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I'd like Men who do not want children boy that loves chatlines

Although fewer women are having children than before, not having children is far more common among men. Among women, about 11 per cent of year-olds were childless in Init was 14 per cent.

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Discussing your desire for kids or lack thereof early on in a relationship can feel uncomfortable and premature, but it can get even trickier to navigate down the line. Thirty-three-year-old Olive and her boyfriend dated for two years before they seriously discussed the topic of .

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From fearing passing physical and mental health challenges on genetically to feeling economic instability, men explained why they would prefer to remain child-free.

When you want kids, but your partner doesn’t

With climate change and economic uncertainty continuing to loom over Americans' future, it's no surprise that more people are saying they would prefer not to procreate. And a recent Reddit thread aimed to pick the brains of men who fall into this camp, asking them to share the reasons they don't want. Quite a few Redditors pointed to financial concerns as the crux of their decision not to pursue fatherhood. Also, I can't afford a kid! NoOneShallPassHassan shared, "Love having the financial freedom of being childfree and am on track to retire early-ish as a result.

Childfree men on 'leaving behind a legacy' and other pressures

And AlwaystheNoob added discussed having "financial anxiety," writing, "I worry enough about paying my own bills and being able to retire some day. With even one kid, I'd worry about just being able to pay the bills—keep food on the table, a roof overhead, etc. Some men made the case that they shouldn't have to defend their position, as they noted that it's valid to just not want. Ipakookapi shared, "I just don't? I knew I didn't want kids when I was a kid and didn't change my mind.

The more thought I put into it, the more reasons I've come up with. But my complete lack of desire to ever have kids predates all of them. I'm just not that person. And OxtailPhoenix summed up their position by noting, "I have enough responsibilities in my life as it is.

I like to enjoy my time off doing what makes me happy. I've put a lot of work into building a healthy work life balance.

Men turn to reddit to share the real reasons they don't want kids

All in all, the thread managed to stay a judgment-free zone. It's just unpaid and in addition to any other jobs you might have," he wrote.

You'll never hear one preachy word from me, if someone says they don't want. By Maressa Brown September 21, Save Pin FB More.

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