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Swede girl My mum fingered me guy especially for bites

He told me we're only going to watch movies and he stuck his fingers in my shell 6 min.

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted May 15, by anonymous views 7 comments. This happens last year when I was 13 f. I was on holiday with my mum, my dad, my brother m 15 and my 2 sisters f 13 and f We were staying in a Vila in Florida and it was really nice, we had a private pool and everything. I still went through with it and got in for pool for about five minutes before I needed a wee.

When I was In the toilet I pulled down my bottoms to see that my front bum was really red from where it was rubbing and it was causing My mum fingered me a bit of pain as well.

Also my older sister just doesnt care she always walks around the house naked every day as she sleeps nude. Any way I got in the pool fully naked I took off my bra when trying on my sister bikini and we all swam for another hour until i needed another wee. I was climbing up the ladder when I slipped my mum was following me up at the time as she was getting out so she tried to grab my bottom but missed and her finger went straight up my front bum.

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That's clearly a that you should get naked more around your mom. Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required. If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer. International Suicide Helplines.

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For : mom fingered me

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No part of this website can be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. Add post as: Anonymous. RawConfessions user required. My mum fingered me! Related Confessions. I put my finger in my husband's buttcrack and he farted on my finger and I put that finger in his mouth.

I tried to make my step mum and father break up. My step mum is racist bitch, i really hate her but my father loves her more than me. He doesnt love me, he hates me, he always blames me.

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I am beginning to hate him too. Is it normal to suck his fingers after fingering? I snuck into my sisters room last night and stuck two fingers in her hoohaa and one in her anus. She let out a little whimper than really got into pumping my fingers until she squirted all over my fist.

I absolutely LOVE when my boyfriend fingers me with 3 fingers massages my anus at the same time and sucks on my nipples gently biting on them. Commented May 15, by anonymous Anything else happen? Reply 0.

My mum fingered me!

Commented May 15, by anonymous Sounds like a fun family. Reply 1. Reply 2. Commented May 15, by anonymous princessesdaddy gmx.

Reply Commented Oct 21, by anonymous That's clearly a that you should get naked more around your mom.