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Watch the balloons fly during 4 days, early morning and late afternoon. Check the schedule here. The world's best pilots compete in an FAI category 1 competition.

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New Spirit Balloons is a non-profit association founded in with its headquarters in Altwies. Carlo Arendt, founder and pilot, received his in and became the general importer of the Kubicek brand.

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Everywhere in the world, people are fascinated by flying.


And Luxembourgers are no exception. Which is probably why hot-air ballooning, with its aura of pioneering discovery and the competitive spirit, attracts such great interest. The main event is the biannual Luxembourg Balloon Trophy, an international, high-level sports competition and thrilling happening for all visitors.

Happy spotting! Situated in the East of Luxembourg, this region is often referred to as Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. Once you visit, you'll quickly see why. With its hilly landscape and unexpected geology, the region really lives up to its nickname. Formed thousands Luxembourg hot air balloon ride years ago, at the end of the last ice age, its fairytale rock formations, corridors, caves and idyllic waterfalls have been attracting tourists since late 19th century.

The region is a must for hikers and nature-lovers. Expect a status update! The Diekrich Donkey!

Luxembourg balloon trophy

There are different theories as to why, among all the native animals, a donkey has come to be the mascot of the city of Diekirch. The 'Dikrecher Iesel' has in fact been known for more than years. One day, historians might come to an agreement on how the donkey connection came about. In the meantime, locals feel proud of their obstinate animal symbol, which even managed to make it to the top of the local church tower. The donkey — also affectionately referred to as 'Louis' — can't be missed at local happenings, such as 'Al Dikkrich' in the summer, or the 'Dikkricher Cavalcade' in the winter.

Luxembourgers cannot, in all conscience, vouch for your stay to be free of rain.

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Carrying an umbrella therefore tends to be advisable. Now, if you find no particular pleasure in getting your coat wet and your boots muddy, there are plenty of alternative activities to consider. What we can promise is that, sooner or later, the sun will shine again. Cool doesn't need much of an introduction. Neither confined to Millennials, nor teens of any generation, cool is very much multi-functional and still widely used. Luxembourg didn't escape this particular phenomenon. Coolness has many faces. In a way, it's the equivalent of 'thumbs up' in digital chats, but even cooler.

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Nah, no good! Can't agree with that! Luxembourgers don't shy away from expressing their disagreement and we certainly don't beat around the bush. Thumbs up! It's a deal!

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To some, making deals is an art. To Luxembourg, it's a matter of mutual benefit and progress, in a relationship of trust and reliability. That's what the country stands for, be it on the diplomatic stage or in the world of business. Take Luxembourg at its word, let's shake on it!

A great event for the whole family

Given the population's pool of higher-than-average people, sourcing basketball players is not really a challenge in Luxembourg. But the professional level achieved in basketball is not just a result of physical circumstances, it's the fruit of love and dedication. Some players even make it to the NBA, like Alvon in the early s. If they don't play in the national league, our talented young men and women famous international clubs… Returning to Luxembourg, they then help the national team compete internationally.

Balloons, paragliding & flying clubs

Aim high! Different groups hop to the same ear-catching tune, played by different marching bands. Even though its historic origins remain disputed, the procession constitutes a pilgrimage to missionary Willibrord, who founded the abbey of Echternach in the late 7th century and to whom many miracles have been attributed. Arduous to none, religious pilgrimage to some, cultural folklore to others, the procession keeps attracting thousands of people and remains a one-of-a kind experience open to everyone!

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Hop along! Across all age classes, e-bikes are growing in popularity.


If you like touring, they allow you to do longer distances or just go faster and enjoy more of the country's rich landscape. Indeed, Luxembourgish topography offers plenty of opportunities to make good use of e-bikes. However, because Luxembourg City presents more than one Luxembourg hot air balloon ride slope for the cyclist, it's commuters who tend to save most effort. Especially welcome, if you're biking in your business dress! Luxembourg has a well-connected international airport, serving more than 70 destinations with direct passenger flights.

Thanks to the country's location in the heart of Europe, you can hop on a plane and be more or less anywhere in Europe within 2 hours. With more than flights per week on average, the 'Findel' is a true travel hub, it's also among the world's busiest airports, ranked by cargo traffic. Luxembourg is in fact home to one of the biggest cargo airlines in the world. From horses to tigers, fresh mangos to precious objects, Luxembourg ships items around the globe. The 'Renert' is the Luxembourgish version of the "Reineke Fuchs", an opus that has been part of European literary history since the 15th century.

One of the most famous interpreters was the German author Goethe who, by the way, spent some time in Luxembourg. Luxembourg's Renert was written by Michel Rodange in the 19th century.

Sports & leisure

A national epic today, the fable is a satirical story depicting the unique characters of Luxembourg at the time, of course. The protagonist? Renert, a trickster fox in a tailcoat. Enjoy the read! Probably the shortest possible answer if you like to keep things concise. There really is nothing more to say. Be it for an afternoon, an entire week-end or a break of a few days, there are countless opportunities to explore Luxembourg by foot.

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Whether you leave with friends, family, your dog sas part of tourist group or with a local hiking club, your backpack will be a constant companion. Whatever you pack, don't forget your camera to catch the inspiring, amusing or surprising moments awaiting you! Get your walking shoes on! During the short-lived Napoleonic era, Luxembourg was shrugged off as a part of the newly created 'Department of Forests'. Today, the appreciation of wood as a natural resource is on the rise, and the importance of this material to the economy continues to grow steadily too.

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The recently created Luxembourg Wood Cluster emphasizes this development by offering a platform to all relevant players, spanning from wood production to the end consumers of wood products. A market to watch out for! Sometimes, one plainly and simply is left without words. Here is one option: express yourself as our comic hero Superjhemp would probably do.

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Just make your feelings known by invoking this internationally standardized phrase! You certainly get the idea.

Most of the time, 'Tipptopp' expresses a kind of pragmatic acknowledgement. The use of the word is spreading. Non-native speakers in and around Luxembourg have adopted the term, and are fond of making Luxembourgers acknowledge their linguistic skills with yet another, 'Tipptopp'! Luxembourg has always reached out to its neighbouring countries to form alliances and set up partnerships. So it's no wonder that Luxembourg was sitting at the table when 6 countries ed the Treaty of Rome, the foundation of the European Union.

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From then on, Luxembourg has upheld its European spirit and currently hosts some of the major EU institutions with great pride. It's a big attraction for both Luxembourgers and tourists, especially during spring and summer times. Activities to do? Swimming, rowing, hiking, sailing, diving or just relaxing and cooling down on its banks. Come along! As you know by now, Luxembourg is a great place to discover special, and sometimes a bit unusual, things.

We excel at sports like cycling, but we are also willing to take on our rivals in slightly more unusual competitions. As a table soccer world champion and 2 at ninepins, we know how to score. Go go go!

The balloon trophy

Though not as extensive and meandering as the one first built during the pioneering decades of rail transport in the midth century, the current railway system constitutes a network of comfortable and fast train connections to Paris, Frankfurt and farther afield. In parallel to the growing cross-border flow of people and of commuters in particular, the network and its capacities continue to be developed.

the ride! The model of a circular economy is a key theme for eco-innovation and a hot topic for the economic sector in Luxembourg.