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The dodo was a sitting duck.

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It's true, the Dodo Bird has been extinct for hundreds of years. But imagine a world where they are still alive, but only a few are left. It's up to you to make a plan for their survival. What would you do? I would make laws of not to kill dodo birds.

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Are you fond of birds and a bird enthusiast? Then, you must have heard the name 'Dodo'. Dodo, which was a beautiful bird native to the island of Mauritius to the east of Madagascar, is now nowhere to be seen. The scientific name of this bird is Raphus cucullatus.

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This large flightless bird became extinct in the 17th century, and now all we have is some sketched images, sculptures, and some relevant information obtained by examining its fossils. Although this extinct flightless bird is still an unresolved mystery, we have tried to gather all the relevant information and facts about these wonderful birds.

Analysis of their specimens reveal that these birds were closely related to pigeons. As these birds were native to islands without any predators, Dodo's evolution ensured that these birds did not have any wings.

Dodo's extinction is still a mystery, however. So, if you are looking to know all that is relevant about this extinct flightless bird then make sure you read this article to the very end. To know more about different birds, you may also look at birds of paradise facts and tawny owl facts.

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The Dodo Raphus cucullatus was a bird of the Columbidae family. The bird became extinct in the year Scientists officially named them as a mini ostrich, an albatross, and a vulture. The Dodo shared much resemblance to the pigeon bird species. This animal species was native to the island of Mauritius. A Dodo Raphus cucullatus belonged to the Aves class of animals.

The smart, agile, and completely underrated dodo

This species has now been extinct for several centuries. It is believed that before extinction, these birds were found in the island of Mauritius. When their specimens were analyzed, it was determined that these birds are closely related to pigeons. Unfortunately, there are no Dodos left to be seen in this world.

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In the yearthe Dodo bird became completely extinct from the island of Mauritius. Dodo birds were found in Mauritius only, which is the east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. These extinct birds were likely to make their habitat along the shores where they could easily access to their prey. The Dodo was found only in Mauritius, which is almost miles away from the Eastern coast of Madagascar in the Indian ocean.

The Dodo was mainly a forest bird. They used to occasionally venture out near to the shoreline. Dodos used to live in groups called flocks. Like other pigeon birds, they used to fly in flocks and hunt their prey from the ocean. The average lifespan of a Dodo bird was years.

However, they are all extinct now due to improper handling and interference of humans.

In order to reproduce, the female Dodos would lay eggs. There is not enough information available about the incubation period and mating of the Dodos but it is commonly said that Dodos used to build their nests on ground. The females used to lay one egg at a time, and the estimated gestation period of a Dodo bird is said to be 49 days. The conservation status of a Dodo bird is extinct.

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These flightless birds became extinct in the year The reasons for their extinction were habitat loss, lack of adaptations, animals eating their eggs, and over-harvesting of the bird. Out of present species, Dodos are considered to be closely related to pigeon birds. Dodos Raphus cucullatus were flightless large birds with a height of three-feet, grey feathers, and a white plume as their tail. The Dodo bird had really small wings and breast bones.

The Dodo was a heavyweight bird. The average weight of a Dodo bird was between lb. Their heavyweight and small wings made it difficult for them to fly, and moreover, the Dodo birds didn't face any special need to fly on their native island. So, as time passed, they lost their ability to fly.

Dodos were indeed cute birds. Although we haven't got the chance to see these birds presently, the images of them give us a fair hint that these birds were really cute and fascinating creatures, especially at that time. The Dodo species became extinct inand a lot of information about them is still being discovered.

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But there are some channels known about their communication, such as visual communicating by using sightstactile communicating by touchingacoustic communicating through sights and chemical communicating through chemicals such as smell. Dodo birds were flightless birds. So, gradually they lost their ability to fly. Dodo birds were gigantic and heavy-weighted birds. Their average weight was in the range of lb. There is no different name allotted to their male and female species.

They are simply called male Dodo and female Dodo.

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Generally, the baby birds are called nestlings. A baby Dodo can also be called a nestling as there is no other special name allotted to a baby Dodo. Dodo birds were omnivores which means they used to eat both herbivorous and carnivorous diets.

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In its herbivorous diet, they used to eat fruits like tambalacoque, nuts, seeds, bulbs, and roots. In the carnivorous diet, they used to prey on crabs and shellfish. The Dodo bird is said to be a clumsy bird with the no anger issues. There is no relevant information available about their dangerous behavior or clash with humans. So, they are categorized as not dangerous. If the Dodo would not have become extinct then it would not be wrong to say that they might have proved themselves as a good pet bird. The last Dodo bird was seen in the yearand the bird was officially declared extinct in the year It is a known fact that the entire Dodo bird species had experienced huge exploitation at the hands of humans, which resulted in the decline of their population.

The exact reason for Not much to dodo you have any suggestions? demise of the last Dodo bird is not known. The Dodo was a bird endemic to the island of Mauritius, so the majority of their population used to reside in these forests only. In the 17th century, the sailors arrived and found that catching this bird was way easy. Even though the bird didn't taste good, many were killed and eaten by sailors.

Another reason that contributed to their extinction was when civilization began to occur on the island.

A thought-provoking exercise about animals and our environment.

The birds faced heavy losses to their natural habitats. The problems worsened when small mammals such as cats and pigs began to eat their eggs. The Dodo birds used to lay one egg at a time, and they were then mostly eaten by other animals. These factors were responsible for the decline of their population. The last confirmed Dodo was seen in the year And finally, in the yearthe Dodo bird became extinct.

Dodos may have been smarter than we thought

In those days, people lacked awareness about conserving wildlife, and the extinction of Dodo birds is a very good example of that. The Dodo bird is famous for a variety of reasons. The most major reason behind this popularity is its appearance.

These flightless birds had a distinct and fascinating appearance.

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They had a bulbous beak with a stout body frame and small wings. Another most interesting fact about the Dodo bird is that before humans, they had no other predators. These birds were living a peaceful and safe life in the forests of Mauritius. But when the sailors discovered them, they exploited these birds to the extent that their population declined heavily, and then the civilization in the area worsened the situation even more.

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These birds are now a very famous example of how the negligence and cruelty of humans caused an innocent creature to become extinct. Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other birds including secretary birdor great green macaw. You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Dodo bird coloring s.

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