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Contents [ ]. This safe and effective procedure has been shown to be perfect for those who are having erectile dysfunction due to health concerns such as an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, surgical side effects, drug side effects, and other health ailments such as diabetes.

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The Priapus shot was originally named for the Greek god of virility, due to its seemingly magical healing powers. The P-shot is a safe and effective modern medical procedure that can improve your overall sexual health, and even increase girth and prowess! Unlike other erectile dysfunction treatmentsthe P-shot delivers long-lasting that cannot be achieved through simple pills, creams, or other surgical or chemical procedures.

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The P-shot is a pain-free penile injection that represents a cutting edge breakthrough in treating the various symptoms of experiencing erectile dysfunction. The Priapus shot can not only return your confidence and function, but the P-shot is one of the only non-surgical treatments for ED that can also increase the size of your penis! The P Shot is a drug-free, surgery free way to improve performance and increase penis size! Are you tired of not being at the peak of your sexual health? Do you want to improve and eliminate your ED symptoms?

Are you looking for real, medically-proven male enhancement solutions? The P-shot works by harnessing plasma enriched growth factors or PRP form your blood, and re-injecting it into specific areas of the penis. These blood-derived growth factors help to rejuvenate the penis and boost its blood flow and retention in order to provide a more full and strong erection.

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It is a natural process that the body accepts very well, and has been proven to be very impactful. The secret behind the p-shot is the PRP, or platelet rich plasma that is utilized.

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PRP is made within red blood cells, and contains growth factors and proteins that facilitate improved healing Looking Real Sex Lonetree blood flow to a particular tissue. This acts by aggregating important chemicals and growth factors where the PRP has accumulated, alling a need for healing and blood flow.

As in any procedure that uses PRP, the P-Shot begins with drawing a small amount of blood, about as much as a simple blood test. Using a specialized centrifuge, the stem cells are separated, and growth factors from the red and white blood cells are isolated. This process leaves behind a super-concentrated formula of PRP that contains the necessary active ingredients that result in the many benefits we have described the P-shot to possess.

Any man who is looking for increased sexual health, male enhancement, or a solution to their erectile dysfunction symptoms can benefit from this shot. Whether you have been searching for a solution for your erectile dysfunction symptoms or you desire some aid in the bedroom, the P-shot injection can help optimize your sexual wellness and get you back to a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

Come visit our offices today to see if the P-shot is right for you. You do not have to live with the embarrassment and lack of self-esteem that comes with erectile dysfunction, there is Looking Real Sex Lonetree solution that can bring you:.

How does the p-shot work?

PRP concentrates the healing and growth factors in your blood into an injectable treatment. The PRP in the Priapus shot improves blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer, and more sustainable erections. In addition to PRP, the Priapus shot also contains all natural fillers.

These safe and effective natural ingredients combine to not only help you achieve better erections, but also increase the size of your penis! The of the P-shot in terms of erectile function are almost immediate. Men who have received the injection have gone home and were better lovers that night!

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Noticeable increases in size could take a few weeks. The P-shot is a simple in-office procedure. It takes about 30 minutes, and there is little or no downtime. Since it is made from your own blood and is a natural bodily function of PRP, there are little or no known side effects.

The Priapus injection is applied to the parts of your penis that are most important to sexual arousal and erectile function.

Before giving the injection, we apply a local anesthetic. The anesthetic allows the P-shot to be painlessly given and to work its effects in the areas that are the most sensitive in healthy sexual arousal and function.

It can take time to realize the full extent of male enhancement from the P-shot. Normally, are seen after about 3 weeks, and increases of 2- 3 inches in both length and girth have been reported!

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In order to ensure best from the treatment, you will need to use a provided vacuum pump device to stretch the tissues of the penis. The pumping action stimulates the PRP and other ingredients in the P-shot to continue the regenerative process, and will help to maximize increased girth and length. A brief follow-up visit is generally recommended four weeks after Looking Real Sex Lonetree P-shot procedure.

Some men choose to have a second P-shot injection at this time, but that depends on your particularand the opinion of your P-shot doctor. A lot of men are concerned about the cost of the P-shot.

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Unfortunately, most healthcare benefits do not pay for the procedure. However, the cost of this extremely effective procedure is relative to itsand in the personal enhancement healthcare field, you can expect to receive what you pay for. The overall value of the P-shot comes with how much you value your sexual health and performance. Unlike daily oral erectile dysfunction medications, there are no prescriptions to refill or unnatural chemicals to depend on.

The cost is considerably less than erectile dysfunction surgery. It is the only non-surgical method to increase penis size, and its effects can last for years to Looking Real Sex Lonetree, which makes the cost desireable when compared to male enhancement surgery and other alternative treatment methods. To find out if the P-shot is right for you, contact one of our Lone Tree Erectile Dysfunction Clinics to schedule a fast and friendly consultation with a trusted ED specialist.

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This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Does the Priapus shot hurt? Then the P-shot is for you! How does the P-Shot work? Who can Benefit from the P-Shot?

What is the priapus shot®?

How fast can I see ? Are there any side effects? Where is the penis injection given? Is it painful? How much increase in size can I expect? Is there anything I need to do after receiving the P-Shot?

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Will I need to see the doctor after the procedure? How much does the P-Shot cost in Lone Tree? Be the lover you once were, or always wanted to be! A Breakthrough Solution for Men. What To Expect? How It Works? Follow Us On.