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An aging cowboy realizes that the West he knew and loved will soon be no more--and that there will be no room for him, either.

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Wyoming, Monte's been cowboy for ranchers all his life but he's no longer young and big business is taking over the ranches.

Monte Walsh : Rudy, you can't have no idea how little I care. In. Play trailer Romance Western. Director Simon Wincer. Michael Brandman teleplay Robert B. Parker teleplay David Zelag Goodman teleplay. Top credits Director Simon Wincer. Trailer Monte Walsh. Photos Top cast Edit.

Marshall R. Lori Hallier Mrs. Mary Wilder as Mrs. Mary Wilder. Simon Wincer.

More like this. Storyline Edit. Monte Walsh and Chet Rollins are long-time cowhands, working whatever ranch work comes their way, but "nothing they can't do from a horse. Monte has a long-term relationship with prostitute Martine Bernard, while Chet has fallen under the spell of the widow who owns the hardware store.

Camaraderie and competition with the other cowboys fill their days, until one of the hands, Shorty Austin, loses his job and gets involved in rustling and killing. Then Monte and Chet find that their lives on the range are inexorably redirected. Did you know Edit. Goofs When Fighting Joe rides his horse off the cliff, the horse jumps into mid-air. No horse would consent to this.

They have brains and they make judgments. The horse would make every effort to stop and not go over the cliff. Quotes Monte Walsh : Rudy, you can't have no idea how little I care. Connections Version of Monte Walsh User reviews 45 Review. Top review. Terrific remake of a pretty good film in its own right.

Best known for the novel "Shane," Jack Schaefer also wrote the novel "Monte Walsh," a depiction of the life of the itinerant cowhand. There's not a lot of plot, but a hugely detailed and wonderfully described slice of life, tough, tender, and comedic. The first film of "Monte Walsh" was a great little picture, with a nice uncharacteristic role for Jack Palance as Monte's pal Chet. But this TV remake may in fact be a Monte walsh trailer film.

Tom Selleck is just grand as Monte--getting a bit old for bronco-busting, but still full of piss-and-vinegar. And Keith Carradine is swell as Chet, the cowboy who gives it all up to marry the hardware widow.

Everything about this film is done extremely well. The costumes are superb--colorful and mythic while at the same time obviously useful and well-used work clothes.

This is not a clean-hat Western, one of my pet peeves. The music is really touching and classic and romantic, and the cinematography is, to coin a cliche', stunning.

All the performances are really quite good, and the movie left me with the feeling that I'd really spent a few months with a bunch of cowhands. What plot there is is realistic and uncontrived, and is ultimately moving. But "Monte Walsh" really earns its spurs by showing a 21st century audience how wonderful and horrible life on the 19th century range could be.

Monte walsh

JimB-4 Feb 3, Details Edit. Release date January 17, United States. United States. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 57min. Related news.

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