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Do you find yourself sliding from one short-term relationship to another?

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And for this exact reason, a lot of people tend to get back to their inner selves and turn to spirituality. Naturally, as every one of us, spiritual people like to share their interests with other people, and maybe even look for a partner with similar points of view. But how is a spiritual person supposed to find and meet other spiritual people and hopefully start a spiritual relationship with them?

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Name: Anna Location: Sydney, Australia Gender: Female Groups: Any or All Self Description: I am looking for ward to communicating as friends with people that are moving forward to a loving and light filled positive way of thinking and being. I love music art animals people nature colours of the ocean and company of like minded souls.

Seeking: Any spiritual people that believe that all that is important is love and Meet spiritual people E-mail: arodopulos bigpond.

I am a lonely artist and i like making be. Seeking: i like deadhe and rain bow people native Americans. E-mail: CaptMcBragg aol. Seeking: I'm interested in anyone who is on similar path. Also, any genuine seeker interested in starting a genuine spiritual group towards this goal.

Only genuine seekers please, no scholars or people just trying to increase their knowledge. I have three Meet spiritual people that live with me. I enjoy the simple things in life, nature, animals, great books, great movies, great food, great company, and always great conversation. I have a love for learning, especially spiritual beliefs all spiritual beliefs.

Seeking: Friends I am interested in meeting: I am looking for friendships and great spiritual conversations and learning via or internet chat. E-mail: ajohnson arvig. Seeking: I need to meet and correspond with both male and female spiritual warriors. I am not arrogant person but I am so amative as well as a loveable person. Seeking: I need a friend who makes friendship with me by her heart not with her mind!

E-mail: orsensitive hotmail. Seeking: Would like to connect with like-minded people.

E-mail: weazelfeet yahoo. Seeking: I've had a discussion group before on the internet, which was a turning point in my life. My teacher told me to try posting again, and you never know what you are going to get. E-mail: aselshall yahoo.

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Single not married and a business man. Anyone who can teach me spiritual things to enable me to increase my spiritual life. E-mail: bandoair yahoo. When ever asked to describe our self we write a few lines yet we have lots more to write.

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The best way to describe oneself is by talking to another. Seeking: spiritual minded, liberal people.

I am in a closed circle and in a development group. I love to read, play the keyboard, and I love to dance.

Seeking: I would like to chat with someone who loves life, yet still not afraid to ask questions, are bubbly, fun and honest. Someone who is true to themselves and true to others.

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Whatever is your path's name, finally I was first touched by Shri Aurobindo and his soulmate Mother Mere through the mind of cells. I'm trying to decode, eliminate all old, useless ballast, patterns in my DNA so I get close to what all we truly are We're all cells of just one human being on Mother Earth, beautiful pieces of Divine work Don't get me wrong, I'm just an ordinary man who enjoys enjoyable things.

Seeking: Evolved, love oriented, mutual help, Indigo, Star beings, spiritual nice talking, "light workers", etc. You are Meet spiritual people, I am You, we're an extension of each other. Whatever I don't like of you is certainly something I don't like of myself apply vice versa.

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Now we can repair it, erase it from the structure of our being. Thanks so much, for showing it to me. E-mail: euro yahoo. I don't label my "belief system" so I can't pick a category per se.

I am extremely appreciative of the arts. I find it very difficult to experience the spirituality I have in the world I live in. If any "spiritual groups" are in my area, they must be pretty hard to find. And I would not say I am Christian so typical churches will never quench my thirst for real fellowship. Can you relate or maybe just suggest a "spiritual group" in my area of Washington State?

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Seeking: Seeking purely casual and platonic friend s to have philosophical and spiritual discussions. E-mail: enchantingspirits comcast. Gender: Male Groups: Meet spiritual people or All Self Description: Cool, laid back, hippy, have raised 6 children as a lone father, have followed Jesus for over 30 years but in a mystical, faith filled fashion. Not a church-goer, no believer in hellfire or other such ideas. I live a wonderful peace-filled life and have no time for those who wish to argue and endlessly debate fine nuances of belief while overlooking the most important aspect of faith which is to love one another - I believe that we should treat everyone we meet as if they were Jesus himself.

Seeking: I love to communicate with people and will answer any who contact me. E-mail: Coolhermit hotmail. Looking for others who are likewise intentioned, who are interested in sharing their wisdom about the process and learning from each other's "experience" - although not into focusing on "experiences. Seeking: Seeking Adyashanti people in the Denver area. Those who are serious about Awakening in this lifetime Meet spiritual people who want to share their wisdom in this area. Also looking for a Qi Gong group in the Denver area, as well as a "Meditation" group - although not interested in structured meditation techniques or disciplined ideologies, but just a place to BE in the space of the Infinite with others E-mail: christikennedi msn.

Eclectic interests, curious about everything.

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Seeking: Looking for friends start a spiritual discussion group with or friends to share Spirit with in any of the above ways. Open to new ideas. E-mail: shoshana hotmail. I am a caring and understanding person with a great sense of humor. I don't mind speaking the truth and I am always interested in meeting talk too.

Seeking: I generally like people who are serious about what they do and have fun doing it. Don't mind being silly sometimes. Open minded Meet spiritual people understanding about life and how things work. E-mail: natyourall hotmail. I feel it is refreshing now and then to have internet speaking to me through a friend sharing the inner world, the spiritual path behind and what is in front, anyone welcome who is serious and could be mutually stimulating, preference is a serious female friend.

Seeking: Someone who is serious and corresponding to my range.

E-mail: asiananda gmx. I am interested in spiritual minded and spiritually hearted people to chat with. I have no photo. I hate going into some websites that are suppose to be Christian due to the fact that all people do is debate over their beliefs. Seeking: I truly wish to meet friends that just love the lord and want to talk in a mature manner.