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When it comes to shopping, the only thing more challenging than finding the perfect swimsuit brand is sourcing a bra that actually fits.

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Like most girls do at least once in their life, I used to stuff my bra with tissues, desperately hoping to fake some boobage. Much to my dismay, my boobs stopped growing when I was Now that I live with this mindset, I genuinely feel more confident. Not that anyone should dress to please men, but my male sources say they go crazy for the braless look. Try wearing high-waisted pants or skirts to draw attention to your assets. Pairing a statement necklace with a v-neck draws attention to your entire outfit for a helluva polished look.

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Shing, 42, who wears a 36AA. And more small-chested ladies seem to be openly celebrating their look on Twitter, Facebook and various blogs.

A love letter to all flat-chested women

A new blog, smallbustbigheart. That is not to say handwringing over a Lilliputian bust no longer exists.

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Bust magazine, with its feminist streak, has a support group for those laid low by their tiny breasts, and its recent entries are poignant. Still, the persistent strain of A-cup pride running through our culture is unmistakable. Facebook groups like Flat Chested and Proud of It! K-cups now exist.

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Brandishing a tiny bosom may be a reaction to that trend. Unlike many women who struggled as teenagers to make peace with their minimal assets, Sabrina Lightbourn, 37, a photographer in Nassau, the Bahamas, never second-guessed her A-cups, even in a land of bikinis.

Small-breasted women have also begun to express their anger on the Internet when they suspect one of their brethren has decided to artificially augment what nature has given her. It looked ridiculous. I wanted coverage and lift.

This kind of cheerleading is not about girl power. This message of empowerment is resolutely intended for adults who wish their lingerie to reflect their age and station.

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No woman in her 40s wants to disrobe to reveal a polka-dotted training bra, and unfortunately for too long, grown women have had ill-fitting options or unsexy mood killers in the bra department. Women with flat to small chests disagree about what they want from a bra. One camp consists of traditionalists who take little issue with push-up bras; their complaint is never being able to find one with a small enough band and with cups close enough together to create yelp-worthy cleavage.

The Little Bra company, which has 28 to 36 in the A to B range, delivers this kind of instant gratification.

Best bras for small breasts

By contrast, Ms. Lau created her line with contoured-to-the-body padding so that minuscule breasts can be enhanced with no gaps at the bustline. The middle camp also wants a certain degree of authenticity and their real silhouette to shine under a T-shirt. In their minds, no bra should so transform your breasts that they are unrecognizable. This is tricky, said Ms. Hornsby, who also manages Web operations for Journelle. For too long, bra shopping has demoralized women with just a bit on top.

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Others are just dismissive. As a size 28A, Heidi Brockmyre, an acupuncturist in San Diego, says she has been turned away from bra-fitting boutiques. Brockmyre,

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