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Which Cambridge college should you choose? This is one of the most exciting parts of the Cambridge application process!

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You can't trust the admissions websites, or the glossy brochures for prospective applicants.

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There are 31 colleges that make up the University of Cambridge, each with separate grounds including gardens, dormitories, chapels, dining halls, and classrooms. These places feel like a sanctuary from the outside world.

How to choose a cambridge college

A visit to any of the colleges of the University of Cambridge is worthwhile. These are some of the oldest, richest and most prestigious colleges of Cambridge University. While I would definitely include these on your list of places to visit in Cambridge, see below for my list of the best colleges in Cambridge to visit.

Cambridge is easily accessible by car, coach or train. Check train times or purchase advance tickets at thetrainline. Trains take between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on if the route requires a change of trains.

Check train times and purchase advance tickets at thetrainline. From Heathrow or Gatwick Airport : If you fly into either of these larger, international airports, the train journey will require that you first go into central London to change trains and head north to Cambridge.

The journey from both takes about two hours. When we flew in and out of Prettiest cambridge college larger airports, we opted for the convenience of the National Express coaches. Cambridge is very bicycle and pedestrian-friendly. Its interior is refreshing and modern, with suites that can accommodate up to four people.

Book this hotel as soon as possible as it often does sell out. Check out room rates and availability of the Hilton Cambridge City Centre here. If you luck Prettiest cambridge college with a western-facing room, you can watch inexperienced punters like myself play bumper boats or get caught in an unintentional game of chicken as they try to navigate the crowded river. We live in a student flat just across the street and around the corner from The Chimney, the college entrance pictured below.

Jesus College is technically a nickname.

The 5 most beautiful cambridge colleges you must visit

Its common name comes from its chapel, Jesus Chapel. Jesus College was founded in by John Alcock, Bishop of Ely, on the grounds of a 12th century Benedictine nunnery. For that reason, the college still has a monastic feel. Jesus College has the benefit of being a few streets out from the center of town. The college is home to an impressive collection of sculptures, placed all over the grounds. See the list Prettiest cambridge college to see if Prettiest cambridge college can spot the 15 other sculptures when you visit.

The college was founded inand is the third oldest college of Cambridge University. When walking off the street and into the grounds, you pass through the oldest Gatehouse in Cambridge, dating from the 14th century. The new library built in and deed by architect Alfred Waterhouse also stands out as one of my favorite buildings in town. Chapel at Pembroke Prettiest cambridge college by Sir Christopher Wren. The benefit of all of the rain in England: the gardens are beyond compare. To compensate for the gloomy weather and constant postponement of warmer weather, January through June is a domino burst and bloom of flowers and color.

These blooms fade fast, so even if you miss them, the rest of the grounds still make Selwyn one of the best Cambridge colleges to visit. There seems to be a correlation between oldest colleges and the ones that have ended up on this list of the best Cambridge colleges to visit. During the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival, when the town glows with colorful light displays, this side looks like an eerie fairytale castle lit up with pinks and purples and blues.

Thirteen Nobel prize winners hail from Caius, and Stephen Hawking is a current fellow. It looks ancient but was actually created in the s as part of the th year anniversary restoration project for the college.

I had a hard time picking my fifth favorite Cambridge college to visit. The back of our Cambridge flat on the other side of the Sidney Sussex college grounds. I grew up in Arizona, but I've called California home for the last 10 years minus one year in Cambridge, England. I love exploring Prettiest cambridge college outdoors, photography, diving deeper beyond the popular tourist stops, and sharing all the practical tips from our travels here on this blog.

Once again, excellent writing and photography. Makes me want to go and see all that I missed!

Thanks Tanja! Hope you get to explore more! The best time to visit is generally spring as almost all of the […]. This summer I definitely need to go properly exploring them though, your photos are so beautiful! Yes, definitely! I really think they are some of the most beautiful places in England. Hey Katie, thanks for stopping by!

The beautiful colleges of cambridge university

We lived there, so these pictures are throughout the year, but mostly in spring. Flowers bloom starting in late winter through the spring, so it just depends on which ones you want to see.

The pictures from Selwyn tulips and cherry blossoms are mid-April, and the roses and wisteria at Jesus and Sidney Sussex are from later in May. Hope you have a great visit to Cambridge! We planned […].

Thank you, Lena! I just started my blog a few months before we left Cambridge. Good luck visiting all the colleges; some of my visits were quicker than others. I always wish I had more time to really sit and enjoy each place. Thank you! Yes, some of the colleges are well worth spending more time at.

I really like Newnham and Selwyn! I read your post with interest as I am currently in Cambridge for the bank holiday weekend. I was wondering if one can just walk into the qu of the colleges and wander around? It would be so helpful if you could let me know sooner rather than later as I am only here for another day.

Hi Francesca — it depends on which college you want to visit. The most popular colleges near city center, like St. The less popular and farther away from city center are free to enter. Even if the grounds are closed, you can usually still visit the college chapel.

Best colleges to visit at cambridge university

Hope that helps and you get to enjoy a few of the colleges around Cambridge! Damn, pretty gorgeous. These colleges would at the top of my list to visit. Most colleges including the ones above have beautiful, well-manicured gardens. Kelly, Just came across your blog post above, and loved the detail and pictures. Thank you for posting it.

I do have one question. Are the grounds of these 5 colleges free to visit on a Saturday, or would I have to look into getting tickets for each? Thanks again, Ramana. Hey Ramana, so the most popular colleges Kings, Trinity, St. I think every college has a chapel, so attending evensong is a great way to visit the college and the chapel.

Keep in mind though that this is a religious service.

Hope that helps! Most of these colleges have gorgeous architecture and […]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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The tab’s comprehensive guide to the cambridge colleges

Punts on the River Cam. The Chimney at Jesus College. Cherry Tree Avenue in full bloom at Selwyn. Three Days in the Cotswolds, England June 1, Trades March 29, Reply Lori August 5, at pm Wow! Reply nomanbefore September 22, at am There is always more to explore!

Reply Tanja the Red phone box travels September 11, at am beautiful photos! Reply nomanbefore September 11, at pm Thanks Tanja!