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Pre date jitters baby look up guy especially for love

This vibe may stay with you straight through to the date itself.

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This article was written by Lauren A. You're about to go on a first date. You're going through all the possibilities in your head—from fantasizing about the best possible scenario of love at Pre date jitters sight to dreading the horrific possibility of sitting across the table from a weirdo all night. Or maybe even the worst of all: meeting your dream lover to be brutally rejected upon his or her first glance of you. As a matchmaker, I've set up a lot of first dates.

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Ready to feel more relaxed? Here are some strategies to remind you how to not be nervous for a date.

One of the best ways to keep your cool starts right when you begin planning the date. One of the best ways to keep anxiety at bay is to keep your mind occupied, says Rachel Federoff, celebrity matchmaker at LoveAndMatchmaking.

13 ways to calm first date jitters

It also doesn't hurt that after a great workout, you'll probably feel relaxed and powerful, which is exactly how you want to feel on your date. Avgitidis recommends masturbation as a tool to soothe yourself before a date. A solid DIY session causes your body to produce endorphins, which lift your mood, and dopamine, which reduce stress.

Pop that cork, but take it easy. Want Lizzo-level confidence on your date? Play some of her music to hype you up beforehand, says Freier.

Choose songs that help you feel energizedconfident, empowered, and most you! Put on the music and turn it up.

Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, then breathe out through your mouth for three seconds. Repeat this three or four times and feel the stress start to melt away.

If you particularly enjoy this technique, keep the good vibes going with a pre-date meditation. This is way easier said than done, I know.

How to get through an intimidating first date

But giving yourself a pep talk might be the fastest way to boost yourself up. For tonight, they go in the friend zone. Wyatt Fishera d clinical psychologist, marriage counselor, and host of the Marriage Steps Podcasttells Elite Daily. So, decide this is a friend date and let all that that anxiety, fear, and pressure go. I mean, of course they are.

Being empathetic and remembering you're both in this together can help make the date a heck of a lot less scary. You are interviewing each other, so perhaps you are both nervous! Lauren Freiera Chicago-based psychotherapist.

Rachel Federoff, celebrity matchmaker at LoveAndMatchmaking. Wyatt Fishera d clinical psychologist, marriage counselor, and host of the Marriage Steps Podcast. Emmy Croutera psychotherapist at Emboldened Counseling.

This article was originally published on Single Life. By Rachel Shatto and Hannah Orenstein. Updated: June 25, Originally Published: November 21, Claim The Home-Field Advantage.

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