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The city of Puerto Plata is an interesting place. Filled with tourism and old white guys for nearly three decades, many Puerto Plata girls are a bit weary of foreigners and their intentions.

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Thread starter Estrelleta44 Start date Jan 21, Forums Travel North Coast. You are using an out of date browser.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Puerto Plata prostitution and its effect on the local economy. Status Not open for further replies. Estrelleta44 Member. Dec 28, 30 0 6. Everyone here probably already know of the reputation of Sosua and Cabarete Lets get straight to the point - Sosua and Cabarete used to be great vacation spots for families but now have been taken over by the Sex tourism crowd and all the evils that follow said group.

Recently a DR news station did a report on Puerto plata hookers we should change the laws on prostitution, its effects on the local economywho visits these locations looking for sexwhat do the prostitutes think of the situation and what the government is doing. This pushes the local women and some men into prostitution.

Puerto plata prostitution and its effect on the local economy

The grand majority of the sex tourists are African American men with a minority of Europeans. As for the prostitutes, many are of Haitian origin and well as women from other Puerto plata hookers of the DR. My personal opinion: As a Dominican i believe that Sosua and Cabarete need to be cleaned up and returned to its former self as it provides higher development and higher revenue to everyone involved including the locals. It is honestly a shame and would feel sorry if the Jewish refugees who founded said town knew what their haven has been turned into. Knowing the background of most of these "tourists" i know for a fact that they will soon start using their favorite R-Card and once again blame us of R Sep 16, 33, 79 0.

Estrelleta44 said:. Click to expand Robert Stay Frosty! Jan 2, 20, 83 dr1. If you feel so passionately about the current status of Sosua and POP, I suggest you take on the corrupt local officials, politicians and business people that have allowed this to happen. Get a woman's group to protest nightly in the street, get the national press involved, shame the pimps Puerto plata hookers ho's etc. The problem is, Dominicans talk a lot, get all passionate, but take very little real action.

Don't take this as a dig personally, I'm just pointing out the reality. If you want change, take action and be prepared to fight for it, potentially literally.

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Let's not make this about race, Sosua had a problem long before any African Americans started going there. Robert said:. Last edited: Jan 21, And before this gets further out of control, i do Puerto plata hookers have anything against AAs or anyone of that ethnicity and only mentioned the R-card because i knew it was coming as they are overly sensitive. Si el zapato te queda Sep 27, 31, 0. Last edited by a moderator: Jan 21, Jun 16, 5, 1, Most of the OT applies to Sosua. Cabarete attracts a lot of snowbirds, young European couples as well as Americans and Canadians, and families as well.

There is a real lack of decent hotels in Cabarete or I think it would be doing better. As for Sosua, the first time I went there was 20 years ago - and families were not what I found. CristoRey TheGoodLife. Apr 1, 7, 3, Oddly enough I just came back from Sosua today.

Spent all day at the beach with friends yesterday. Didn't see or hear any of the locals complaining about tourist not spending money. Back when I was living up there, I could not tell you how many times I heard the locals complaining about the government not spending money. Until someone is ready to step up to the plate and deal with these corrupt politicians and their abuse of power, there is and will always will be sex tourist traveling down here to pop off in the Puerto plata hookers Republic.

Indeed, corruption is by far the biggest white elephant in the room.

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For those of you who do not know how to eat a big white elephant, you eat him one bite at a time. Dec 12, 8, 1, Tourists will only put up with so much Fleecing.

RV Bronze. Apr 3, 1, 1 We've had homes in both PP and Sosua. I have never thought of PP as a Prostitution area and it's not. And 20 years ago Sosua still had it's share of Putas, only the clients were mostly Euros. I'd never have called Sosua a family destination in my 20 years here, Cabarete much more so.

And while I don't go to town much at night anymore, prostitution is definitely not in your face during the day in Sosua or Playa Sosua in the day and I just spent 2 days at the beach, almost zero roaming Putas. RV said:.

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