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Prayers for a troubled relationship like look up somebody that like photography

Do you feel like your marriage is in trouble? Perhaps your better half has left, your marriage is on the rocks, or you simply feel out of place with the person you are with. You value the marriage that you have with your husband or wife, and you honor and respect the vows that you took in front of God and witnesses.

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Relationships are some of the very best and most beautiful parts of this life. They reflect the heart of our God in so many ways -- reminding us of how loved we are, encouraging us in moments of weakness, uplifting our weary spirits, challenging us to go deeper, and inviting us into the fullness of life.

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Many things in life can derail your relationship off its track. Having the strength and faith to overcome these obstacles are paramount to reaching long-term relationship success.

25 healing relationship prayers for couples that are struggling

These healing relationship prayers for couples who are struggling will help you open your heart to restoration. Divine Help Prayer Father God, there is disharmony in our relationship. We have tried to reconnect, but things seem to be getting worse.

Lord, you say in your word that two are better than one, and I believe this to be true. But God, right now, we are on the verge of a divorce and desperately need divine intervention to salvage our marriage. Rekindle our love so that we can remain as one. War on our behalf.

Do not let the enemy come between us. Bind us with cords of love that can never be broken.

Troubled relationship prayers

Prayer for Better Communication Father in heaven, heal our marriage today. Hurtful words have been said in our marriage, and I ask that you would help us heal from those wounds. Please help us communicate with one another in a better way. Dear God, let your Spirit direct our conversations with one another. Clear our minds that we may get a better insight into what the other person is saying.

Help us to listen more, listen first, talk later, and even talk less. Help us be more considerate and loving when we speak to each other. In Your Hands Prayer Father, give us peace as a couple. I am not even sure we like each other anymore. We have done everything that we know how to do so we can keep our relationship together. But Father, we need to stop doing things our own way and start doing things your way. Show us your way. Guide our thoughts and our actions.

7 prayers for a struggling relationship

Father, we know that your grace is sufficient for us as a couple. We have the confidence that we will have victory as a couple because we put our relationship in your hands. Our trust is in you.

Prayer for Intimacy Gracious God, please help me in my marriage today. Oh, Lord, revive our desire for intimacy in this marriage. Whatever is hindering us from drawing close to each other, please remove it. Help us see those blind spots and those walls that we must break down so we can be closer to one another. Break down our pride, selfishness, and even passiveness.

Help us take charge of this relationship and do whatever it takes to connect and cling to each other.

Peace in Relationship Prayer Dear God, we are going through one of the most challenging times in our relationship. Love and respect have been replaced by arguments and mistrust. Father, I am full of resentment, and so is my partner. Take away these feelings of resentment and give us peace and joy. Let peace reign when we communicate with each other.

A prayer for struggling relationships - your daily prayer - june 30

Let your spirit take control of our relationship. May we do things that are pleasing to you as a couple. Prayer for Unity Dear God, please heal my marriage today. Unite us in mind and spirit. But I ask that you would bless our marriage with oneness. I ask that where there is disagreement, may we learn to compromise and agree to let the better idea and right perspective win.

Help us learn to be humble and listen to each other. Father, please unite us today and heal our struggling marriage. Things between us do not seem to be working. But Father God, I know that nothing is impossible with you. You know us inside and out. You know our Prayers for a troubled relationship and pains and how to mend our broken hearts.

Help us to understand each other. Remove any preconceived assumptions we have about each other from our hearts.

Help us to see each other the way you see us. Bring us closer together than we were before. Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers.

Prayers for marriage

Revelation Prayer Lord Jesus, you know the things that are hidden deep in our hearts and are causing us to drift away from each. We are on the verge of breaking up, and I need your help. I know that your will is to keep us together because you brought us together. Please teach us how to love each other the right way. If there are things we are doing — knowingly or unknowingly — to hurt each other, Lord, reveal them to us and show us how to change. Help us to make informed decisions that will strengthen our relationship and bring glory to your holy name.

Prayer for Spirituality Our Father, we need you in our marriage. Only you can heal and strengthen this failing marriage. Please intervene today.

We both draw to you in our weakness. Please support us with your love and your words. Let your Spirit lead us both back to you, and may we place you at the center of our lives and at the center of this marriage. I know that we can weather any storm and overcome any struggle if you are there walking with us all the way. So please, lead and enlighten us.

10 prayers for relationships (to strengthen and restore)

Help us spend more time praying to you and reading your word together as a couple. Bring us back to faithful church attendance and private meditation on your word.

Healing Prayer Father in heaven, you are our God. You brought my partner and me together. That is why I boldly come before your throne of grace today, Lord, asking you to heal our relationship. There has been so much hurt between my partner and me, caused by arguments, pride, and the schemes of the enemy. Lord, heal our hearts and minds. Help us to see ourselves as being on the same side, and not against each other. Wash away any bitterness that is in our hearts with the blood of your Son, Jesus. Restore our relationship and make us fall deeply in love again with each other.

Prayer for Financial Recovery and Contentment Father, please help us with our finances. Help us recover financially. Show us the best ways to better handle our spending and to be able to save money so that we can meet our financial obligations. We trust in your provisions. You promised to meet our needs, and we yield all our worries to you today.