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Elitesingles baby Putting a relationship on hold for boy for escorts

I tend to see extremes: people jumping into relationships well, frequently just sexhopping from one short-lived debacle to the next OR folks standing on the sidelines entirely. They might dabble with a profile or talk about online dating, but they never actually go out on a date.

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But in reality, taking a break from a relationship is no joking matter.

There are ways of taking a break that can lead to the kind of clarity and understanding a troubled relationship needs to survive. You may have reached an impasse in the relationship and need to take a step back to refocus.

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Or a potential deal-breaker has come up and you need time to think. Be open and honest with them. And listen to what they have to say. And one that both of you need to discuss and decide on together.

7 good reasons to hold on to a relationship even if it feels like it's falling apart

Many people decide to take a relationship break to avoid the messy situation of actually breaking up. But taking this slow-motion approach will only be harder on the both of you.

It may suck to think about hurting your partner. And the thought of being alone again is scary. But taking a break will only prolong the inevitable.

Not only for yourself but your partner as well. And you both deserve that much.

Because running into confusion and a hurtful situation down the road will not help anything. But the boundaries may look quite different for each couple. Will you still consider yourselves in a relationship during the break?

You have a panic attack whenever a happy couple comes along.

Or will you be officially single during this time frame? Be very careful, and crystal clear, in deciding what is acceptable and what is not.

You both need to feel secure and have an understanding. Not only for your break but in the relationship that may follow it. But you need this break to clear your mind and reflect. Having regular communication or even checking in with your partner will only muddy things up. Use this time apart to gain insight into yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

Putting a relationship on hold quotes & sayings

Taking a break in a relationship without an end in sight may create turmoil and anxiety. And in reality, an open break is a breakup.

Make it a time frame that both of you feel comfortable with. You may feel a week is enough time apart. Or you might need a month.

Don’t: take a break if you want to break up

You may go half-way through and know you want to stay with your partner. But they may need more time. Your needs and well-being are important. So use this time for YOU! Spend time on hobbies you enjoy.

Reach out to family and friends. Taking care of yourself throughout a relationship break will give you the self-confidence to make the right decision. Are you putting the kind of effort into the relationship you should be?

Or are you pointing fingers and placing blame? The time you spend alone while taking a break will also leave you with other questions to answer.

Are you happier without your partner around? Can you not imagine a future without them?

Do you have valid reasons? or are you making excuses?

Asking yourself the hard questions will get you down to the nitty-gritty part of your feelings. Nobody and no situation is perfect.

So setting unrealistic expectations on your relationship and your partner will only be setting yourselves up for failure. Realize every relationship takes work. Mistakes are going to happen and feelings are going to get hurt.

You avoid seeing images of young couples on social networks.

Be realistic about each of your needs and weaknesses. Be honest about the role each of you plays. And know to start fresh, you need to set expectations that create a relationship worth fighting for. In fact, taking a break may provide the exact clarity you need. Only then will you be confident enough to know how to move forward.

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