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Gumball vending machines vend different colored and flavored gumballs. Gumball vending machines are popular with young children. Most arcades and video stores offer gumball vending machines. These vending machines dispense products for your pets. Some pet product vending machines only dispense pet foods, offering a variety of a of household animals.

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A toy vending machine exists to vend 1" or 2" acorn toy capsules or bouncy balls in several similar sizes. Most of the toy vending machines on thisunless otherwise stated, are geared towards the 2 inch capsules or the 45mm and 49mm bouncy balls.

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One-inch toy capsules are compatible with most commercial gumball machines, if they are equipped with a 1-inch capsule dispensing wheel. Toy vending machines can be classified in a myriad of different ways, and different classifications are helpful to different people.

Two of the simplest classifications are "free-standing on the floor vs countertop" and "1" vs 2" capsules". The former classification can be shortened to "where the machine stands" and the latter, "what the machine vends".

What are some helpful ways to classify toy machines?

The classification by "what the machine vends" is quite useful while planning your machines. Most of the toy machines offered here vend either 1" capsules or 2" capsules, with a few larger machines offering an option to vend larger capsules, with an upcharge, However, most of the machines vend either a 1" or 2" capsule.

In addition, many, many gumball machines are easily adaptable to 1" toy capsules, and in fact, as you look at most gumball machines available from gumballs. Often this means that the gumball wheel is adjustable for the small difference between the 1" diameter needed for gumballs and the 1.

Toy machines that vend 2" toy capsules are marketed and classified separately. They are distinct from 1" machines because the holes in the dispensing mechanism are 2" in diameter, exactly.

This means that products 2" diameter work in these machines - not only toy capsules but also gumballs and even bouncy balls. However, because gumballs and bouncy balls are so much heavier than toy capsules, some customers choose to restrict them to countertop machines.

Toy machines either are free standing large enough to stand on the floor, or come with a standor they are placed on a table or countertop. Which one you need depends on a of possible factors, including but not limted to: space needs, decorating goals, traffic patterns.

Regardless of where you want to vend what and where the machine stands, gumballs. Toy Vending Machines.

Pro Supreme 1" Toy Capsule Vending MachineMaximize profit per refill with a larger capacity than regular bulk vendors. All-metal construction and chrome finishes make this a durable Mini Whirl N Spin Spiral Gumball Machine 30" TallIf you love the look of a spiral machine but are unsure about having a gumball machine that is larger than your cat or dog, then this miniature Spiral Machine is the perfect choice for you.

Can i vend bouncy balls with a 2-inch toy machine?

This small Large 25" tall toy capsule machine comes in red or black. Coins are conveniently accessed, without opening the top of the machine, through Coins are conveniently accessed, without opening the top of the machine, through the convenient front-panel lock Office Toy Machine Starter Package. Office Toy Machine Starter PackageThe Office Toy Machine Starter Package provides for a quick solution to Novelty vending machine office sales, mechanisms for positive reinforcement of the younger generation, or for conversation pieces.

Two 25 inch tall Pro all-metal Northern Beaver Vending Machine Gumballs. Available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and pricing options, and with more dispensing options All-metal construction and chrome finishes make Soccer Frenzy 2" Bulk Vending Machine Fill this machine with sports toys and you'll be amazed at the ! Sell your two-inch product with the Soccer Frenzy!

Novelty vending machines

This machine can dispense large 45mm or 49 mm This super durable machine features bright, attractive graphics, dependable operation and a large capacity globe. The Beaver Mechanism is available Customers will love watching their bouncy ball, This super durable machine features dependable operation and a large capacity globe.

Sell your two-inch product with the FootballARoo! This wonderful machine can dispense large 45mm or 49 mm bouncy balls, 2" toy capsules, 2" gumballs The center machine can dispense large 45mm or 49 mm bouncy balls, 2" toy capsules, or 2" gumballs.

The two outer barrel-style bulk vendors can The Jr. Giant stands a massive 5'4" tall and is 2 feet in diameter. This machine can be configured to dispense either 3-inch Toy Capsule Evending Machine. Toys and Prizes Electronic Toy Capsule Machine This versatile toy capsule vending machine consists of five compartments; among those five compartments, the machine vends 2-inch, 3-inch, and Novelty vending machine items.

The holding compartments are interchangeable Additional Information.