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Fatties baby seeking friend for Online dating sites sports

There's enough action on the field to give you something to talk about or fill the awkward silences, but it's not too loud or frenetic, so conversation can flow. You've got the sun above you, beer and hot dogs in hand, and a couple of hours to kill, usually enough time to determine if you'd like to play tonsil hockey with this person sometime down the road.

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Interests include sport - watching - Playing pool badly, bowling and going cinema. Enjoying life like I did 30 years ago excitement. My kids as when at school bullied and told I would never have kids and I have two wonderful adult children. I get in with a lot of Interests include sport - watching - Very easy going type of person.

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Good news, sports fans- talking about your favorite hobby in your dating profile can get you more attention online.

Data study: sports, dating, and online popularity

So which sports fans get the most attention? And does it matter which team you support?

We talked to the data crunchers over at Zoosk to get the inside scoop on how sports can help you build new online dating connections. These are unprecedented times for sports and for socializing.

In fact, this could be just the data you need to start reaching out while staying in. Simply being a sports fan can boost your chances of getting attention — especially when online dating. For those sports fans experiencing social distancing, this may be welcome news. In fact, it can help you build connections without leaving your home! Talking sports is good but referring to specific spectator sports can be even more beneficial…especially when that sport is basketball. Baseball fans also hit it out of the park, with the sport taking the 2 spot.

Third place is something of a wild card: rugby. Overall, it seems that mentioning your favorite sports — any sports — can catapult your dating profile into the online messaging big leagues. But does the same effect happen with sports teams as well as general sports? As well as getting a messaging boost from mentioning basketball, NBA fans definitely benefit from repping their favorite team in their profile.

In fact, the Sports and Dating study showed that profiles with mentions of any NBA team have a higher than average messaging rate. MLB fans should be celebrating the start of the season right about now, but even with that on pause, there is a reason to keep smiling — mentioning your baseball team in your dating profile could result in a huge messaging boost.

This sports and dating boost hits hardest for Boston Red Sox fans. That puts the Mets third overall or, first in the National league, if Mets fans would rather focus on the pennant race!

Online drafts asideat the time of writing Aprilthe NFL is one of the sports least affected by the coronavirus. The good news for NFL fans? They can now wait warm in the knowledge that their favorite sport might help them get a date. Indeed, dating profiles that mention any football team s in the NFL see an increase in online dating activity.

The biggest uptick goes to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The football pack is huddled tighter than some of the other teams in the Sports and Dating study.

The sports and dating effect also extends to the NHL, with hockey fans getting their share of messaging uplifts. As with the other leagues, mentioning any particular team name in your profile can give you a messaging boost — albiet one slightly lower than that of the other sports in the study. The most beneficial team to mention in your dating profile is the San Jose Sharks. The start of has been strange indeed. Dating is no exception.

Setting your interests

But, it is important to remember one thing. Indeed, now perhaps more than ever, human connections matter.

And an online dating site is still a great place to make them. Really get to know them.

And then, when restrictions lift, you can have a first date for the ages. So, what better way than to create opportunities for common ground than embracing this study on sports and dating? Make the most of the fact that liking sports could make you more popular online. Put your favorite sports and sports teams in your dating profile. And make it a banner year for connecting with your fellow fans. All data based on a Zoosk study sample ofrandomly selected Zoosk members who were active on datemixstaging.

The 3 best dating sites for sports fans

All data used is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the original user. Zoosk is not associated with or sponsored by Major League Soccer, L. All other sports-related trademarks appearing herein are trademarks of their respective owners. More from The Date Mix.

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