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Asking these questions will not only give you a gateway to his mind. They also serve as a way to open him up to you.

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It can be hard to think of fun questions to ask a guy. You can use these questions to ask anyone, male or female. Sure the is titled fun questions to ask a guy but the questions are pretty universal, but as a guy, I thought these would be fun to answer. You can take some questions from our other fun questions as well, fun questions to ask a girlthe questions there are mostly gender neutral as well. What movie trope annoys you the most?

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Whether it be school debates, negotiating a longer night out with your mom and whatever else. Talking to your dream guy can be a thing of dreams and a nightmare at the same time. How is that possible?

Well, that ideal first dateor whichever ordinal is it, is a challenge. At the same time, you know that there is a high chance that something will go wrong. The first step to every conquest in life is relaxation. You are where you want and your goal is to be you. The key to every good conversation is just to keep it going!

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Knowing what questions to ask is a useful tool to make things right. Knowing which questions to avoid is important, too. You may hate her taste in movies, but she might love your taste in interior de. By sharing experiences, facts, and secrets, you will both be richer people.

The whole point of a good relationship is making your man a richer person spiritually, and vice-versa. Making a good impression is essential. Of course, we will cover a wide range of areas. You have it within you, girl. The whole point of a conversation is for both of you to feel equal. He will love it and appreciate if you let him do the talking, Questions to ask a nerdy guy. You might even forget which question did you start with. Not everything will go according to plan. Not everything will be planned. The beauty of his mind and your mind will be evident in those awkward situations.

Guys, generally, have a hard time opening up so quickly. It may take a few questions to spice up and open up the conversation. When he sees that you see him as an ordinary person, he will feel less pressure. And there you have it. Who knows where that sort of banter might end up? The next date? Your place?

His place? A house with two kids and a big dog? Who knows! Differences make it fun!

Every good conversation is due for a good foundation. Guys may be hesitant at first, but they too love to tell stories. Telling something in the form of a story is a good form of self-expression.

+ funny questions to ask a guy

Men are no different. Like anyone, guys share their true opinions once they trust the person. Even though they might not do so right away, it can come gradually. Through patience, time and a calming atmosphere, everything is possible! These questions are specific but open-ended.

You can modify them, or ask additional ones. By date two, he will be sharing his fantasies with you! These questions right here are excellent conversation starters. They can also be asked out of the Questions to ask a nerdy guy, in order to break the silence. His tongue will unravel and you will get to know him a lot better. Not only are these questions safe, but they also open the door for the next set of questions.

By knowing his upbringing and other details, you will know in which way the conversation will go. You know about many aspects of his life and you can see what kind of a person he is. This is valuable material and you can mostly relax now.

Everyone likes challenging questions, men especially. Their whole being is wired to accept challenges and adore them. These interesting questions to ask a guy should be both playful and intellectual. Imaginative scenarios and opinions should be the motive of this part of your journey. As the conversation topic get more interesting, he and you will become closer. Politics, religion, and money are big no-nos! If you do, be respectful and aim for spiritual knowledge. If the first set of questions is for foundation setting, this one is a gateway to other topics.

Are we alone? Is there a higher force?

Questions to ask a guy (dirty, personal, funny, awkward)

Men love to reinforce their opinion. A person is at their best when elaborating what they believe in. An important thing to note — if he says something you disagree with, move on. Respect is the way to go!

10 funny questions to ask a guy

Beware, interesting questions carry interesting answers. You will dig right into the core of his being. You might like or not what he says. Act boldly, but with warmth. You will sweep him off his feet. Opening up the conversation and challenging someone are the first phases of every chat. We like to call them the test drive.

If you like what you hear, you can move onto more delicate subjects and try to reel him in. Flirting is the key. Feel free to loosen up and relax.

List of weird questions to ask a guy

Whispering in his ear with just a touch of breathing will make his heart go into full throttle. Have manners, as they are the separation factor between a good time and disrespect. Just be yourself and relax. Respect should be the basis and everything should just flow from there. This section is all about being suggestive.

Wasn’t enough? here’s some more questions!

This includes sending him a message that you want to tell him your plans concerning him. This is a high stakes area of a conversation and you might seem things not go to plan. Backup questions are important, too:. By asking him adventurous and naughty things, he will get the message.

Oh, and the best part? You will share funny stories, remarks and enjoy your collective sense of humor. This territory is not for the faint-hearted. This includes dirty talking, too. Be colorful and imaginative, but subtle. Now that he trusts you, you can move a little bit faster, but still with caution.

Being too open and literal le to him misjudging you for a girl with questionable morale. Sexual desire is something natural, but only when connected to a genuine liking of a person.