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There are two kinds of first dates: awkward ones, and ones where time flies and before you know it, you've been nestled in the corner of a bar for four full hours talking about anything and everything. The difference between the two? Asking the right questions.

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A good conversationalist is good both at listening and asking the right Open ended questions for dating. Open ended questions are those that spark a conversation and keep it interesting. This is how talk show hosts, counselors, and preschool teachers get people to open up to them. Such a line of questioning is beneficial for getting shy people to talk as well as when conversing with children and other people you want to get to know. In sales, open ended questions help sales professionals know exactly what kind of product or service their customer needs, and in turn are able to provide great value. In dating and relationships, open ended questions bring something new to the relationship, keep things exciting, and at times may even help save the relationship.

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Starting now, do you only want to have amazing flirty conversations that will ensure she will like you? Download my Boring Conversation Killer Cheatsheet that will help you have the coolest conversations with women.

What to ask on a first date?

By the way, have you seen my free Transformation Kit? You'll get my best stuff absolutely free: 12 Opening lines that actually work, my 5 best texting tips including copy-paste lines for Tinderand the Friendzone Houdini. Download the Transformation Kit here. What to ask on a first date? I know that a lot of men suck at dates.

That is not my opinion, but the opinion of tons of women I spoke to. The reason why not everybody prepares a list of questions for their date is that it stresses them out. It takes away the spontaneity.

Open ended questions

Men think conversations should come naturally, because otherwise, they feel like losers. The truth is, men that think that way are selling themselves short. Just like I did during my job applications in the past. I went from a year-long journey of vague internships and part-time jobs to a top-earning function with just a bit of practice. A task well begun is half done.

The last thing you want it coming across as fake or robotic. The risk in asking these questions to a woman, especially when asking them too soon, is that it shows a lack of creativity. It suggests you are a sheep going along with the masses that mostly view people as professionals.

Of course, the profession a person chose says a lot about them. But, at the same time, it also says a lot about you, giving the message that this is the primary way you look at people.

First date questions for date kamikaze

People are not triggered by these general issues. World peace, for example, is too big of a topic to discuss. But, talking about how to solve a conflict between neighbors could be an interesting discussion. I-am-a-robot-and-I-need-the-following-information-to-determine-if-you-are-a-suitable-robot-that-I-can-date read in the voice of C-3PO from Star Wars.

Look, you want to distinguish yourself from the average guy on a first date. Top questions to ask a girl will help you with that. This is how you will get noticed by her and how she will think you are more intriguing.

When you do ask these interesting questions on your date, ask them slightly differently. Be the odd duck in the pond, but in a positive way. That one word makes a world of difference.

She will now have the feeling that she has to fulfill this requirement and it will make her think longer about her answer instead of giving you one of the thirteen-in-a-dozen answers. What you do want to do is spread your questions throughout the conversation. You want to hide them, so to speak, like you used to hide presents in the grab-bag at Christmas. Cluster the questions.

47 powerful open-ended questions to ask a girl on a first date

Ask a couple of questions from one category, before you smoothly move onto the next topic. Feel out what the conversation needs.

When the vibe gets a bit heavy from all the personal shit being shared, throw in something refreshing and light. Memorize the questions for which you really want to know the answers. She will appreciate this. The rhythm or a date-pro conversation could look like this: small talk — funny — serious — funny — sensual — serious — deep — small talk — etc.

I wrote an article specifically on what questions you should ask on a first date. Check it out here:. This should have a cocktail of light, humor, deeper bonding, and sensuality.

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Some men have a style of communicating that focusses on deep and heavy topics. This could work really well, but you have to be careful not to move too quickly. Every first meeting knows a cycle of phasesas will your date. It is up to you to guide the conversation in the right way. So, free up some space in your schedule, because you will start seeing a lot more of your date from now on.

Questions you ask are bound to come back to you.

This is for the first ten minutes. This question is a confident compliment. This subtext is: I am confident enough to give you a good feeling. Key here is intonation.

Not dull or degrading. Then, you can kiss your good ending goodbye.

This question acknowledges the situation you are both in: the first date. Asking this relieves some of the tension and show social intelligence.

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Similar to the last question. Doing this makes the situation less charged. By cutting to the chase, you again relieve some of the tension. Besides that, awkward experiences are hilarious to discuss and put people at ease. Same as before. By talking about other dates, you indirectly indicate that both of you have other options than just the person sitting before you.

This has a freeing effect and shows that you think from abundance. One footnote for this question, though, make sure that you do better than her other dates. But they do like hearing about the bad choices you made after winning the lottery. By approaching the topic of nicknames, you enter the domain of intimate friends. Bringing up conspiracies makes the conversation much cornier. It could also create an air of conspiracy between you and her versus the rest of the world.

You can continue the conversation to you and her forming your own conspiracy. People sometimes find it difficult to name what they like. By asking this question, you will make her feel understood by Open ended questions for dating if this is an issue for her. You give her the chance to take away any falsehoods or assumptions you might have about her.

But what if you have a date with a shy girl? In that case, you might need to make an effort to keep the conversation flowing. The moment after your drinks have arrived, is always a crucial one, because the arrival Open ended questions for dating the drinks interrupts the flow of the conversation. This is also the moment when the date has officially begun.

This is it. However, with these next 14 questions, you have nothing to worry about.

This touches on obsessive behavior, which everybody does in some way. By mentioning this, you create a bit of a light and fun vibe because you both have to reveal some lesser qualities about yourself. One of my nicknames in high school was XXX. Not the most flattering title, but sharing this is quite freeing. This a serious and somewhat standard question. The trick is to ask it in an original way.

What do you think about chick flicks, and what is the last one you saw or read? Especially when men talk about them. The subtext here is that you are up-to-date on what is happening in the female scene.