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On a June afternoon in McAllen inDiana Rivera, posing as a young pregnant woman, walked into the Married woman looking nsa McAllen of a local midwife. Outside, two older women, both abortion rights activists and writers, waited in a parked station wagon with a Dallas television crew, listening in. The day before, Rivera, a self-possessed college student and single mother, had arranged to meet the midwife, Maria Pineda, middle aged with some 12 years in practice.

The price was key. Although abortion was legalized inthe Hyde Amendment had banned the use of Medicaid for the procedure. Once Rivera and the friend were inside the home, a worn wooden house, the midwife took them into a separate room and locked the door. There was a bed and a cot, and Rivera spotted medical instruments sitting in a jar of dirty water. By then, she was crying out of nervousness and anger. Nine months earlier, her best friend, Rosie Jimenez, had been treated by Pineda with disastrous consequences. For Rivera, this amateur sting operation was a way to bring down harsh repercussions on the midwife.

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She went through with it. Stalling for time, Rivera asked Pineda to tell her about the procedure.

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Pineda went into her stock explanation, describing the instruments as well as the process: She would insert a thin rubber hose, and later, Rivera would bleed. Pineda told Rivera to remove her clothes and lie on the bed. With those words, one of the women listening to the conversation from the station wagon ran to call the McAllen police. When Rivera and Jimenez met in secretarial school inthey quickly became close friends. The two women had a lot in common.

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Both were Mexican-American, children of migrant farm workers whose families struggled with poverty; Jimenez was one of 12 siblings. They were single mothers on welfare in socially conservative McAllen, determined to improve their lives and devoted to their .

Jimenez wanted to become a special education teacher, Rivera a lawyer. Over the next years, they helped each other manage grueling schedules: study, part-time jobs, raising children, cleaning houses on weekends to pick up extra money. She had a longtime boyfriend, Jesse, who was in prison, and they planned to marry. Rivera has described it as a last straw, too much for Jimenez, despite her natural optimism.

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Intent on finishing college, worried about caring for another child, she decided to have an abortion, and Rivera insisted that she see a physician. But by then, the Hyde Amendment had been in place for two months. During debate over the legislation, its author, U. Instead, it made the terrain more dangerous. In the slim two-month window after the amendment took effect, complications arising from poorly conducted abortions seemed already to be increasing in McAllen.

Between August and October offive women, including Jimenez, turned up at the emergency room with infections and related complications, probably from cheap illegal abortions, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Jimenez refused to resort to using her financial aid check; she still had two years left in school.

On the night of September 26while Rivera was still gone, Jimenez developed a fever and began hemorrhaging and vomiting. The infection usually derives from feces or dirt, according to a doctor quoted in a comprehensive book on her case, Rosie: The Investigation of a Wrongful Death.

Thirty-eight years ago, a young woman in mcallen died of an illegal abortion. today her story is more relevant than ever.

She was given a tracheotomy to help her breathe and then a hysterectomy, according to the doctor. But the infection had spread through her body, attacking her organs, including her heart. She struggled for seven days in intensive care. On Married woman looking nsa McAllen 3, she died from organ failure at the age of Reproductive rights organizations held candlelight vigils across the country, attracting as many as people in Washington, D.

At rallies in New York and at the U. Among abortion rights activists — even, to some degree, within the U. Even people in health care who treated women like Jimenez made comments rife with the stigma attached to abortion. Especially in far reaches of the state, where there are fewer clinics, women must travel long distances for the procedure, sometimes hundreds of miles.

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Without it, patients would be forced to travel nearly miles to San Antonio. If the McAllen clinic closes, undocumented women in particular will face a perilous situation, because going to San Antonio would require passing through an internal immigration checkpoint. Their choice would be stark: risk deportation or opt for an illegal abortion. And again, Texas has taken center stage in the national debate, this time becoming a testing ground for restrictive abortion laws, some of which have subsequently been enacted elsewhere.

The omnibus abortion law, called the most onerous in the country, is expected to head to the U. Supreme Court for a decision that will determine how, or whether, states can legislate access to abortions.

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Meanwhile, reproductive rights activists worry that the restrictive landscape is forcing women to choose unsafe options again. Within a few months, she started looking for a new place to live, and in the middle of her search, she got a call from Ellen Frankfort, a New York journalist and feminist author who wrote for the Village Voice and Ms. She hopped on a plane for McAllen.

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Jimenez did go to Mexico, they told Frankfort. After returning to McAllen, Jimenez turned to a friend, who told her about Pineda.

What noe martinez sr.'s death reveals about the nursing home crisis to come.

Frankfort also learned that Jimenez had relied on doctors for her abortions, which were covered by Medicaid. Despite the evidence piling up against Pineda, she was still practicing, as far as Frankfort knew. Frankfort decided she had to act, and Rivera agreed to help. Frankfort, Kissling, Rivera and other friends of Jimenez came up with a detailed plan. They even marked the bills Rivera would use to pay Pineda.

When the midwife told Rivera to remove her clothes, Kissling ran to a phone booth and called the McAllen police. Pineda tried to block them from coming in the door when they arrived.

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She hid the rubber hose in her bra and pushed Rivera, as well as her medical instruments, into the bathroom. Police arrested Pineda on the spot, but Frankfort, Kissling and Rivera were also hauled off to the police station as co-conspirators in an illegal abortion.

The women were questioned for hours before being released. I cried and cried. We got her, Rosie. When Pineda was finally charged, though, the penalties were disappointing. According to police records, she was convicted of practicing medicine without aa Class A misdemeanor in Texas. Dozens of similar funds have cropped up in the state and the nation, giving women some recourse despite the slew of regulations aimed at reducing access to abortions.

Planned Parenthood and other providers, too, addressed expense. To meet the needs of lower-income women, the organizations in some cases use sliding scales for abortion prices. Monique Jimenez, as she was growing up, knew nothing about the wave that her mother Married woman looking nsa McAllen.

They said nothing about her death.

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In adulthood, Monique has carved out a place in her life for her mother. In the photos, Rosie is a something woman with shoulder-length hair, dark eyes and a wide smile.

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Another photo shows Monique, a round-faced toddler, eating cake with her hands. She works in the mental health field, helping people with bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia.

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Rivera lights a candle for her at St. Jude Catholic Church in Pharr. She was trying to do better for us. Alexa Garcia-Ditta is a staff writer and former intern covering women's health, reproductive health and health care access. Most Recent in Education: 1 Reation Letter.

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Merwin, Honorary Texan. Reckoning With Rosie. Thirty-eight years ago, a young woman in McAllen died of an illegal abortion. Today her story is more relevant than ever. Ina young woman in McAllen died of an Married woman looking nsa McAllen abortion. Jen Reel The two women had a lot in common. Rosie Jimenez died in September due to complications from an illegal abortion performed in this McAllen home by midwife Maria Pineda. Jen Reel On the night of September 26while Rivera was still gone, Jimenez developed a fever and began hemorrhaging and vomiting. Diana Rivera in her McAllen home.

Rivera and Jimenez, both single parents and students, were best friends and neighbors during their few years in school together. Do you think free access to journalism like this is important? The Texas Observer is known for its fiercely independent, uncompromising work—which we are pleased to provide to the public at no charge in this space. That means we rely on the generosity of our readers who believe that this work is important. You can chip in for as little as 99 cents a month.

If you believe in this mission, we need your help. You May Also Like:. Bloodlines Emily Grace Spydell died in adoptive care.