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Experience authentic body to body nuru massage in London. Over 30 Therapists to choose from. Both incalls and mobile outcalls available.

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Nuru massage in London celebrates Nuru masage london ancient Japanese erotic art form. The massage technique originated in bathhouses in Japan, and involves the application of slippery lubricating Nuru gel and fully nude body to body gliding and stimulation. The sensual massage is a popular deep relaxation option for men and women who feel stressed to the max. To melt away stress and tension, book an incall or oucall appointment with one of our professional masseuses and experience the tantalising orgasmic delights of the Orient.

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Nuru massage London is done with the original Japanese gel, being an incredibly erotic and sensual experience. Your Nuru massage will start with you on the mattress; the skilled masseuse will then spread the Nuru gel all over your body using her silky nude body, providing a very intense body to body massage; this will arouse your sensitive areas and deepen your Nuru experience.

All masseuses are different and have distinct techniques that they prefer to use during their Nuru massage sessions: some will add a drop of warm oil to reduce the sticky feel Nuru masage london can occur due to repeated sliding of the body.

But have no doubt — this racy slippery Nuru massage is very popular worldwide and the sensations that a Nuru massage can provide are unique and erotic. You can have a look at our gallery and choose your Nuru masseuse today!

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This form of tantric massage is a Japanese erotic massage technique that involves the use of an odorless, extra slippery, organic massage oil called nuru gel. Hygiene is of importance with this extremely intimate massage which you can have with an assisted shower. You may choose to have your nuru massage in our massage parlor where our showers are large enough to Nuru masage london two persons.

With a sexy woman washing you thoroughly, rubbing at your secret places and hers, the pace is set for a truly sensual experience.

Once the shower is done with, the massage therapist will rub both of you all over with the ultra-slippery nuru gel giving you a full body massage. At this point your skin is very sensitive and receptive to the gentle coaxing of your therapist as she slides her Nuru masage london breasts, smooth skin massaging your entire body with hers till you explode in pure pleasure. The nuru massage sure takes the cake in tantric body to body massages.

After one exhausting day at work or a very difficult time in life, going for a massage is a blessing and a very good idea to let go of Nuru masage london stress and accumulated tension. As it comes from Asia, the massage is a technique that gradually extended in the Western World and, depending on every region, it became more and more sexual. The tantric massage is a particular type of massage focused on the connection between the partners, sexual stimulation and it might lead to reaching an orgasm or even ejaculating.

The Nuru Massage is a special technique during which the masseuse uses a special gel which she will spread over your body while rubbing her naked body on top of yours.

The people of london also seem to have a very liberal outlook of life, you can tell this by how big the erotic massage and escort has become.

This will stimulate your sensitive areas and make you feel a lot of excitement within seconds. The Nuru gel is an odorless, extremely slippery massage oil that will enable you to feel extreme pleasure while your masseuse will move her naked body Nuru masage london yours continuously.

Take as much time as you need, as this is a memory you will always remember with joy! This full body-to-body erotic massage is a great choice for someone who feels confident about their sexuality and loves to be touched.

We are an erotic massage agency who provide the very best nuru massage london

The Nuru massage is an old tantric massage originally coming from Kawasaki, Japan and it involves the use of this organic gel while both partners are naked. The gel makes the experience dynamic and intense, as the connection of the bodies and their playful rubbing increases sexual stimulation and gives pleasure instantly. The gel is extremely slippery and the name of the gel takes this adjective.

The body will feel amazing as this connection will conduct to positive hormones and neurotransmitters that will keep both partners in prolonged excitement. Most probably you might be ending up having an orgasm, as the whole list of ingredients are there and our ladies are extremely attractive and skilled. Our advice is to take your time and read through before you book a session with one of our ladies.

Although this will be an amazing experience which you might want to repeat for sure, it is your choice and maybe you will feel more comfortable and curious to give it a try after Nuru masage london read the whole article. Usually, this massage is done in a very nice atmosphere, with candles lighted up and some good music in the background.

The smell of candles will enable you to relax faster and associate this unique experience with a beautiful feeling.

We would like to offer you some additional information on the Nuru gel, which will make Nuru masage london experience go smoothly and to the point. This ultra-slippery gel is completely organic, made out of a seaweed called Nori, which gives the name of the gel too. Additionally, the gel contains plant extracts which will make you want to use it again and again.

Among the ones worth mentioning there are the following: tea tree, aloe vera and chamomile. You can buy this gel yourself and try it at home also, but we are sure you will find it amazing and will want to have it applied to your body more often! Now you might be probably asking yourself how this massage is given and where to start. If you are ready to receive it on the mattress, most probably you will start by lying on your back, with the face down.

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You will be completely naked, just like the masseuse too and the masseuse will start pouring the warm nuru gel on your body. It must be warm because then you relax faster and get excited within seconds! A cold gel will probably not bring you the samedespite the qualities and charm of our ladies! The lady will then lay on your back and the fun will slowly start! She will slide along your body, rubbing hers with the front of her own body. You will feel her boobs, breath, heartbeat and chest all over Nuru masage london back and your fantasy will start going crazy.

As this is a very spiritual technique also, you might start feeling over-excited and deeply connected with yourself in ways you might not have felt before! She will continue to run her palms on your arms and will gently massage your neck and your shoulders. She will move all over your body, down to the spine, thighs and buttocks.

We let you discover the rest yourself, as there are not enough words to describe this massage here! In the last few years we have seen an increasingly amount of demands for this type of exotic massage in London. It involves sexy masseuses, all naked, slippery nuru gel, body to body rubs and lingam massage. Nuru Massage. Please feel free to via phone no. Featured Masseuses for Nuru Massage London.