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Breath-play involves the restriction of oxygen to increase erotic play or to intensify an orgasm or sexual experience.

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Instead, you probably accept the status quo. After all, breathing is intuitive. What more can you learn? On the surface, breathing may seem like a dull subject to explore. But consider exercising some curiosity instead.

Septum: the cartilage wall between the nostrils can bend and block the nasal passage.

But rethinking how you breathe can become a keystone habit. It can be a small and simple solution that le to bigger, widespread change. Then up to my newsletter The Dime. What image comes to mind when you think of a person who over-breathes? Is it of someone having a panic attack? Patrick McKeown is a breathing practitioner, whose work made me rethink the subject. In fact, his ideas were the inspiration for this article.

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In the Oxygen Advantagehe shares some surprising observations about how we breathe. He also points out some symptoms you can look for to find out if you breathe more than you should. They are:.

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Over-breathing can have some serious long-term consequences. It can result in a lower tolerance to carbon dioxide in your body. For oxygen to transport into your bloodstream, you need the presence of this compound.

When you over-breathe, you rid your body of more carbon dioxide than you should. This can lead to less oxygen delivered to your tissues and organs.

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A few things can prompt you to over-breathe. Talking too much is one thing, while an unhealthy diet is another. But, there is one culprit that stands above the rest. There are two entry points where air can body: through your nose and through your mouth.

Both breathing styles keep you alive, but one way is actually better than the other. It brings air into your chest, which activates your sympathetic nervous system. Even in a state of rest, mouth breathing can trigger your fight-or-flight response. Mouth breathing, compared to nasal, gives you more air than needed.

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A common misconception is that the more you breathe, the better. After all, more air equals more oxygen.

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But breathing too much air can often do you more harm than good. A host of other problems can also arise. Some of these problems include:. Before learning how to breathe better, it helps to understand the process. Here are the main parts involved:. Imagine your trachea is like the trunk. Connected to that, you have its big branches, or your bronchi. Sprouting from there are twigs, AKA your bronchioles.

Then finally, the leaves that grow from those twigs are your alveoli. Breathing begins when you inhale either through your nose or mouth. Nose pinch breath play air travels through your windpipe and into your lungs through your bronchi. Its journey continues into the bronchioles and then into the alveoli.

There, oxygen goes in and carbon dioxide comes out of your bloodstream.

What is breath play?

Hemoglobin is the vehicle that facilitates this exchange. Think of it like a delivery truck for your bloodstream. Oxygen comes in from your lungs, while carbon dioxide produced by your cells comes out. You likely came to this article searching for a way to improve your breathing. Well, by now, the answer should be pretty clear. Good nasal breathing is quiet and relaxed — even when taking deep breaths. The purpose behind doing that is correct, but the execution is wrong.

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The best way to take a deep breath is the same as a normal one. Breathe gently through your nose while keeping your mouth closed. Using your nose is the simplest way to breathe better. When you do, you can achieve more with less. Yes, breathing through your nose is the obvious solution. After all, breathing is an automatic process. The next lesson to learn is about the benefits of breathing through your nose. There are two in particular that stand out:.

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Nature deed our noses to filter incoming air. Compared to mouth breathing, nasal breathing extracts more oxygen from air. It also warms and humidifies air while removing bacteria and germs. Mouth breathing, meanwhile, does the same job but in an ineffective way.

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By breathing through your mouth, you can develop bad breathcavities, and gum disease. Our noses are the source of nitric oxide.

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Nasal breathing causes this healthy gas to circulate within our bodies. The functions of nitric oxide include:.

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It even improves sexual performance. Nitric oxide improves blood flow, which, for men, can make erectile dysfunction a thing of the past. Meanwhile for women, nitric oxide can increase their libido. If you prefer to naturally decongest your stuffy sinuses, there is a way. This method, which McKeown teaches, has worked with thousands of people.

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But before diving into the details, an important disclaimer. Instead, consult with a physician if you have any pressing questions. Please proceed with caution! After the last step, your nose may clog up again. If that happens, take a break for a minute before rinsing and repeating the process from step 2.

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After about five or six repetitions, your nose should stay decongested. When I did it for the first time, the effectiveness of this method surprised me.

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According to McKeown, there are a few factors at play: First, by holding your breath, you create a build-up of carbon dioxide. Also, by pinching your nose you increase the production of nitric oxide, as well as heat in your nasal cavity. Finally, holding your breath also activates the sympathetic nervous system.