentially reconstructing myself.

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When I am playing a dominatrix I become another person. But in London I feel liberated. When I got here, I worked crazy hours in restaurants and pubs. I wanted to go out with my friends, so I decided to do webcam work. I thought that I was alone. I started escorting because it was something that I was extremely curious about, but it was also because I needed more human interaction.

The first time I did it, I was very scared and confused. People tell you that being a prostitute is a bad thing and I grew up London escort experience a very Catholic family, so my morals were conflicted. But I still really wanted to do it!

I promote myself as a girl next door. I wear very light make-up and flat shoes or Converse. When I meet someone for the first time, I don't know what they like so I just morph in the moment. Only then can you have a situation where people can ask for help without the fear of being prosecuted.

People-trafficking and sex work should be seen London escort experience two separate issues: one is a crime and the other is just two adults consenting to have sex. The sex-worker community in London is amazing, everyone is very supportive of each other. I used to do striptease and I worked in Soho on and off for 12 years. When I first saw the area and the people, the bookshops and the fetish aesthetic, I just fell in love with it. When I first arrived from Spain I lived in a squat — London escort experience needed a job and met a girl from Barcelona who was working in a peep show.

There were two windows in front of me and all we had to do was dance naked with a really shitty pole. You worked lying on a bed: all we had to do was roll around. I really found it difficult to not fall asleep.

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That job was so surreal, and I love surrealism — the system imposes so many things on us that surrealism is a really good way to feel free. I was combining working in the peep show with my photographic studies at Westminster University and was living a double life; I would be at university hiding my high-heel shoes.

After eight years, I really felt that job gave me a lot of things. I gained confidence, London escort experience made me more aware of my sexuality, it kept me fit and I met so many amazing, inspirational women working in the industry.

We had our own ways of protecting each other. We were like a little family and throughout my career I have always been proud to be a Soho girl. The Soho raids [of ] were nasty.

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Using the excuse of vulnerable women being trafficked, more than policemen descended and they brought the press with them. It can be difficult to see but there is a lot of institutional abuse from the state. The media either portray us as victims or as happy hookers. The reality is something in between.

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We all face the stigma, but there is good and bad. I think people should stop seeing us in 2D — just as sex workers — and see us as humans. We got to be a voice for other organisations around the world and share their stories, too.

At the end of the day, everyone is a story.

The response has been phenomenal. Rather than generalising about us, actually listen to us. I remember the first time we put on the production I was in tears for two days after because of the sense of community: the connections that we made on stage with each other were amazing.

We need more communities within sex work, so we can decide what we ought to be doing together. If the English Collective of Prostitutes was a centralised human resources hub for sex workers, that would be amazing. I do a lot of sexual training work and I have a very large disabled client base. I also work with individuals and couples to help them have better sex.

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Then don't worry about it! Probably the reason I get called a happy hooker is because I am one! Discover the best adult fun to be had in London. Support Time Out directly today and help us champion the people and places which make the city tick. Time Out London. Support us Subscribe. Get us in your inbox up to our newsletter for the latest and greatest from your city and beyond.

We already have this. Try another? My My Profile out. My. Criminalised people have to stick together and take care of each other.

I have experience of working in a few countries and you can tell the difference when sex work is illegal or not, whether the stigma is high or low. You feel it in the way clients respond to you.

It's great in New Zealand and Australia, where it's decriminalised. I came from Melbourne straight to the UK and could immediately feel the difference. There are more problems in the UK because the regulations are really high and so many of the things that help you work safley are illegal here. To be safe, we have to break the law — not cool at all.

Criminalisation affects stigma as well as security. Being afraid of outing ourselves to our parents, our kids, our partners can build so much pressure. The stigma silences me for sure: I cannot out myself so I cannot speak and am silenced.

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