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Red Velvet member Irene is considered as one of the biggest stars in the K-pop industry today.

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None of the Red Velvet members have been involved in an open relationship since debut, but they have talked about dating and rumors before. Irene is said to have dated back in high school, prior to her becoming a trainee at SM Entertainment. There Red velvet dating a very old and almost unverifiable picture of Irene and her ex-boyfriend going around. The picture is said to be Irene and her high school boyfriend in their school uniforms, captured at karaoke.

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Suho's real name is Kim Jun Myeon, and Irene's na Irene became Red velvet dating SM Entertainment trainee in and made her debut as a member of Red Velvet in At the same time, Suho was investigated by SM Entertainment Manager, who found him on the street and became a trainee in and became an EXO member for the first time in They have several things in common, one of which is that they are the leaders of their respective teams.

Exo suho and red velvet irene - dating rumor or real relationship?

More importantly, they were also born inwith small faces and fair skin. They were spotted many times in public, which caused rumors of dating. Let's learn more about Suho and Irene's dating rumors and the evidence about Korean channels. Their core fans call the couple Surene, representing Suho and Irene. Since they began to Red velvet dating public attention together, the name has begun to surface. Many of their fans think they might be dating because there is some evidence of this.

Take a look below! When Irene walked towards the back row of chairs, they interacted with each other.

Erene did not sit down immediately because Koreans usually don't have a cloth to cover their thighs. Suho, who was sitting next to Irene, sent a message to the staff about clothes.

They also interacted at the press conference in Dubai. Erene had difficulty in pronunciation in Arabic, and then suddenly asked Suho for help.

Suho was smiling while Irene Corrected the pronunciation and helped her. Some fans speculate that they are very comfortable with each other because they have been together since they were both trainees of SM Entertainment. Inthey were found walking together in Hawaii after returning from a water game in the pool.

In this photo, they are wearing the same clothes and walking with each other. Suho and Irene are not the only people in Hawaii.

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Red Velvet is preparing to make a comeback in Korea after that game. Nevertheless, this rumor was refuted by some people on the internet since Suho and Irene were also accompanied by other staff. Apparently, people paid attention to Suho and Irene, who sitting beside each other in the audience. Irene was looking beautiful in a Red velvet dating blouse and black trousers. Beside her, Suho was wearing a plaid shirt and a cap on his head.

Suho and Irene looked shy, but they danced together behind Changmin and Yuho. The core fans have always been happy to match them. Looking at the comments, he said: " Suho and Irene are sitting together. This must be celebrated. They are harmony.

Irene looks comfortable just sitting next to Suhi. Suho recently ed this photo of his trophy in his Instagram .

Here’s the dating history of each member of red velvet

He was appointed as Daegu Music Ambassador. He said it was an honor to represent Daegu.

On his Instagram kimjuncottonSuho also ed a photo with Caleb and Gaten from the popular series " Stranger Things " on Netflix. At the same time, in AugustErene was announced as the new exclusive model of French outdoor brand Eider, which will be launched in autumn and winter and spring and summer On her Instagram irene.

Don't forget to post your thoughts and comments below! Save Facebook Twitter Link. Coming together in Hawaii after SM Entertainment activity Inthey were found walking together in Hawaii after returning from a water game in the pool.

Relationship history of all the members of k-pop hit band: red velvet

There is a video about them in Hawaii, below. Check this one out. Share This Post Facebook Twitter.