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Married missing a good bj lady hunting for male to naughties

We've been married over ten years.

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Everybody has concerns about blow job. Right from beginners to experienced ones, blow job truths is something that everybody needs to know.

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My wife used to go down on me a lot, and now, nothing

Enter more details. My wife only gives me a little head here and there if i beg for it and NEVER to completion i give her oral generously as i genuinly enjoy it. But its not reciprocated and i was wondering is it common for girls to not want to give head?

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Is the stories of other women who give head all the time a myth? Like every one just bragging and pretending to look cool? I know when Married missing a good bj to be like oh yeah im amazing and guys tend to be like oh yeah im the man. So lets be honest here iv only had 2 women in my life and im married now with no intention to change that but i cant help but wonder did i miss out? Or have i gotten over exaggerated expectations from porn?

Also before you ask we have sex an average of 3x a day and i always give her multipul orgasms minimum of 3 per round orally if i have to. So i dont think its because she would rather get off first kind of deal.

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So am i missing out? Not that id leave if i were. Also im not asking how often you get a blowjob from your girlfriend specifically one sex god does not make a world of women.

How common is it for a girl to give head?

Kind of looking for the rule not the exceptions. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Hierophant Send a private message. No, women who enjoy oral sex aren't a myth. Yes, your expectations may have been inflated by porn. No one can say if you are missing out or not. Sure, it is very nice to have a woman in your life who loves it. But if your lady is a good woman, a good wife However if this is just one of many ways she leaves you feeling unfulfilled then your complaints are more valid.

Have you tried asking her what it is exactly that she doesn't like about it to see if Married missing a good bj is anything you can do to make things more enjoyable for her? Hierophant : Thank you verry helpful answer. I actually have already had this talk with Married missing a good bj and know it wont change any time soon long sad story and like i said i have no intention of leaving her ever i was just curious.

Sex aside which is amazing we have great chemistry her presonality compliments mine perfectly and she practically worships me an im fully all to well aware of the value of loyalty anf besides all that i wouldnt leave her for somethimg as petty as bjs because we have a daughter and i would never be my father and walk out of that. I figured that bjs were nit picky lol i just wondered if i was maybe undervaluing the small amount of head i DO get lol which i so far have assessed that women who blow frequently are rare not extinct and that the aproximantly weekly partial head i get is far above average lol so thank you for you input it was the most helpful tho i was hoping for some one to give me an almost mathmatical answer :-p im pribably to analytical roflmao also this question isnt really a serious thought.

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Therefore the BJ thing really isn't a big deal in comparison. As to the 'mathematical answer' I am not sure how relevant that really is?

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My wife loves to give head and isn't shy about the ending. I cant give you a of times, only that it is very frequent activity in our lives. But that is not what makes her 'rare' in my book I married mine for similar reasons you married yours.

I stopped giving my husband blow jobs for a month

BJs just aren't really important. Again, if it is one of many ways she is not fulfilling you then you have a complaint which really isn't about BJs but the fact she isn't cutting it in general Sounds like that's not the case for you - so celebrate the fact you have a great relationship with your wife - so many people do not. Hierophant : Lol not what i meant by math. SarahK Send a private message. My husband received 65 bjs a year in and Those are bjs to completion; partial bjs as part of sex aren't included in that.

I track all kinds of things. So, did you Married missing a good bj out on bjs? But we don't have sex three times a day. Sometimes we even go a whole day without it.

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Most of them don't really like it, which is something I'll never understand. SarahK : "Most of them dont" was what i was looking for. Thank you. Lawman62 Send a private message.

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Like wow! I have been married 23 years and have only had 2 BJs both of which were about 30 seconds of sucking and that was it. I would LOVE to have sex even once a week sheer heaven to think of getting it once a day! BTW, I always give my wife lots of oral I love it and make sure she comes first. She just does not have much of a sex drive.

Lawman62 : I married a nympho im aware that as for sex goes im a luck son of a bitch. Lol still nice to hear it reinforced lol. LadyKat Send a private message.

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It varies by woman. Some of us really really like it. LadyKat : Was hoping for a ratio. Since I am only myself, I cannot give you a statistical ofwomen who really really like to do it, as it is a huge turn on, and women who have issues with it, or are intimidated by it, or actively dislike it.

I thank my mom for her wonderful training about the primacy and importance of male pleasure. Have you considered teaching her instead of complaining?

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LadyKat : im not complaing KHC Send a private message. In my marriage it is!

To cumming in my mouth or on my face or both. There is something gratifying about pleasing my man. Edited on May 10, at UTC by the author. Twhitley Send a private message.

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I know for me, I read and educate myself on what men want, I go all in for as long as it takes. I keep my biotin gel close for the slippery lube, my winter green mints also close so I can tease. I moan while using my hands to roam other parts of his body. Try to mix things up and be creative. Ask a New Question expand. Trending in Sex Meadowlark1 Husband denies masturbating, but we only have sex 2 or 3 times a month.

There is no underlying medical conditions. Is he Cheating?? Anonymous As a teenager, is it a good idea to sleep with my boyfriend? Married missing a good bj Do husbands meet up with women from escort services or just use them for sexting? Anonymous Is he normal or a sex addict? Bunnijo Does it sound like he did not enjoy the sex?

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