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New and used stuff baby seeking boy for dances

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The proliferation of new websites for selling used items has taken secondhand retail out of the margins and ushered it firmly into the mainstream. But getting started in the world of selling used items online is a deep rabbit hole. There are questions of how to scale while maintaining profitability, keeping track of your inventory, and most importantly, how to pick the right marketplace to sell on.

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This past holiday season, e-commerce sales hit a record high, ing for Despite my impassioned but disastrously unsuccessful plan to DIY on a budget all gifts to my loved ones, I was one of the millions of Americans who helped nourish this e-commerce growth spurt, managing to not set foot into a single brick-and-mortar store.

Armed with my coupon codes and cashback browser extensions, I felt certain that I was saving oodles of money by online shopping only — but as my credit card statements now show, even with discounts, I still spent a lot. And so, I will return to where my troubles began: the Internet — though this time not to buy, but to sell.

When you search for the item you want to resell to do pricing research, filter your search on items that already sold. Look at the prices that past items similar or exactly the same as yours sold for and use that as your base price for when you list your items. Read the fine print here.

Poshmark is the ideal selling destination for those vending deer apparel, accessories, and even certain home goods. When a sale is made, Poshmark deducts a fee from the listing price.

Check out the full seller fee policy here. ThredUp determines the value of your items, takes the photos and pens descriptions. Make sure your clothes are clean and in great condition.

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The payout on a pair of Old Navy jeans might only be five percent of the list price versus a Gucci handbag that might payout closer to 80 percent of the list price. You can opt for cash or ThredUp credit and there is no difference in value.

Over at Facebook Marketplaceyou can vend items based on your location. This is ideal for selling larger items like furniture and car parts without having to fuss over shipping — and spreading the word to your social media community.

The service shows the location of users, along with their public Facebook profiles. Free and with no transaction fees, 5Milesan app for local selling and buying, is another option for selling stuff locally.

Also, even though an item may be brand new—i. This will help your listing be more competitive in attracting buyer interest, and you're more likely to sell your unwanted item faster.

That way, you'll capture not only the people who are seeking Supreme gear specifically, but also those who are looking for clothes that fall under a certain aesthetic. Ship your package to the buyer as if it must survive a great USPS catastrophe and make it look pretty by wrapping in tissue paper.

The trick is to give people the sense of opening a gift. Want more tips like these? IE 11 is not supported.

For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —.

Why used stuff is better than new

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