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Under what circumstances is it acceptable to date your father? It is about exactly what it says it's about. The article, which features a lengthy interview with a young woman who is currently engaged to her fathermakes it seem that such a relationship might not be quite as outlandish as you might assume.

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She was 17 at the time, he was in his mid-to-lates. She tells Science of Us that they are in love, that they are engaged to be married, and that they plan on having children—with the blessing of his parents, even.

Reactions to the story range from sympathy to disgust to skepticism, all understandable responses to a story about an enormous cultural taboo. Several readers suggest in the comments that the magazine might have been trolled by the interview, though that may be grounded more in a reflex of denial than actual proof of a hoax.

But the readers who use the woman's own story to justify how and why she could end up in a consensual sexual Nymag dating my dad with her own father reveal how much class markers matter in a story about taboo sexuality. They are a working class family—he is a maintenance worker; she is studying cosmetology.

According to her narrative, her mother tended bar in the small Great Lakes region town where she grew up, a town with a high rate of teen addicts and commonplace early-teen pregnancies. These are narratives more commonly ascribed to the rural poor than middle-class college-bound suburbanites, and apparently they make the story more believable to some.

Concern-trolling comments range from sympathetic to mock outrage:. This poor young woman never even had a chance at a normal life.

Her mother had psychological issues and exposed her to only destructive relationships. Her peers in town are either addicted to heroin or drunkenly burning down houses while pregnant.

What an awful set of circumstances. This young woman is surrounded by drug addiction, teen pregnancy, unstable families and mental illness, which all disproportionately affect the poor. Her understanding of genetics and the Tudor dynasty shows how little she knows.

What has she been exposed to in life, when it comes to role models? What were her options, in terms of romantic partners?

Nymag dating your dad

I don't feel disgust, only pity. I hate to break it to NYMag readers, but literally millions of people who grow up in poor small towns go on to lead perfectly normal, unremarkable—even successful, can you imagine? This particular story is an examination of a sexual outlier, not a New York Times Modern Love out-take.

Even if her grandparents Nymag dating my dad unscrupulous sexual creeps apples falling close to trees, etc. What's more likely is that residents of this woman's hometown, wherever it is, are likely experiencing the exact same range of reactions as the rest of the Science of Us readership, and if this young woman's story is true, it is more likely, given the general consensus on incest, that she could be fairly alone in her world, and might have reached out to tell her story because of it.

"what it's like to date your dad": why class markers matter in stories about taboo sexuality

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