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And he said, very cryptically and very vaguely, that he had information that he wanted to discuss with me, but could only do so if I were to install encryption. This attempt, basically, to leak all of these secrets initially just goes straight into the sand. He was soon exchanging e-mails with American documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras.

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Sabrina de Sousa, arrested at Lisbon airport in October under a European warrant, said Friday that the extradition procedure was due to start "after January 3rd". De Sousa and 23 others were convicted in absentia by an Italian court in over the kidnapping of Abu Omar from a Milan street in an operation allegedly led tly by the CIA and the Italian intelligence services.

In a separate internal document from a year earlier, the NSA reported that 50, people had already used their mobile phones in flight as of Decembera figure that rose toby February The Medusa system, named after the mythical Greek monster with snakes instead of hair, had one main purpose: to vacuum up vast quantities of internet data at an astonishing speed. The technology was deed by Endace, a little-known New Zealand company. The leaked files, which were provided by a source through SecureDrop.

Targeted Killing The Intercept, link :. Yet the British government has steadfastly refused to comment, citing a longstanding policy not to discuss matters related to national security. The disclosures about Menwith Hill raise new questions about the extent of British complicity in U. Successive U. The case involves a challenge brought by 10 human rights organizations arguing that surveillance by British and U. EASFJ, link :. Therefore, Germany wishes to invite the Commission to report on the details of the agreement with the US side and to provide the relevant documents to the Council.

United states of secrets

This will enable the Member States to assess the outcomes of the agreement and to enter into a close dialogue with all parties involved". How your innocent smartphone passes on almost your entire life to the secret service Bits of Freedom, link :. A reader of De Correspondent put this to the test and demonstrated otherwise: metadata reveals a lot more about your life than you think. We are disappointed that the IPT has not upheld our complaint and we will be challenging its findings. Our complaint is the first UK legal challenge to state-sponsored hacking, an exceptionally intrusive form of surveillance.

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We contended that GCHQ hacking operations were incompatible with democratic principles and human rights standards. We further argued that GCHQ, which until these proceedings was hacking in secret, had no clear authority under UK law to deploy these capabilities. Next Step: The amended bill must be reconciled with the pre-amendment version approved by the House in October In its report, published today, the Committee supports the intention behind the draft Bill, which is to bring together the numerous provisions in statute governing intrusive powers which already exist into one clear piece of legislation.

But the Committee finds that important clarity is lacking in a of areas. Oral evidence link and Written Evidence link. As it has neither disclosed these documents nor provided adequate reasons for refusing public access to them, it is clear that the Commission has rejected the Ombudsman's recommendation in relation to these documents. Furthermore, the Ombudsman notes that the Commission appears not to have taken any action as regards its investigation since The Ombudsman finds, therefore, that the Commission's actions in this case amount to maladministration and, in fact, to serious maladministration given the importance of the particular issue for EU citizens.

Collaboration had been suspended after it was revealed the US was spying on European officials and firms. This crisis has been a long time brewing, and up to now, the US has responded with a patchwork of stopgap half-solutions.

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Some of the devices are already in use by federal law enforcement and local police forces domestically, and civil liberties advocates believe others will eventually find their way into use inside the U. This product catalogue provides rare insight into the current spy capabilities of local law enforcement and offers a preview of the future of mass surveillance of mobile communications.

The list even included the US State Department's hotline for travel warnings. The German intelligence service's interest wasn't restricted to state institutions either: It also spied on non-governmental organizations like Care International, Oxfam and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva".

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As sharp-eyed commentators have noted, the launch of the Investigatory Powers Bill was accompanied by a ificant avowal: the use by intelligence agencies but not the police of a bulk collection power relating to communications data but not to content or internet connection records under s94 of the Telecommunications Actthe details of which had never been made public. A of people have asked whether I was made aware of this power during my Investigatory Powers Review.

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The answer is that I was informed promptly and in some detail about the exercise of this power at the outset of my Review. Until this week, that knowledge was extremely restricted and neither I nor the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament ISCwhich also knew about it, was authorised to reveal it. UK: Reasons to be fearful about surveillance Guardian, link : "The debate over the draft bill in the coming months will set the balance between security and privacy in this country. Its powers are at least now in the open That the existence of this ly top secret database was finally revealed in parliament by the home secretary on Wednesday, as part of a comprehensive new investigatory powers bill covering many other ly secret intelligence capabilities"".

That will include not only bulk interception provided under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and which is vital to the work of GCHQ, but the acquisition of bulk communications data, both relating to the UK and overseas. That is not a new power. The government's independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, David Anderson QC, told the BBC the legislation used to authorise the collection was "so vague that anything could be done under it".

He added: "It wasn't illegal in the sense that it was outside the law, it was just that the law was so broad and the information was so slight that nobody knew it was happening".

The surveillance bill is as big a threat to state security as to individual liberty Guardian, link and UK unveils plan to spy on Internet use, raising privacy fears euractiv, link : ""What the British are attempting to do, and what the French have already done post Charlie Hebdo, would never have seen the light of day in the American political system," Michael Hayden, former director of the U. Interception of communications and equipment interference: draft codes of practice link including Equipment interference: draft code of practice - showing the limits to the protection of journalistic confidential information.

These documents 26 are related to the draft Investigatory Powers Bill link including Factsheet — Targeted Interception pdf "Only nine agencies can apply for an interception warrant.

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This includes traditional computers or computer-like devices such as tablets, smart phones, cables, wires and static storage devices. EI can be carried out either remotely or by physically interacting with equipment. The software could be delivered in a of ways and then be used to obtain the necessary intelligence. HM government transparency report on the use of disruptive and investigatory powers link.

Counter-Terrorism website with links to all documents link. European Parliament: Follow-up to the European Parliament resolution of 12 March on the electronic mass surveillance of EU citizens Text adopted, pdf and Mass surveillance: EU citizens' rights still in danger, says Parliament Press release, pdf :.

They urge the EU Commission to ensure that all data transfers to the US are subject to an "effective level of protection" and ask EU member states to grant protection to Edward Snowden, as a "human rights defender". Parliament also raises concerns about surveillance laws in several EU countries.

This resolution, approved by votes towith 29 abstention". European countries, however, are moving in the opposite direction. Instead of more public scrutiny, we are getting more snooping.

Edward snowden

They urge the Commission to come up immediately with alternatives to Safe Harbour, following the ruling by the European Court of Justice. They are also concerned about the surveillance laws in several EU countries.

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The question was, who did it? Interesting details about this cooperation and the cable tapping were already in the book The Shadow Factory by James Bamford, but with the new story, also a of clarifying documents from the Snowden-trove were disclosed. Among them are some powerpoint presentations that contain the slides which had been shown on Brazilian televion two years ago.

They were first discussed on this weblog in January Here we will combine these new and old documents to provide a detailed picture of this important collection program, that was ly misunderstood on various occasions. National Security Agency reports on Japanese positions on international trade and climate change. They date from to The judges ruled that data retention powers in the legislation were inconsistent with EU laws. The government has been ordered to pass new legislation that must come into effect by the end of next March The recent revelation Rights groups targeted by GCHQ spies, 23 June that Amnesty International has been snooped on by the UK security services is the death of the canary in the coalmine.

US govt now says That company would be in possession of devices that Belgian data interception.

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At the time of writing, despite his enforced exile in Russia, former National Security Agency NSA contractor and whistleblower, Edward Snowden, seems almost ubiquitous as a participant in debates on transnational surveillance, even appearing virtually on one occasion in a Canadian High School Brhaw In the case of surveillance and security intelligence, the latter is certainly true.

The former remains open as revelations and discussion resulting from both the documents taken by Snowden continue in the broader context of the changed climate of transparency resulting from his revelations and other major initiatives like Wikileaks. Amnesty said on Wednesday that it had received an from the Investigatory Powers Tribunal IPT — the organization responsible for policing the UK's surveillance of its own citizens — revealing that the government intercepted, accessed and stored its communications for an unspecified period of time".

And see: UK was illegally spying on Amnesty International, 'mistakenly' forgot to tell human rights group Independent, link : "The UK government was illegally spying on civil rights group Amnesty International — and neglected to tell it the surveillance was going on, after a mistake. Documents released by the whistleblowers suggest an intense interest in the Greek debt crisis.

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The Intercept is publishing 48 top-secret and other classified documents about XKEYSCORE dated up towhich shed new light on the breadth, depth and functionality of this critical spy system — one of the largest releases yet of documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The documents demonstrate that the US National Security Agency, far from being a rogue organisation, is carrying out an economic espionage policy created by the US Director of National Intelligence. Both are leading civil liberties organisations and co-claimants alongside Privacy International in a legal challenge brought against GCHQ in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations.

See: Full-text of IPT ruling pdf. See: Snowden leak: governments' hostile reaction fuelled public's distrust of spies - Leading figures in British and international intelligence and security community agree agencies need more transparency Guardian, link.

Eu-uk-gchq-usa-nsa: data surveillance (june - ongoing)

Here are five reasons it is a lie. Among other things, this would give police and secret services more surveillance powers and, David Cameron hopes, ban server encryption that could impede surveillance. Safeguards, rights and remedies for EU citizens pdf Key findings include:.

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The stated intent of Nsa right now tonight 1 million chance but here goes [Presidential Policy Directive 28] is to provide for stronger personal data protection for non-US persons, but it is difficult to come to any conclusions at this point in time on what effect it will have Another question raised by this overview is the lack of legal limits in US law on the sharing of personal data between intelligence and law enforcement officials Unlike EU law, US law does not contain a general prohibition on transfers of personal data to jurisdictions without adequate data protection guarantees The first is carefully drafted purpose, use, and sharing provisions that limit personal data processing to certain types of crimes The second type of guarantee is oversight and redress mechanisms for EU citizens that can operate in conjunction with those currently in place under US law Although internal oversight bodies like Inspectors General and agency privacy offices lack the independence of European DPAs, they are tasked with enforcing civil liberties and have the capacity to administer ombudsman-like complaints systems for those who allege that their privacy rights have been violated.

Ensuring that such an ombudsman process exists in all ificant law enforcement agencies, expressly acknowledging a right to participate for EU citizens, and allowing European DPAs to intervene on the behalf of EU citizens would improve ificantly legal oversight of privacy rights.

The limited reforms in the new bill affect only the one program explicitly aimed at Americans. See: US Freedom Act pdf. The bill, known as the USA Freedom Act, passed on a to vote, against the will of Senate Republican leaders who wished to preserve existing spy programs. The agency is facing scrutiny following revelations it helped the NSA spy on European targets. The three-day conference, which took place behind closed doors and under strict rules about confidentiality, was aimed at debating the line between privacy and security.

While our European cousins talk privacy reform, the United States is actually moving ahead with it, albeit more slowly than many would like. As the American side of the Atlantic inches toward self-restraint, many European governments are seeking sweeping new spying powers.