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Penis piercing is often used as an umbrella term. There are many different ways to pierce the penis, and each piercing has its own name:.

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Kegel exercises, vagina facialsand adult novelties are proven ways to enhance sexual pleasure, but what about piercings? Can putting a ring on your genitals really lead to lasting pleasure in the bedroom? I decided to investigate. Though the exact origins remain unknown, the earliest reference to penile piercings and sexual pleasure is in the Kama Sutrawhich dates back to the second century. In it, Vatsyayana wrote about apadravyas, which can be dildos or piercings that pass through the glans. Anatomically speaking, Piercings for pleasure have ample space for genital piercings with at least eight different styles.

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You can get your actual clit pierced, but getting the clitoral hood pierced is safer and more common.

The best vaginal piercings for sexual pleasure

This is usually what people are referring to when they mention a clit piercing. The VCH, Princess Diana, or triangle piercings are the most likely to boost sensation for the piercee. The VCH and Princess Diana piercings typically use a bead that rests on and taps the clitoris, especially during stimulation of the clitoral hood or glans itself. The triangle can heighten pleasure during direct clit stim or vaginal or anal penetration.

The triangle piercing can create a hot button of pleasure with the ring stimulating you from behind your clitoral shaft and even bumping the actual Piercings for pleasure with the external parts of the hardware. Any glans or clitoral hood piercing can enhance pleasure for your partner by also creating slight stimulation against their genitals, depending on the position.

Plus, your partner may also gain a sense of Piercings for pleasure from stimulating your genital piercing digitally or orally. The Christina and the HCH are typically meant for aesthetic purposes because neither of these piercings bump against your clit.

Best male genital piercing for female pleasure

However, the Christina may be a Piercings for pleasure source of clit stim for a partner during vulva-on-vulva action. Here are a few things to consider. And even if you do, your hood and other surrounding tissue may be too tight for fitting the jewelry within, according to The Axiom Body Piercing Studio. Most clitoral hoods are deep enough to hold a VCH piercing. But if you have prominent labia majoraor outer lips, this may make an HCA piercing uncomfortable. Your studio should perform the Q-tip test before doing any type of glans or hood piercing.

Best penis piercings for female pleasure

Although the body piercing jewelry selections out there might seem endless, only a few shapes are best for glans or clitoral hood piercings. The APP recommends that implant-grade metals or solid karat gold or higher be used for piercings. The use of these metals can help prevent infection, exposure to toxins, allergic reactions, degradation of the jewelry, and other issues.

Ask your piercing studio if they carry the reputable brand Anatometal. Procedures will vary by studio, but you can expect a few things when you arrive for your clitoral glans or hood piercing, Piercings for pleasure to The Axiom. An experienced piercer will do their best to minimize your pain.

Everything you should know before getting a clitoris glans or hood piercing

Your pain tolerance will also determine your pain level. Some people even enjoy the sensation of getting pierced.

There may be a few seconds of an intense sensation, followed by a lessening of that intensity. Several of the risks associated with clitoral glans or clitoral hood piercings are similar to those of other body piercings. This includes:.

But studies show that this possible increase is small — if it even exists. To minimize risks, find a piercer who specializes in the type of piercing you want and one who is listed as an APP member. Symptoms during healing may include a light bleeding or spotting for a few days and redness or swelling for a couple of weeks. You may also notice a light drainage and crusting during the healing period, just as you would with any other Piercings for pleasure.

Everything you should know before getting a penis piercing

Piercings on your privates need gentle care, especially during the healing period. Use the proper aftercare methods recommended by the APP listed below. You may be wondering when you can have sex. Although some tenderness is expected during healing, there are a Piercings for pleasure symptoms that might indicate an infection.

According to the APP, this can cause the piercing to close at the surface and seal in an infection if you have one. If a medical professional asks you to remove your jewelry, Angel recommends that you bring up your concerns about sealing in an infection.

Ask your piercer if they offer this service for free. Many studios do to ensure the safety of their clients.

If you have an upcoming medical procedure where you have to remove the piercing, talk to your piercer first. Your piercer may have a solution to prevent closure. Do your research on piercers in your area. Your piercer will be able to check your anatomy to determine if the type of clitoral glans or hood piercing you want will work for your body.

Remember: Each vulva is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. Jennifer Chesak is a medical journalist for several national publications, a writing instructor, and a freelance book editor.

From prince albert to vch piercings: do genital piercings really boost sexual pleasure?

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Are there sexual benefits? Can everyone get it? What types of jewelry are used for this piercing? What material options are available for Piercings for pleasure jewelry? How much does this piercing usually cost? How is this piercing done? Will it hurt? What risks are associated with this piercing?

How long does it take to heal? How do you clean and care for the piercing? What symptoms should you watch for? How long will a healed piercing last? How do you change the jewelry? How do you retire the piercing? Talk to your prospective piercer.

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