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Extrovert Raised eyebrows body language found male to strangets

Eyebrows are the arch of short hair above the eyes.

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How we change what others think, feel, believe and do. Eyebrows can send body language. Being near the eyes, which are the major senders of als, they are highly visible communicators, although the limited control of muscles around them can limit what they say.

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Tips to read body language

My article last week was about body language with the eyes. I kept the focus no pun intended on three aspects of ways we communicate with our eyes. They were: 1 eye contact, 2 pupil dilation, and 3 blinking rate.

There are a host of other ways we communicate with gestures around the eyes, and this article will deal with several of them, even though no single blog article can cover them all. The eyebrows can add many meanings that you likely will recognize. When you see a person raise both eyebrows at the same time, it generally is a al of surprise and it is normally a positive gesture, as in the attached photo. We see this look on the faces of kids on Christmas Day when they look out the window and see a pony in the back yard.

Raising Raised eyebrows body language eyebrows can also be a gesture of greeting between people. The meaning is that I am awake and happy to see you. Lowering both eyebrows is a negative gesture which often shows some level of aggression, concern, or intensity. You never see furrowed eyebrows along with a pleasant smile. Reason, it is nearly impossible to make these two gestures at the same time. If you doubt that, try it now. Lowering only one eyebrow often means disapproval or suspicion. You would see this expression on the Raised eyebrows body language of a parent if claims to have not eaten any cookies when there is chocolate all over his mouth.

In the adult world, you might see this expression when a foreman tells his manager that all of his employees were taking the standard ten minutes for the morning break. There are suggested meanings for all kinds of glances, up, down, left, right.

The eyebrows

I would be a bit careful at being certain of a particular meaning with just one al. Look for corroborating evidence with mouth or hand gestures. Here are the classic meanings as recorded by several authors. Looking up — If a person lowers her head and glances upward, it often is a of submission. In many of the pictures of Princess Diana, you can observe that look.

Looking up and sideways — This gesture has the connotation of recalling something. Often it will be a picture or visual image that is being remembered when using this configuration. This gesture may also accompany a person who is trying to imagine something pleasant. Looking down — This gesture has many possible meanings. The most common meaning is some form of shame.

The individual may be averting his eyes due to guilt at having told a falsehood. The gesture also accompanies the recall of a feeling or emotion. A third possible meaning is that the person is confused or is searching for a word.

A person may use this gesture in shutting down when feeling abused. Looking left — This gesture may occur when a person is recalling a sound or verbal input. Looking right — Most often this gesture is seen when a person is recalling an emotion or feeling.

Eyebrow body language

Darting Eyes — Sometimes you will observe a person with an unsteady gaze. Shifting or darting eyes is an evasive gesture. The person is likely looking for some form of escape. It will most likely result in a lowering of trust, because you can instinctively sense the person Raised eyebrows body language holding back in some way. Look at the eyes of most politicians when they are trying to answer a challenging question. The look is unmistakable. These guidelines are rough at best, because glancing gestures are fleeting and may come in clusters. Also, if a person is left handed, the meanings could be reversed.

Several eye gestures are common to most people and are rather easy to interpret. Here are a few examples you will probably recognize. Rolling the eyes — This gesture is one of sarcasm. The person rolling his eyes may be bored, or just incredulous. It is a means of communicating to a third party that you are not buying into what is being proposed. Children often use this gesture as a form of exasperation or not wanting to accept what the parent is telling them.

In this case, the Raised eyebrows body language is usually aimed directly at the parent rather than a third party.

Squinting — Tightening the facial muscles in order to narrow the eye opening to a slit gives the appearance of wincing or finding the information hard to believe. Obviously, there can be a physiological cause as in a person looking in the direction of the sun. Weeping — Tears may flow if a person is in great pain or is experiencing a peak period of joy.

Do not assume you know what a person is thinking just because tears are flowing. I recall singing a song for a music teacher once.

The eyebrows in communication

When I was done, she was weeping visibly. I assumed she either hated or loved my voice. It turned out that her crying had nothing to do with me. The particular song I sang was a courting song her husband used to sing to her.

She was reliving happier days gone by. Winking — This gesture is not that common, but it has gotten many people in trouble.

The most common meaning of the gesture is a kind of bonding with a person across the room. You might wink at a fellow worker when he is advocating for your position in an argument with your boss.

The danger is that this gesture may be misinterpreted as a sexual advance, a play for affection, or a lack of sincerity. Looking down your nose — This gesture is a condescending one intended to make the recipient feel inferior.

Eye expressions and body language

The extreme case of this gesture is if a person is wearing glasses and looks over them. The best way to improve your interpretation accuracy is to become more conscious of the eye gestures you see in others. You have seen them all your life, but the majority of the time your interpretation has been subconscious.

By increasing the intensity of observation, you can make your conscious mind become more aware of how you are processing the eye gestures of others. Raised eyebrows body language turn, that will increase your conscious level of the als you are sending to others all day, and it will improve your accuracy of communication. He is the author of four books: 1. Leading with Trust is Like Sailing Downwindand 4. Trust in Transition: Navigating Organizational Change In addition, he has authored over articles and videos on various topics in leadership and trust.

Bob has many years as a senior executive with a Fortune Company and with non-profit organizations. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Looking Over Glasses Playing With Hair Head In Hands The Eyes Language of the Eyes The Mouth The Forehead Micro Expressions The […].

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Powered by WordPress. Body Language 20 Language of the Eyes My article last week was about body language with the eyes. Eyebrows The eyebrows can add many meanings that you likely will recognize. Glances There are suggested meanings for all kinds of glances, up, down, left, right.

Other Common Gestures Several eye gestures are common to most people and are rather easy to interpret. Like this: Like Loading November 15, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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