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Online dating and mobile dating apps have gained popularity and acceptance in the digital age.

DigiPay Solutions is a recognized payment processing brand among leading online dating service providers. DigiPay works closely with online dating service partners, providing tailored solutions and timely advice to national and regional service providers, while helping them maintain the highest standards of banking and payment card industry compliance.

A study by Pew Research Center found 15 percent of Americans Naics code for online dating used online dating, 41 percent know someone who uses online dating, and 29 percent know someone whose online dating experience culminated in marriage or a long-term partnership.

Research associates interviewed 2, adults, 18 years of age or older, living in all 50 U. Proper classification is vitally important to prevent funds from being held in reserve for misrepresentation. Top performing online dating service companies have impressively scaled their organizations by creating a comfortable and safe environment for people to browse personality profiles and look for someone with similar beliefs, interests and tastes. Established in by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony is an online dating site that uses algorithms to match people with optimally compatible partners, by identifying key areas and personality traits.

The subscription site averages more than 4 million unique visitors per month, according to Forbes Magazine. Launched in AprilMatch.

Enabling online dating commerce

Company representatives say Match. Over the years, the company has improved its machine learning and deed intelligent tools to optimize .

In addition to its ature Match. Tinder, a subsidiary of Match. The service is popular with millennials, who can rapidly swipe across potential partner portraits on their smartphones. The online dating industry provides a safe, secure way for people to search for love and companionship.

Approximately 58 percent of college graduates know someone who uses online dating, and 46 percent know someone who has found a lifetime mate through an online dating service, according to a study by Pew Research. Online dating statistics trend higher among college graduates and affluent Americans, Pew researchers found. For example, only 25 percent of high school graduates use an online dating service, and only 18 percent know someone who found a suitable companion on an online dating site. Online dating sites: Online dating sites offer different levels of service to Naics code for online dating the needs of casual browsers and committed searchers.

Some offer free and premium levels of service, while others provide different levels of subscriptions.


Some, like SinglesNet, bill male subscribers a monthly fee and offer free subscriptions to women. Mobile Apps: Advances in smartphone technology and wireless networks has helped mobile dating gain acceptance and popularity around the world. Others use Bluetooth technology to help users find each other in bars and nightclubs.

Some experts believe the ease of use is the largest contributor to the worldwide mobile dating app explosion. Opinions about online dating and mobile dating, sometimes called Cyber Dating, are mixed, especially among men and women, researchers have found. While most men and women have posted positive reviews about the service and their personal experiences, many have voiced a fear of the unknown.

Approximately 53 percent of women have concerns Naics code for online dating meeting a stranger, even if the individual has been fully vetted and screened by the online dating service. Some find the persona of a person can vary sharply from an online site to an in-person meeting. Despite diverse opinions, people who use online dating and mobile dating apps generally have more positive opinions than those who do not personally use the services, Pew researchers found.

The first step in enabling commerce is to establish a merchant. Online dating is classified as high-risk, making industry service providers ineligible for merchant s at numerous sponsoring banks. Online dating companies find it advantageous to work with processing partners who are familiar with their industry, jargon and common business practices.

Payment processing sales representatives who are not familiar with online Naics code for online dating lingo and practices may be less effective at managing relationships, due to their learning curves. When online dating companies work with knowledgeable processing partners, they can save time and money, improve efficiencies and attract and retain more customers and followers. An entrepreneurial start-up company, that has created a mobile app or online dating site, may not anticipate the risks involved in working with consumers whose sometimes unrealistic expectations about finding a perfect relationship can increase the likelihood that they initiate a chargeback or default on a recurring subscription payment due to personal disappointment or inability to pay.

Consumers who opt in to a repayment plan with automatic monthly payments may forget that their credit card will automatically be billed every month. They will then dispute the charge that appears on their credit card statement. Many card issuing banks require consumers to contact the merchant before they process a chargeback request. Consumers who do not receive the they expected from online dating may initiate a chargeback.

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They do not even have to prove the company made an exaggerated claim. They only need to demonstrate that an online dating company promised they did not receive to win a dispute. Regulatory compliance regarding financial solvency and truth-in-advertising creates additional exposure for online dating service providers.

Online dating start-ups in the early stages of setting up their businesses may not have the appropriate levels of customer service support to deal with consumer complaints and inquiries. Consumers who are unable to communicate their concerns to merchants are at increased risk of turning to payment card issuers for refunds and chargebacks. We underwrite our merchants before sending their applications to our sponsor bank.

This personalized service, coupled with the sheer volume of transactions we process through multiple banks, ensures our merchants receive the highest level of service and support. Choosing the right payment processing partner is critical, because without the ability to accept payments, merchants are out of business. Experienced underwriters who understand the online dating industry, and have expertise in payment card brand and banking industry compliance, bring a refreshingly holistic approach to new set-ups.

Whether an online dating business is a subscription service, interactive website or mobile app, DigiPay Solutions will give every merchant the attention and resources they deserve and a one-stop shop for processing solutions. The online dating industry is growing and DigiPay can accelerate that growth.

The first order of business is eliminating any barriers to progress. Look no further than DigiPay Solutions, where getting a merchant will open doors to a bright and prosperous future. Because of the higher risk associated with online dating, more due diligence is Naics code for online dating during the new merchant onboarding process. This means underwriters need to review a range of documents to assure the business is compliant, financially sound, and a good credit risk. DigiPay is unique because we underwrite merchants in-house before we submit their applications to the bank.

Because our team of underwriters is experienced in high-risk, your business is presented to the bank with all required documents and full disclosure, to engender trust and stability. Presenting your business in the best possible light from point of first contact is important because merchant s are essentially a line of credit from a processor.

Because high-risk merchants have higher chargeback ratios and regulatory exposure, financial institutions are concerned they may violate card brand rules, laws and regulations. We are best qualified to guide you through the process efficiently and painlessly while helping to present your business to increase approval and gain credibility. This gives processors time to develop a customer risk profile by evaluating payment flows, average ticket sizes, processing levels and chargeback ratios. Online dating companies that maintain a stable, consistent performance throughout their initial trial periods can usually increase their processing limits.

Maintaining a low chargeback ratio is key to maintaining a healthy merchant. When chargebacks exceed card Naics code for online dating maximums, your merchant is at risk of being shut down. If a merchant category has consistently excessive chargebacks, banks will sometimes shut down an entire vertical industry.

For this reason, it is critical for high risk verticals to self-regulate and work collaboratively to establish industry best practices.

DigiPay brings a deep level of understanding and expertise when it comes to chargeback management. Keep reading for advice from our industry veterans. Keeping track of your Transaction Chargeback Ratio as well as your Volume Chargeback Ratio is critical because this is what Visa, Mastercard and payment processors monitor.

Payment processors with high chargeback ratios in their merchant portfolios can trigger unannounced audits by Visa or Mastercard. For this reason, DigiPay, powered by TranZlytics, closely monitors chargeback and refund ratios, reacting quickly to spikes in activity.

Excessive refunds, frequently the result of alerts, can be a of fraud or poor business practices, information the card brands and banks may consider when assessing risk. Add total monthly of chargebacks and divide by total monthly of transaction.

Add total monthly dollar amount of all chargebacks and divide by the total monthly sales volume.

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Add total monthly of refunds and divide by total monthly of transactions. Add total monthly dollar amount of all refunds and divide by the total monthly sales volume. Visa and Mastercard can impose penalties and fines in the tens of thousands on payment processors and their sponsoring banks for continuing to process transactions for merchants that exceed the permissible 2 percent chargeback ratio. Non-compliant processors and banks may also be subjected to further scrutiny and potential shut-down by card brands and regulators.

Proactively identify fraudulent and stolen cards and suspicious behavior when possible. Having items like an SSL certificate, additional billing details, and other fraud detection tools. Dissatisfied customers who have access to live support will frequently be satisfied that they had the opportunity to air their grievances.

They may be satisfied with a simple return or refund and find it unnecessary or initiate a dispute or chargeback. Companies with high levels of credit card transactions are in a better position to absorb chargebacks. Low-volume merchants can find themselves in the dubious position of having a high chargeback ratio with just a few chargebacks. In the always-on, always-connected world, customers expect immediate Naics code for online dating and ed receipts when they place orders online.

A good CRM program can automate this process.