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Your second dose will be scheduled at the center when you get your first dose. And we know you want a health care provider who truly listens to your story and shows you they care.

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Leaders named for top positions in new health system.

The transaction creating the new organization, named Ballad Health, officially became effective at a. A formal launch will be held on Friday, Feb. The final Mountain state health alliance marks the end of a nearly four-year merger process that began when Mountain States responded to a request for proposals from Wellmont inviting health systems to outline potential partnerships. The Wellmont board selected the proposal from Mountain States because of its unique vision to create a health improvement organization, limit health care pricing growth, maintain local governance, and invest in the region.

Alternatives to the Mountain States proposal would have led to higher pricing, loss of local governance, and nearly 1, lost jobs. The merger was made possible through the passage of legislation in Tennessee and Virginia, which was supported by the governors of both states due to the unique nature of the region.

The legislation authorized the issuance of a certificate of public advantage COPA in Tennessee and a cooperative agreement in Virginia, and represents the first transaction of its kind to involve approval and supervision from two states. It is the largest COPA-governed merger in the country to date. This is new, and we respect the challenge before us. We are all in this together.

Team members will receive new badges bearing the Ballad Health logo on Friday, but few other changes will be visible to patients immediately. Patient care in all sites will proceed as normal. age and printed materials will change gradually over the next several months.

The top leadership team for Ballad Health has also been selected, including leaders from both the former Wellmont and Mountain States teams. I believe we have selected the people who can execute on the promise of this merger. Alan Levine will serve as executive chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ballad Health. With more than 25 years of hospital operations experience, Levine has served as CEO of hospitals and health systems ranging from a small rural hospital to one of the largest public systems in America.

Levine served Mountain state health alliance Louisiana Gov. Jindal's senior health policy advisor. He also served as deputy chief of staff and senior health policy advisor to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush prior to his appointment by Gov. He serves as chair of research and academic excellence and has served as chair of Audit and Compliance.

He also serves as the Chair of the Florida Higher Education Coordinating Council, a policy-setting body for public and private education in Florida. Levine has been recognized by Modern Healthcare magazine as one of the 30 Americans likely to have a powerful impact on health care in the next 30 years, and as an up-and-comer in the health care industry. You'll find a photo of Alan Levine here.

Marvin Eichorn will serve as chief operating officer of Ballad Health. Eichorn ly served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of Mountain States Health Alliance, with oversight of all 14 Mountain States hospitals and the retail and ambulatory divisions. He also ly served as chief financial officer of a private development company in Pensacola, Florida, and as a certified public ant with Ernst and Young.

Eichorn is a certified public ant and a member of various health care and finance organizations, including the American College of Healthcare Executives.

See a photo of Marvin Eichorn here. Lynn Krutak will serve as chief financial officer of Ballad Health.

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Prior to her role at Ballad Health, Krutak served as the executive vice president and chief financial officer for Mountain States Health Alliance, with responsibility for the direction and oversight of the health system's financial operations. At the time of the acquisition, she was chief financial officer at Johnson City Specialty Hospital.

She also served in numerous financial roles at the hospital facilities. Before her career in healthcare, Krutak served in a lead finance position for a top 50 privately held company in Atlanta.

Mountain states health alliance dba johnson city medical center

Krutak is a current member of various healthcare and finance organizations and recognized as a certified healthcare finance professional by the Healthcare Financial Management Association. See Lynn Krutak's photo here. Jerry Blackwell, M. Prior to his current Mountain state health alliance, Dr. Blackwell served as president of the Wellmont CVA Heart Institute, which was repeatedly ranked among the elite in the nation for its delivery of superior, expert care. Blackwell ed the medical staff of Holston Valley Medical Center in the mids, bringing expertise in magnetic resonance imaging of the cardiovascular system.

He quickly developed national prominence in computerized tomography CT angiography of the heart. Blackwell is involved at a national level in multiple capacities.

He served for three years on the board of governors of the American College of Cardiology and as president of the of the Tennessee chapter of the ACC. He is board-certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases by the American Board of Medical Examiners. View Jerry Blackwell's photo here. Anthony Keck will serve as system innovation and chief population health officer of Ballad Health.

Mountain states health alliance

Keck is the former senior vice president and chief development officer for Mountain States Health Alliance. In that role, he was responsible for marketing and sales, strategic planning, government affairs, and the system's able care organization ACO.

Keck was also president of the Mountain States Foundation. Nikki R. Haley and also served three years in the administration of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Thomas Health Services, a community clinic also located in New Orleans. Keck lives in Bristol, Tennessee, and is married with two children.

View a photo of Anthony Keck here. Tim Belisle will serve as general counsel of Ballad Health. Prior to this role, Belisle served as the executive vice president of corporate compliance and general counsel for Mountain States Health Alliance.

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He oversaw the provision of legal services, audit and compliance services, risk management, corporate contracting and insurance services to all of Mountain States. He holds a bachelor of business administration degree from East Tennessee State University, and juris doctor and master of business administration degrees from Wake Forest University.

Inhe earned admittance to the U. Supreme Court Bar. See Tim Belisle's photo here. Lisa Smithgall will serve as chief nursing officer of Ballad Health. Prior to this role, Smithgall was the vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer of Holston Valley Medical Center. Smithgall has more than 30 years of nursing leadership experience. Mountain state health alliance maintains certifications in nursing practice and nursing leadership as a certified neonatal intensive care nurse, a certified pediatric nurse practitioner, and certified nurse executive.

She actively participates in regional community boards and advisory panels. See a photo of Lisa Smithgall here. Martha Chill will serve as chief information officer of Ballad Health. Chill ed Wellmont in as executive vice president of operations at Holston Valley Medical Center, later becoming chief operating officer for the hospital.

Throughout her leadership career, Chill has been recognized for quality improvement, customer and employee satisfaction, physician recruitment and integration, strong fiscal management, productivity enhancement and revenue growth. She is involved with several professional and community groups, including the American College of Healthcare Executives and Susan Mountain state health alliance.

Komen for the Cure. See Martha Chill's photo here. Paige Carter is the chief compliance officer for Ballad Health. Prior to this role, Carter served as the director of audit and compliance services for Mountain States Health Alliance. She had responsibility for managing the internal audit function and compliance program. Carter has spent the majority of her career in the audit and compliance field and is a certified internal auditor, certified fraud examiner, and certified in healthcare compliance.

Carter lives in Johnson City with her husband and two children.