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This includes Virginia data in four areas: the latest data on obesity, diabetes, and hypertension; how federal nutrition policies impact Virginia; health behaviors and outcomes among high school students; and policies enacted by Virginia health and prevent obesity. Several federal datasets provide the latest health information for children, adolescents, and adults. Below are the current obesity rates among various age groups, the diabetes and hypertension rates for adults, rankings among all states, and trends over time.

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Contact our Virginia Beach or Norfolk studio to get started on your journey today. I battled every day with migraine headaches and needed an outlet to help me fix it. With the help of my trainer and dietitian, they developed a plan to aid me in reaching my goals and bettering my health.

Choosing to focus on my approach to fitness has had a great impact. I have gained a new sense of confidence in myself as well as experienced fewer migraines each month.

As simple as it may seem, what I put in my mouth and daily exercise has transformed my ability to not miss out on the important parts of life anymore. I was feeling miserable. My diabetes was out of control, I had a constant headache and was gaining weight. My whole life changed when I started working with my dietitian. With her help, I have lost over 25 pounds, began eating the right foods, staying hydrated and getting more active with walking.

I have struggled with food and dieting all of my life. Norfolk Virginia fat senior women tried every diet out there but with no lasting. Over the years, I developed bad habits and used food as a source of comfort during stressful times. I never seemed to be able to gain any control, which enhanced feelings of never being able to have a healthy routine or weight loss success. She gave great advice, but I resisted adopting until several years later. She was extremely patient and understanding and I had just about given up when I decided to take her advice and start meal planning.

That has been a life changer! My confidence has increased and I have gained control over my eating habits. I am so thankful to the Jim White Fitness family, and especially Norfolk Virginia fat senior women dietitian, who has stuck with me and helped me start my real life-changing journey. In I started running in races, going from being a terrible runner to a middle-of-the-pack race walker. I raced all over the country, completing several Ultras, with my longest distance being 50 miles.

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InI learned I have a genetic condition with my feet which made race walking extremely painful. My racewalking days were over. To help with the pain, I went into boots first one foot, then the other. When I came out of the boots 6 months later, I had gained weight, lost muscle mass, and no longer had any balance or coordination.

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I decided to try nutrition counseling to help with the weight. Almost 2 years later, and while my journey has been slow, it has been successful. I have lost over 40 pounds and 20 percent of my body fat. I bike, swim, and do strength training on a regular basis. Jim White Fitness has made me an athlete in my own mind again and I am in better shape at 60 then I ever was when I was racing.

Imagine being fit for the majority of your life, a bodybuilding competitor who lived for health and fitness, and then one day, you find yourself in the morbidly obese category. I gained 65 pounds with pregnancy and struggled to lose the weight. I struggled with ups and downs for several years, and at one point I had gained a total of pounds.

I finally learned that pregnancy had triggered Norfolk Virginia fat senior women, a disease that affects weight loss. This was discouraging and devastating to hear. Many times I wanted to completely give up. In I began working with a former trainer who had helped me be a successful competitor prior to pregnancy.

I managed to lose about 30 pounds. I was thrilled, but soon hit a plateau. The discouragement returned. I was terrified that I would balloon up again. But then, one day in June ofI found my missing link.

That was the best decision I had made in a very long time! During the first visit, I felt immediate hope that I could achieve my goal of not only losing the remaining weight, but that I would compete again as a bodybuilder. My dietitian customized a meal plan that took into consideration my health issues and my goals. They gave me the map. All I had to do was follow it. Under their expert guidance, I have lost almost 30 pounds, got back on stage, and have plans to compete with an even Norfolk Virginia fat senior women physique in My mistake! Nutrients are the key, not a diet.

After years, I finally lost that stubborn last 10 pounds. JWFNS keeps me able and focused on my goals because being healthy is empowering and rewarding!

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I have been overweight all my life, even as. I was then diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 25, borderline hypertension, and recently diagnosed with borderline high cholesterol. I have been through a weight loss journey several years ago where I had lost pounds. Ultimately, I realized that I needed to ask God to show me what I have to do to succeed in losing this weight for good.

He has shown me how food can be used to help me, while also putting the right people in my path to help me succeed from JWFNS. I am very blessed and thankful for all the support from family, friends and the JWFNS team who have been there for me through this journey.

I am still a work in progress and will continue to trust God to get me to the finish line.

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In FebruaryI heard words I never wanted to hear from my doctor. I was told I was a mature adult that was morbidly obese, high blood pressure, cholesterol was high, high glucose s—with strong diabetic and heart disease in my family history. I was told all conditions needed to be treated with medication. I asked for time and a referral to a Dietitian. I have been heavy on and off my whole life… Lose 10 pounds, gain Lose 25, gain 55 in three years. I arrived at appointments to see a Dietitian with questions on how to overcome my bad eating habits.

Each week I lost pounds, and each time I did the suggestions from the Dietitian, it worked. And such Norfolk Virginia fat senior women goals!

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Working with my Dietitian has helped me make positive goals to keep my healthy lifestyle going. I started this journey a year ago on my own. Thank goodness I did! Between the nutrition counseling and the workout regimen, I feel so much better!

Our transformations are amazing.

I just want to thank my Dietitian and Fitness Coaches for all of their help on this journey. Already running 25 to 30 miles a week, I thought I was in good shape, but could use a little strength training and to drop a couple pounds. After six months I have lost 20 pounds, Norfolk Virginia fat senior women strength and lowered my mile times by almost a minute… Not to mention how great I feel and look! I am a fitness competitor and was looking for a nutrition plan that was specifically tailored to my personal goals, and not a cookie-cutter meal plan just given to the masses.

I went from to pounds and lost several inches by my September competitions. I not only met my fitness goals, but I gained a trusted advisor, coach, and friend. JWFNS always has a friendly and positive atmosphere! I leave feeling like an absolute rockstar after my appointments. I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I found myself becoming one of those people who eat because of their feelings, all feelings.

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Whether I was happy, sad or stressed, I always turned to food. One afternoon, I switched on the radio and heard an advertisement for a nutrition consultation with Jim White, and I made the call. It was one phone call that would change my life.

Working with Alex, my nutritionist, has given me the tools and motivation I needed to begin my weight-loss journey. With her guidance, I could finally see why I ate the way I did, and take the steps to change my habits and behaviors. Once I had my eating under control, I began exercising five days a week; my energy and self-esteem are up and my weight is down 37 pounds!

Knowing I have the willpower to make better choices for my health is empowering. The future is looking brighter and lighter! I weighed myself and was shocked to find out that I was pounds.